Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rukmani refuses to go until Rivaaj comes

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shivraj asking everyone to accept the relation. Rivaaj asks what are you saying? Shivraj asks him to accept Rukmani as his wife. He says everything may be lie, but not the rasam. May be she is saying truth, I will not do injustice with her. Rivaaj gets angry and leaves. Prem latha tells Shivraj that she will not accept Rukmani as her bahu. Shivraj tells Manjiri that this time is not right to discuss, says my car will drop you home, later we will do bidaai and bring Rukmani here. Raghav sees Rani teary eyed and tries to cheer her up. He says he is so proud of her and calls her Jhansi ki Rani. Rani is sad and tells Rukmani that she will meet him tomorrow. Manjiri, Rani, Rukmani and Dadi come home. Rukmani says Rivaaj will accept me, and says he will agree once I convince

him. She says he loves me a lot and is now hurt, but will agree. Rani asks her to listen to her. Rukmani says what I have to do and goes to room. Rani goes with her. Manjiri cries. Rukmani keeps chair and gets suitcase from almari. She tells that she will not give any chance to Rivaaj to get upset. She packs her bag and wears necklace, says she wants to look nice for Rivaaj. Rani asks her to listen and says he never wanted to marry you. She says he was not hurt but shocked, but had planned to marry her after kidnapping you. Rukmani is shocked and says I can’t hear anything about my husband. Rani asks why are you not believing me? Rukmani says my love is big bigger than trust and nobody can wipe the love.

Rivaaj is in shock and recalls his marriage, gets very much happy. Prem latha have rasgullas. She says they wanted to make her bahu, and she slapped us. Mama says she ruined my reputation. Prem latha says if Rivaaj don’t want to have revenge then I…Shivraj comes to Prem Latha and asks her to think if she didn’t do anything wrong which made her doubt her. Prem Latha refuses to accept her. Shivraj asks her to understand the situation and make arrangements to bring her. Prem Latha says she will not accept her and will not make any arrangements. Shivraj says we all are going tomorrow to bring her, I am not asking you, but telling you. Prem Latha thinks she will ruin her life. Rukmani is sitting outside, waiting for Rivaaj. Rani thinks she won’t be quiet, seeing her Di’s life getting ruined.Suddenly rain starts, Rani asks her to come inside. Rukmani says no, and says if Rivaaj comes then he will feel bad if he don’t see me here. She tells that she wants to wait for him. Rani says he will not come, and he didn’t want to marry you. Rukmani sees car coming and says Rivaaj came.

They see Shivraj, Prem Latha, Mama, Raghav and Tashi coming there. Rukmani touches their feet. Manjiri comes out and calls them inside. Rukmani sees Bhanu getting down the car. Rukmani asks about Rivaaj. Raghav says he is at home and is upset. He says that’s why we came. Prem latha taunts Rukmani for betraying Rivaaj. Rukmani says I didn’t do anything. Shivraj asks her to come with them. Rukmani refuses to go until Rivaaj comes to take her. manjiri asks what are you saying? Rani gets tensed seeing Rukmani’s mental state and takes her bike keys and goes. She sees Rivaaj driving his car with Pappu on his left.

Rivaaj says Rukmani ruined my life, but I will not spend my life with her. Rani follows his car shouting for his name. Rivaaj sees her and thinks how his Jaan comes running to him. He stops his car and gets down. Rani calls him. Rivaaj goes to inside the building and reaches terrace. Rani comes there and shouts his name. Rivaaj says so you came to talk. Rani says yes. He pulls her closer to him. Rani asks him to leave her. Rivaaj says I am romantic, weather is romantic and you are also romantic in attitude. She bites his hand so that he leaves her. She tells that she didn’t have the courage to face him before, but her God gives her strength to confront him. She says past can’t be changed. She says I am giving you a chance to wipe my name from future and asks him to tell Rukmani that she don’t want to marry him so that she moves on. She says don’t think that nobody will listen to me, and tells that when she talks with all the proofs then everyone will listen. She tells that she heard him talking to goon with her ears, and tells that she knows that he got Rukmani kidnapped.

Precap: Rivaaj says there is just one tiger in the jungle and you are a small ordinary bird. He lifts her and tries to make her fall down from railing. Rani asks him to save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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