Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj takes Rukmani home

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani telling Rivaaj that she heard him talking to goon with her ears, and tells that she knows that he got Rukmani kidnapped. Rivaaj gets angry. Rani says you wanted to get Rukmani killed, if I didn’t agree to marry you. She says your call records will go to Shivraj now, and I know that place very well, and that will goon will be caught. She asks him to go silently from Rukmani’s life by telling her truth or if he wants to go to jail on the charges of attempt to murder and kidnapping. He says all girls have Jhansi ki rani in her and asks him not to make her roar. Rivaaj lifts her and tries to threaten her. He says he is the only tiger of Jungle, and you are just a small ordinary bird. Rani says don’t forget that when the tiger is caged, then he is like rat. She

says I knew your this side always. He tries to push her from the railing. Rani asks him to pull her up and come to Rukmani. Rivaaj says when people interfere unnecessarily then we shall make them face their fear. He says we have special connection and I am liking to see you getting scared. Rani asks him to pull her. Police Constable and many people come there, and asks Rivaaj to pull her up. Constable asks Rani if this guy tried to harm you. Rani tells Rivaaj that if he don’t pull her up then she will tell the constable that he is trying to kill her. . Rivaaj pulls her. Rani tells Police and people that Rivaaj saved her, and pulled her. He didn’t harm her, she slipped and fell.

Rivaaj says I think you are getting influenced by my love and couldn’t tell truth. Rani says I have to get Rukmani off her madness and says you will come there and will accept her, and will be in limits with me. She says you don’t think of the consequences. She says you saw girls’ weak avatar till now and asks him to pray that he don’t get to see her Durga Avatar. Police and people come and ask if she is fine. She says yes. Rivaaj says nobody can save her from him. He says game will start between tiger and rat.

Rukmani says Rivaaj will come and can’t do this with me. Manjiri asks Shivraj to go and not to get drenched in water. Shivraj says she is our bahu and we will not go until we take her. Rani comes home and tells Rukmani that jija ji will come, and asks her to come inside. Manjiri asks why are you giving false hopes to your didi. Rani says she is not giving false hopes, but saying truth. She asks Rukmani to trust her. Prem latha says my son will not come. Rivaaj comes and keeps umbrella on Rukmani’s head. He asks Rukmani to come home. Rani says your car’s seat cover will get spoiled, and asks him to let her change the clothes. They all come inside. Rukmani comes changing her clothes. Shivraj says shall we leave now. Dadi tells about their rasam and says bride’s sister will do her jija’s Tilak. Prem latha says what was the need to do this rasam. Shivraj asks them to do the rasam. Rani applies Tilak to Rivaaj. Dadi asks her to make Rivaaj have sweets and eat sweets with his hand. Rani makes him have sweets. Rivaaj holds her hand and eats the sweets. He then makes her have sweets with her hand. Shivraj says we shall go now. Rukmani hugs Manjiri and Rani. Rivaaj asks Manjiri to give her immense blessings, says she will need it for future. Rani thinks why did he say that and thinks she will protect her sister always. She asks Rukmani to call her.

They reach home. Prem latha pushes Rukmani and goes inside the house. Shivraj asks her to do aarti. Prem latha refuses saying she has eloped and ran away from mandap and then insulted them. She asks him not to force her to welcome her. Shivraj asks them to enter taking God’s name. Tashi brings aarti plate and she will welcome her, with Raghav. Rivaaj blows the diya. Mama says it is inauspicious. Rivaaj asks Rukmani to take God’s name and come inside. Rivaaj thinks come to the hell. Rani makes the protection thread for Rukmani. Manjiri says God will do everything good with her. Dada says Prem latha is not wrong as Rukmani accused her, and says it is good that her sasur and pati will handle prem latha. She says at our times, no girl used to go to sasural alone, and says Chachi, Mausi used to go with the bride. Rani hears her and thinks Di went to hell. She feels scared of Rivaaj’s words and thinks how to find out, how is di? She gets an idea and calls Raghav. Raghav is having icecream and asks if she would like to have icecream. Rani says no and asks what happened after your bhabhi came. Raghav tells that Tashu and he did her aarti and then…Rivaaj comes and takes phone from his hand, calls Rani as Saali sahiba..

Precap: Rani comes to stay in Shivraj’s house and tells that she will not go until everything becomes fine between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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