Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjali punishes Rivaaj indisguise of Tantrik

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav telling Rani that don’t know what is happening at home, you are unwell here and Rivaaj is hearing strange voices. Rani says Rivaaj shall meet a tantrik and says my Dadi tells that such things are beyond our catch, says Rivaaj shall call a tantrik. Raghav asks seriously. Rivaaj likes the idea and goes. Raghav calls Anjali and tells that Rivaaj trusting on their plan completely. Rani asks her not to fear now. Raghav asks her to sleep and says tomorrow is a big day. Raghav and Rani lie down on the bed at the corners of the bed. He turns to Rani. Song plays….Rani turns to him. Raghav also turns to her. Song plays….Premlatha thinks the papads will show wonders tomorrow and she will bring out truth infront of Dadi.

Raghav asks her to switch off the lights. Rani switches off the lights. Next morning, Premlatha and Premraj come to Rani and Raghav’s room and pull the bedsheet. They see papads not broken. Snoopy comes there and smells the papad. Dadi comes there and punishes Premraj. Premlatha tells Dadi that Rani and Raghav’s marriage is fake and asks her to see the papads intact on the bed. Rani comes there. Premlatha tells her that she is exposed now. Rani says she is ashamed to say what she is thinking about them. She says Raghav is your son. Snoopy barks. Rani says even Snoopy ji is feeling ashamed. Dadi punishes them to roll 1000 papads for charity and asks Rani not to feel bad. Premlatha and Premraj makes papads. Dadi enjoys eating papad and gives to Raghav. Premraj counts the papads they have made. Dadi asks them to use their hands fast and says they have less time.

Anjali comes as tantrik and says you have less time. Dadi asks them to throw her out. Anjali says that witch will leave from here. Rivaaj comes and falls on her feet calling her Jai Devi. He gets up and says she is Tantrika Manjulika. He says I was right that there is a ghost here. She will kick the ghost out from here. Anjali says I can see how that witch has trapped you, I am Manjulika and will take her with me. She says I will search her. Dadi asks what is this Tamasha? Anjali closes her eyes and then open her eyes. She says I have seen you now. Rani and Raghav sign Anjali. Anjali acts as reading mantra. Raghav says there is nothing like ghost.Dadi says ghosts exist. She asks Manjulika to tell some solution. Anjali asks where are you hiding and asks her to get out. Rivaaj says here. Anjali asks if the soul entered Premlatha and hits her with her broom. Raghav says Anjali is unrecognizable. Anjali puts water on Premraj’s head. She tells that ghost has entered Rivaaj and tells that they have to do tantra to take her out. She asks Rivaaj to dance. Dadi asks him to dance. Rivaaj dances.

Anjali asks him to dance fast and says I will catch the soul once she comes out. Rivaaj dances. Anjali beats him with hunter recalling how he took her signature on the suicide note and attempted to kill her. Rivaaj shouts in pain. Anjali asks him to dance more. Rivaaj asks her to beat him. Party workers come there and ask what is happening here. Premraj asks why did they come? They tell that Shivraj sent to take us file. Premraj says Rivaaj is doing puja. Premraj gives file to them. Raghav tells Dadi that if workers tell everyone about his then what will happen. He says we shall have party so that they think everything is fine. Anjali asks if he is ready for second solution. Rani thinks as you sow, is as you reap.

Precap: Rani brings pedestal fan and plays Anjali’s recording. Anjali asks Rivaaj to confess else. Rivaaj says I didn’t do anything. Rivaaj recognizes Anjali’s face and calls her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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