So this is a story relating to me. I know no one would share such things. And it is boring to know someone’s life. But I don’t know why I did so. This one is revised because I posted it without tagging.

Congratulations. It’s a girl.” The whole family was cheered up listening these words.
Doctor: Unfortunately, she is suffering from blue baby, her oxygen level is very low. She has to be shifted. You can meet her once.
Vivek had no reaction to these words. He went inside and saw her daughter all blue. He picked her in his arms and was having tears of both joy and worries.
Vivek: Kirti? It’s a girl.
Kirti: Congratulations. You became a father. She will be alright na?
Vivek: She will be. We will pray to God.
2 weeks passed but the baby girl was still inside a glass box. Finally she cured and reached her home. Vivek and Kirti shifted Shimla with their baby. They named her ‘Stuti’. Vivek is a middle class man and has just got his dream job. An approval from Atkins. The highest civil company he wanted to join. Atkins has chains all over the world. And Vivek got a chance to move to Bangalore. Three of them were having s happy life. Stuti started going to school at the age of 2. She was a little young but quite smart. She just reached UKG when Vivek again got a transfer to Delhi. Stuti continued studying. She had reached class 1 with beautiful memories. An afternoon, Stuti was watching TV, she heard her mother shouting and scared. She rushed to bedroom and found Vivek lying and shivering very much. The 6 year old became very scared. Kirti was 6 month pregnant at that time. Scared and crying, Stuti went out of the house to call help from neighborhood. Their neighbours rushed and help Vivek reach the hospital. Stuti was standing on the road. Her home was locked and her mother was with Vivek. One of her neighbours took her to their house and tried to divert her mind. Her mother was back at night. She hugged her mother and asked what has happened.
Stuti: Mumma what happened to Papa?
Kirti: Nothing beta, he is fine. He will be back home soon.
The little girl didn’t know that her father was suffering a brain tumor. Next morning, her father’s brother had reached their for help. Vivek’s first surgery occured which was successful. He was all fit and fine now. They were all back to normal. It was Kirti’s 9th month when she got a call for Vivek’s office that he fainted and they had taken him to hospital. She rushed to the hospital leaving Stuti alone in the house. A minor part of the tumor was left inside and it had grown again. But first, Kirti decided that the baby must come the world. She underwent surgery and blessed with a baby boy. Stuti was very happy. She didn’t realize what was going on around her. She happily named his brother ‘Shivay’. When Shivay turned 2, Vivek decided to shift to Bhopal(M.P) so he will be easily connected to their hometown and he can carry on his work. Stuti reached class 5, and again, Vivek got some problem. Stuti was not that grown up to understand anything but she took care of her brother very good. Vivek had got cancer, last stage. The doctors said it was very tough and they should try going to South India. They decided to go their but Vivek wanted Stuti to give her exams. She agreed with her father. Before leaving, in the Train, her father said “You have to be strong, and take care of our little family, and promise that you will never show your tears to your mom”. Stuti smiled and promised that she will not cry. A month passed. One night, her masi (mother’s sister) woke her up in middle of the night and said that your father is calling you. She left for her hometown with tears because she wouldn’t be able to give exams. She reached her hometown in the evening. As she reached the gate. All of her family members were sitting. And her father was on a stretcher. She went bear her mumma. Kirti ” I am sorry baby, I couldn’t bring papa back”
“NOOO” Stuti shouted on top of her voice. She went near her father. Caressed his face. But didn’t cry. She didn’t cry. She kept her promise. She never cried to her mom. She is still in pain and keeping the promise. And remembering the last words of her father.

I am crying hard writing this. But I wanted to do so. Writing makes my heart a little light.Β 

  1. 1234Aayu

    I have no words…I am literally crying…I can’t control my tears…my hands are shivering..how you could have suffered all this… really you are a fighter…I salute u…It’s not easy to loose some one…all your words written here are just roaming in my mind…u are really a great daughter…you fulfill your father’s wish…be strong….take care….❀️

  2. You are strong girl and I know you make your father proud on you.all the best for your life.

  3. Attractiveuser

    Tanvi…you wrote this so beautifully πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ! I am crying reading this and you have suffered this….I cannot even think of how your condition would beπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί. More power to you girl!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜­!!

  4. Sweety21

    wow girl amazing.
    you are unique yourself and i can understand your condition. i am happy to meet such a strong girl and you will be more stronger. the way you implemented your emotions was aweosome. Not many people like to say about their life so kudos to you for doing that. Boring is not a word for this actually i was living this story. Definitely one story that touched my heart and learning that it’s real, i am sure you will make your dad proud…

  5. Frozen hidden

    Di amazing
    I am literally crying salute to you you are literally brave now i can’t say anything no words to describe. di in starting u were saying na it will be boring no its not .
    Now i definitely can’t say anything

  6. Amyra

    Ooo god!
    Such events for a little girl and you portrayed it too beautifully…..
    Really I can’t imagine your condition back then , really you are a outstanding daddy’s girl…. Kudos to you dear.

  7. AarushiSoni

    Tanvi, u know who u r, u r a fighter .. no kne is like this… No one is as string as u.. how can u god how can u!!!!!!!!!!!!! U know, it’s very difficult.. am crying now… Am literally crying… How can u write ur own incident that too so nicely, u now till today before reading I used to say to my papa that I am the best daughter in this world, but now, trust me if u can, I won’t say this, infact I will take ur name for sure .. just trust me.. u r fighter .. hats off dear.. I really wanna come at ur end and Give u a tight hug and so much of salutations!!!!!!!!! Now, my respect towards u have increased to the core of my heart. .. may gid always keep u and ur family happy.. lots of love πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  8. RiansHLoveR

    You are very strong tanvi. I use to cry in small things. When i was reading this tears are rolling down from my eyes. Your parents are very lucky to get you as their daughter. You will be your mom’s strength. God bless you dear. ❀❀❀. Salute to you.

  9. Parita

    Your story brought tears in my eyes…how could you have gone through so much! You’re a strong girl and wherever your dad is, he must be so proud of you! I always shiver at the mere thought of what would happen if one of my parents passed away and you, you’ve gone through this. I’m sure it’s really tough but you’ve got to stay strong. β€β€πŸ™πŸ˜­

  10. Annoyinguser

    I wasn’t knowing that the tanvi i know suffered with this much in her past and is suffering till now. I am actually getting goosbums and unable to stand for a minute and unable to think anything like that. I didn’t got this os in my ff page but from ur profile i searched and now read it. Strong daughter of her father. May god fulfill all your desires. Sorry can’t describe more hands are shriving.

  11. Niyati12

    I truly don’t a word to express it……. I’m seriously crying………..You are truly a very very very strong girl Tanvi……….Keep it up dear……. Your father must be proud of you Tanvi…❀❀………. Keep writing dear if it makes your heart little light………

  12. Pomu

    I am not in a condition to say anything reading this. Even i can’t imagine such a situation but you’re really strong. Be strong like this always. I am sure you can keep up your promise and your papa will be proud of it wherever he is.

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