Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj is suspicious of Janki

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rukmani asking Rivaaj to tell what happened at her house to Dadi. Rani asking auto driver what happened? Auto driver says the way is closed. Rani gets down from the auto and runs. Rivaaj tells Rukmani that her mum told her about the treasure. Dadi asks him to mind his language and asks if Rukmani replied the same way to him then.. She asks him to tell what happened else get ready to cook food tonight. Premlatha comes. Rivaaj asks where is Janki? Premlatha says she is not coming out of bathroom. Rani tries to climb inside holding the cloth, but hides seeing someone. She then tries to climb up. Rivaaj goes from Janki’s room and calls her. Everyone come there. Rukmani asks what happened? Rivaaj says where is nurse? Rukmani gets tensed. Dadi asks you and your mother trouble

her a lot and asks why is he calling her. Rivaaj says she can be needed at any time. Premlatha says she is inside the bathroom since long time. Tashi says there is no voice coming from the bathroom. Dadi says she is a human and don’t need your permission. Rivaaj says I am worried, if something happens to her. Rukmani says it is not good to knock on any girl’s bathroom.

Rivaaj says I am thinking of her betterment and you are using your scratched mind. Rivaaj breaks the door and falls inside. Rani is standing behind the door and says pahelwan fell down. Rukmani helps Rivaaj get up and is surprised. Rani says she took so much time to take bath for the puja. She apologizes to them for wasting so much water. Dadi says you don’t need to say sorry and tells that she will attend her puja. Rani thanks her. Everyone leaves. Rani goes to balcony to pull the cloth. Rivaaj calls Manjiri and asks where is Rani? Rukmani comes out and sees Rani taking the rope up. Rivaaj asks where is Rani? Manjiri says she is cooking in the kitchen. Rivaaj thinks if she is there then Janki is someone else. Rukmani comes to Rivaaj and tries to divert his attention. Rani takes the rope up and signs Rukmani. Rivaaj scolds Rukmani and asks her to stop roaming around him. Rukmani prays to God to save Rani and says if she is caught then there will be a trouble for me also, I don’t want to lose loving husband like Rivaaj.

Rani gets ready as Janki and thinks she might meet Anjali in the temple. She takes out the box and sees the pearls necklace made and gifted by Raghav. Raghav comes there and asks if someone special gave her this. Janki says Raghav..Raghav asks if his name is also Raghav. She thinks how to tell you. He stumbles. Rani holds him. He gets the necklace and says it is made with hand, so cheap. Rani says it has more value than diamond and it is made with hardwork and dedication. Raghav says I didn’t mean that, I am sure that he did with lot of hardwork. Rani says your body is weak, you came here without support and asks him to rest. Raghav says I was looking for you as I didn’t see you since morning. Rani asks why, and tells that why he missed her. Raghav says I want to do stretch exercise now and asks if she is going somewhere. Rani says she is going to temple. Raghav says even I will also come. Rani says if something happens to him then she will be blamed. Raghav says nothing will happen to me and asks her to see how he walks. He walks and is about to fall. Rani holds his hand and his specs fall down. They have an eye lock. Rani gets emotional. Raghav says you are doing this so that you can go to temple alone. Rani says you are my patient and I want you to go everywhere and want you to trek mountain and explore other things. She says I will go now. Raghav smiles. Rani takes her wallet and says bye. Raghav asks her to listen and shows her specs. He makes her wear it. Rani says namaskara sir.

Rani meets Pandit ji in the temple. Pandit ji says that girl is here. Some other Pandit goes to call Anjali. Pandit ji asks Rani to check other patients. Rani says I didn’t bring my kit, I am a nurse and will send Doctor. Anjali sees Rani and runs. Rani searches her.

Tashi comes to Raghav and asks did you call me? Raghav says I called that girl who was happy to feed biscuits to monkey and insisted to take it home leaving Rivaaj on its place. Tashi asks did you remember everything. Raghav says not everything and tells that only few incidents. Tashi says I will tell everyone. Raghav says not now, else they will be very hopeful and says there is a progress in him.

Rivaaj comes to Janki’s room and searches for the proof. He looks at the cupboard. Rani searches for Anjali. Pandit ji says may be she is in her room. They check, but Anjali is not there. Rani says I will come later. Rivaaj opens the cupboard and gets Janki Iyer’s certificate.

Precap: Rani meets Anjali and asks her to tell what had happened with her. She asks her to tell so that I can save you from Rivaaj. Anjali cries. Rivaaj gets the color which Rani applies on her body to look tan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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