Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone is happy with Rukmani’s pregnancy news

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani taking out Rivaaj’s specs and says whatever is happening today is just a trailer, as we both know that you are not blind. She says this cat and mouse game is boring and says we will play real life game and says my life’s motive is not to proof that you are not blind, but to make you blind. She advices him to count all the steps and remember. She says you will know after you really goes blind. She says she will call the brain teacher for her. Tashi comes and asks Rivaaj to come with her to have milk. Rani says he has gone weak and asks her to give him milk.

Rukmani is in her house. A guy comes and gives sweets, saying Rivaaj sent it. Rukmani thinks Rivaaj sent it. Rivaaj is walking down the stairs and sees the thread tied to the last stair. Rani is taking the video. Rivaaj sees her recording and falls down intentionally. Rani says it is an art to fall down intentionally and gives his stick. Rivaaj says I hope you believe me and thanks her. She says I trust that you are acting and I will expose you. Rukmani shows the sweets sent by Rivaaj, actually sent by Premlatha and Premraj. She is about to eat. Dadi asks her to keep the sweets infront of God first. Premraj is keeping an eye and gives money to the guy delivering the sweets. He thinks to call Premlatha. Rani is taking video seeing him coming. He slips. Tashi asks what happened? Rani comes and says sorry as he fell down due to the skates.

Premlatha gets happy that Rukmani got the sweets. Rani is coming from the kitchen and is about to put the hot soup on his feet. He moves away. Rani says it is good that you are not blind else this hot soup would have fallen on you. Raghav makes Rivaaj sit. Dadi asks Rani if she wants to share some good news, asks if she wants to make her great grand mother. Rani says it is not like that. Dadi laughs and says she asked so that there is no misunderstanding. She tells that Rukmani is pregnant. Rivaaj says this is not possible and tells that he couldn’t handle himself, how he can handle the baby. He says he can’t be a good father. Dadi says I am transferring half of the property on your name today itself. Rivaaj says I don’t want property. Dadi says she wants to make this for his baby. Premlatha is shocked and thinks Dadi is giving property because of child and that baby will die. Rivaaj agrees to take the property. Premlatha calls Rukmani, but she doesn’t pick the call. She tells that she will go to temple hearing the good news and goes from there. Rukmani tells Dadi that Tashi called and everyone is happy hearing about my pregnancy.

Premlatha takes auto and reaches Manjiri’s house. Dadi opens the door. Premlatha falls down and sees one laddoo missing in the box. She hears Rukmani shouting and gets shocked. Rukmani comes out and tells that she got hurt while coming in a hurry. Premlatha sees laddoo in her hand and keeps it in the box. She asks her to come to temple with her. They leave.

Rivaaj recalls getting intimate with Rukmani and thinks if she would have been here then I would have killed her and her baby. He goes out and hears Rani talking to someone and telling that she got the proof against Rivaaj, but it fell down from the balcony. Rivaaj gets angry and closes her door. He runs to garden area and searches for the thing which Rani is talking.

Precap: Rani records in her mobile while Rivaaj searches for the proof in the bushes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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