Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj threatens the doctor helping Rani

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj seeing Raghav unhurt. Few moments before is shown, Raghav runs to save Rivaaj and switches off the fan after pushing him to safety and he falls on the fan. Rivaaj gets upset seeing him not hurt. Premlatha comes and asks what happened? She asks are you fine? Rivaaj says someone pushed me. Raghav says you was about to get hurt by the pedestal fan. Rani says we shall keep him locked in the room else he will not take his life. She says he must be in depression and want to commit suicide. Rivaaj asks what is she saying and says he is fine. Tashi says Rani is right and tells that whenever he comes out, some accident is happening. Rivaaj asks her to be quiet. Shivraj agrees with Rani and asks Premlatha to drop him to room, tells Rivaaj that it is for his safety. Rivaaj objects. Premlatha tells him that he is right and takes him to the room. Rani looks on.

Rukmani tells her Dadi about her pregnancy. She says you know mummy ji’s behavior and I can’t pressurize Rivaaj seeing his condition. She says she can’t tell. Dadi says this baby is of Rivaaj and you think that Rivaaj is changing so concentrate on this baby forgetting everything.

Dadi comes to Shivraj and pulls his ears. Shivraj asks what happened? She says when you will give me this news. She says she is modern and says you are going to be a father again, but what was the need to become father again as you already have grown up kids. Shivraj says there is nothing like that and asks her to understand. Dadi says Premlatha is gearing up to distribute sweets. Shivraj asks her to talk to Premlatha and says it is not like that. He says Rukmani. Dadi says Rukmani is pregnant and I thought…They laugh.

Rivaaj recalls Rani’s words that we shall lock him in the room as he will not try to take his life. He gets angry in his room and hits the wall. Raghav comes and asks what happened? Rivaaj says Rukmani had told about the almari 7 steps away and tells that he wants to take the clothes to change. Raghav says he will help him. Rani brings food. Raghav asks Rivaaj to have food with them. Rivaaj says he is not hungry. Rani says let’s eat food. They sit down. Raghav gives water to Rivaaj and makes him eat. Rivaaj starts eating. Rani wipes the food particle from Raghav’s lips. Raghav signs her that Rivaaj is in front of them. Rani signs he is not seeing them. Raghav smiles. He makes her have the food with his hand. Rani also makes him have food with her hand. Rivaaj is upset and looks at their romance. Raghav is eating gulab jamun. He takes a bite and is about to make her eat when Rivaaj coughs. Raghav gives him water. He takes gulab jamun in his mouth and goes near Rani. Rani takes half of the gulab jamun from his mouth and eats it. She asks Rivaaj what happened? Rivaaj says nothing but is angry.

He comes to the bed. Doctor and Rani come there. The doctor says you are right, he is not blind. Rani says we shall give him the same medicine and he will become blind one day. The doctor says I can’t play with my patient’s delicate organ. Rivaaj hears them. He asks who is here? Rani says Doctor came to see you. Rivaaj says why doctor came now. Rani says there is a big confusion, according to Doctor you can see and according to you, you can’t see. She says we have to put eye drops in your eyes and asks the doctor to start. The doctor says I am telling this again that this medicine is not safe for good eyes. Rani says jija ji said that he is blind and asks Doctor to put eye drops in his eyes. Rivaaj thinks what to do and gets up shockingly. He says I will not get any medicine in my eyes. Rani thanks Durga Maa and Doctor, and says jija ji got his vision back. She goes to everyone’s room and asks them to come out. They all ask what happened? Rani says you all will be happy that jija ji can see now and is not blind anymore. Premlatha gets happy and says God heard me. Shivraj asks if she is sure? Rani says Doctor proved himself. She looks for the Doctor. Everyone goes to Rivaaj’s room and find him sleeping. Rivaaj pretends to sleep. Dadi asks Rani are you sure that Rivaaj can see. Rivaaj pretends to wake up. Premlatha asks can you see? Rivaaj says no and asks Rani if she is still doubting him that he is blind and for what, to get locked in this room. Premlatha scolds Rani and asks why are you blaming him. Rani tells that she must have seen a dream with open eyes and drinks water. Raghav asks if she is sure? Rani says morning dreams come true and asks if this is a sign that he will see. Premlatha says yes and goes. Rani thinks to talk to Raghav. Shivraj takes Raghav with him to talk about something. Rani goes from Rivaaj’s room.

Rani calls Doctor and asks why you didn’t come with me. The doctor says I was coming with you when Rivaaj stopped me. A FB is shown, Rivaaj stops Doctor and threatens to kill his family. He asks him to leave before anyone comes. Doctor goes. Fb ends. Rani says ok Doctor, I will not involve you. Rivaaj comes there and says I did so much, but still you want my betterment. He thanks her. Rani says you are repeat mode cassette, I know all your moves and get a solution beforehand. She takes off his goggles and looks at him.

Precap: Rani tells Rivaaj that whatever happened today was just trailer. She says her life motive is to make him really blind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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