We are engaged (Part 4)

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So my beautiful story starts.

Scene starts in murthy’s house where Mr. Malhotra & his family is arrived. Nandini haven’t seen them before & she is getting what is going on.

After a moment nandu’ father came there.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Malhotra “. My father said. Again i sense something between them. They have a connection. STRANGE!

Dad has settled down he looked at me and then at mom.

Mom looked at him back, nudge him a little. This is awkward & i can’t take it anymore.

“Ok what’s going on? ” I asked interrupting the silence.

My parents turned & faces me.

“How should I say this nandu? ” mom said & clasped her hands together.

I know when she says how should I say this, it means there is bad news ahead.

I gulped.

I crossed my fingers behind my back hoping it not something really bad. Please don’t make it really bad.

“Umm…how should I say it?” Mom said again.

I waited patiently & sit back , i was trying to act patient.

I looked at my father & he was rubbing the soft spot between his index finger & thumb finger. He always dies that when he was nervous.

“Umm…you are proposed to Mr. Manik malhotra so shall we say yes?” My mom questioned me & by the name Manik malhotra, i know exactly who he was- the super s*xy guy in the room. But i didn’t look at him. I was so confused to look at him.

“You are kidding right?” I asked her. I stared at my mom for a moment to make sure she is not joking. This shouldn’t be such type of joke things that she should joke about.

My mom didn’t said anything instead dad started saying.

“Nandu what you heard is right ”

“Why are u doing this? This is so sudden & random. What is this about? ” i asked them. I wanted to ask more but i didn’t.

“Well remember when you are 8 years old you asked us why u have to keep on eating these medicines & y u can’t miss them even a day?” Dad asked softly.

“Yes i remember ” i said impatiently.

“Well…” mom said “you know the story when you are born you….”

“I know i was weak, i was different & the doctor cured me by giving medicine & now i am beyond healthy &…” i said.

“Ya you know that doctor is Dr. Malhotra. And you were really weak you could have passed away but this special doctor decided to help us. He said….. that he would help us if only u would marry his son.”

Nandu: What? Seriously mom.

Jhanvi : I am sorry nandu but this the truth.

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  1. Inu

    Superb epi.

  2. raji-tamil magal

    sry for not commenting in last episode… todays epi was amazing.. why should mr.malhotra wants his son to marry a special child lik nandu.. tat too he decided years ago itself… i think tat manik is having some thing …. well thank u for todays episode.. i think im very talkative… update soon plzzz

  3. Really nice. … if u could give a little longer update. ..it would have been better . u know. But ur story is awesome. ..keep going. ..ur narrating style is also good. ..take care. .update soon.

  4. It’s different from others dear really it’s very nice…pls give some long updates..

  5. Yar wat so spl wid Nandu….Wen u wil reveal Nandus past health issues….

  6. ye ye having fun

  7. Superb…

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