Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav befriends Rani, Rivaaj misleads her

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani and Rukmini’s mother asks Rukmini why she didn’t tell her anything. Rukmini says I felt that it is normal eve teasing. Mother asks Rani why she didn’t tell. Rani says you get worried soon and Dadi taunts you much, I don’t feel food. Mother hugs her. Rukmini says sorry. Mother says I am worried for you both and I understand that there is no man in the house, I have to take care of you both. I have fought with the society, but now I have no patience. Dadi comes and asks what kand did you do? Mother tells about catering work. Dadi asks until when she will hide and asks her to do kitchen work. Dadi smells and finds flower in Rani’s hairs and taunts her. She asks her to bring khichdi to her room. Rani gets worried and thinks this flower was not in the party. She recalls Raghav wants to say something, but interrupted by Raghav.

Shivraj’s wife thinks to make Raghav busy in toys and asks him to play seeing him. Raghav thinks how can Rani come out of the locked door. His mother thinks his mind shall not work and asks him to play. Tashu comes and says bhaiyya will play when he wants to. Raghav says he is thinking something. Tashu takes her mother with her. Raghav thinks how she came out of the room and thinks to return anklet to her, when she tells him truth. He thinks to prove that he was right. Rani is sleeping when she senses someone is shouting her name. She gets scared and drinks water.

Raghav and Tashu come to the temple. Raghav tries to break the coconut, but couldn’t. He tells that he couldn’t do anything because of Rani. Tashu says you have saved Rani and then says found her. She asks him to break the coconut asking God for a friend. Raghav prays to God and breaks the coconut. Coconut water falls on Rani, just as she comes. She thinks someone was breaking coconut here. Raghav says I was breaking it. Puja is going on in the temple of Ram and Sita. Rani is about to fall, bit Raghav holds her hand and saves her from falling down. Rani scolds him for scaring her by sitting down. Raghav shows her anklet and asks her to keep. He is about to go. Rani follows him and apologizes. Raghav asks him to make him eat something from the stall outside without Tashu’s knowledge. Rani says even Dadi don’t let her eat. They plan to eat hiding from Tashu and Dadi. Raghav asks if she will become his friend. Rani says yes. They befriend each other. Song plays Aaya mausam dosti ka…He makes her wear anklet with her permission. Rani tells him that they shall go to temple first. She thanks him for anklet and for calling everyone there. Raghav says I thought you were sleeping.

Rani asks him to say what happened exactly. Raghav tells everything whatever he had seen. Rani thinks what happened with me and from where did the flower come in my hairs, how I came out of room. She doubts on Rivaaj and thinks he is marrying Anjali and likes her. She asks Durga Maa to save her. Rivaaj comes there and asks Raghav if he invited his friend to his birthday. Raghav says I will invite my friend and invites Rani to his birthday. Rivaaj asks her to come and says I know that you was saved from the big trouble and asks her to come so that everyone feel good to see her. He asks Raghav to give the invitation card. Raghav asks him to forward his hand and give the card. Rivaaj is about to give card to Rani, but Raghav takes it and says this is not my special card. Rani sees bandaid on his hand. Rivaaj says it is the same card and shows sticker. Raghav says it is same. Rani asks him about the band aid. Rivaaj says nothing and tries to feed peda to Raghav forcibly. Raghav bites him. Rivaaj tells her that Raghav is habitual to bite him. He tells that Raghav is his brother and whatever he gives injury or panjiri, he takes it as a Prasad. Rani looks on. Rivaaj thinks you will see what I want you to see, and will understand what I want you to understand.

Precap: Rivaaj asks Someone to make Rani enter last. He presses a button so that flowers fall on her, but Raghav runs to her and stand with her. Rivaaj gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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