We are engaged (Part 5)

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So upto now story is malhotra’s family has arrived to nandu’s house & nandu came to know that she is proposed to manik.

And now

Nandu: What are you saying mom?

Jhanvi : i am sorry nandu but this is true.

“How come you didn’t tell me about the deal a long time ago? Y are you telling me now? Y didn’t you explain this when I asked you about the medicine when i was 8?” I said getting up. My anger was boiling in my blood and i feel like screaming any moment.

“I am sorry nandu. I should have but i thought that you were too young to understand ” mom explained getting upto settle me down. She kept a hand on my shoulder.

I stepped away from her hand to let her hand fall.

“You always think i am too young for everything. You hide everything from me. You lied to me saying that you told me everything when i asked you did u tell me everything. You didn’t tell me the truth about my life. You kept it all a secret” i shouted.

“Nandu i am so sorry. It was my fault. I should
have told you. But it was only for your good…” mom said & stepped closer to me but i was so angry to listen. I didn’t care & it was too much.

“I don’t want to hear about it. I had enough. ” i screamed. “I am leaving “.

I shoved every one away & ran for the door. It was too much i have to get away. My mind is just like about to blast.

I threw the door open & ran outside. I could feel my eyes burning. I continued running & running & running don’t know where I was going but i want to get out of that house.

She lied to me all along. She kept it all a secret. She did everything for me… every bad thing for me. She doesn’t care about my feelings. She never cares. I thought & my tears fell one by one.

I heard running footsteps behind me. I turned around & regretted. He was manik.

Stupid manik. I wanted to shout at him.

He ran upto me i quickly wiped my tears.

“Where are you going? ” he panted out.

I walked away.

He caught up to me & said again ” Where are u going to go?”

“Why do you care, a*sh*le?” I said to him.

He froze but snapped back to reality.

“Because i… we are engaged & going to get married soon.” He smirked & gently brushed his index finger under my chin.

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  2. raji-tamil magal

    really superb episode.. with lots of luv and support from manan fans like me go ahead and update another wonderful episode soon…

  3. Inu

    Superb. The end is super. The great manik malhotras smirky style. I just love that.

  4. Nandini should be angry actually. …but she can’t vbe angry on manik. … hope they fall in love soon. ..the story is awesome. …good going. ..update soon

  5. Nyc dear…

  6. Very nice. The end was funny…

  7. Woww it’s superrr lastly manik is superbbb

  8. please upload next episode

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