Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 21st September 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Rivaaj gets burnt in fire, Ram and Mayura start their new life

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 21st September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayura telling Rivaaj that he might be a big devil, but has forgotten that every woman has Jhansi ki rani in her and if she is troubled then ruins the tormentor. The Police reach there and see Rivaaj. Rivaaj says sala. Tashi says you are such a devil that don’t deserve to be with us. Reporter says you are a murderer and devil, not a star. Mayura asks Inspector to arrest him. Rivaaj holds Mayura and threatens to slit her neck. Ram asks him to leave Mayura. Inspector aims gun at Rivaaj and asks him to leave Mayura. He asks him to accept his defeat. Kesha asks him to leave Mayura. Rivaaj says I will give you the same pain which I gave you before and says I won’t let you live peacefully after destroying me. He says I will get you burnt. Mayura asks him to surrender and says you have a life to start after serving punishment. Rivaaj says you could become mine, so I won’t let you become of anyone else. Ram asks Rivaaj not to do this. Rivaaj moves back near the fire. Mayura jerks him to free herself and he falls down in the fire. Police says call the ambulance. Mayura tries to go in the fire, but Ram stops her. Mayura says I wanted revenge and not one more death. Premraj shouts bhanje. Mayura recalls her moments with Raghav and gets teary eyes. He thinks Rivaaj tormenting her with his obsessed love. She thinks of Rivaaj blasting Raghav with bomb. Rivaaj shouts and writhes in pain while burning in the fire. Everyone looks on feeling bad.

They come back home. Tashi says if I had known that you are my Ram bhai and not Rivaaj then I wouldn’t have misbehaved with you. Ram says we shall make a new start, I want to see you happy. Premraj brings his icecream and calls him bhanje. Ram kisses on his cheeks and asks him to make him have icecream. Premraj makes him taste it. Mayura sees Premlatha going to room holding knife and asks her to stop. Premlatha goes to room and locks the door. She says I have only punishment and that’s death. She says if she had not done a mistake then Raghav wouldn’t died. She says she influenced Rivaaj to do it and he burnt in the fire. Mayura says you have realized your mistake, and that’s enough. Premlatha calls her Rani and apologizes to her for ruining her happiness. Mayura asks her not to do anything wrong and says you have Shivraj uncle and khanak to look after. Ram asks what about me, and calls her Maa. He says you have lost your one son, but got another. He says I have felt your love which was for Rivaaj, but it was truthful. He folds his hands and asks her to open the door. He says I got your love after many troubles and asks him not to punish him. He asks what is my mistake, I was separated from you after birth and then I yearned for you all my life. He asks her not to snatch his happiness and says I am not Rivaaj, but I am Ram. He cries. Premlatha cries and opens the door. She hugs and kisses him crying. They hug and cry.

Tashi also hugs them. Premlatha signs Mayura to hug them. Ram asks Premlatha to call him Shon (son) one time. Premlatha calls him Shon. Mayura gets a call and asks what? She comes to Dadi and Rukmani’s house with Ram and says my sources told that they are here, but they don’t identify my face. Ram asks her to come and knocks on the door. Dadi opens the door and says Rukmani is not at home. Rani gets inside the house and asks Dadi if she knows Rani and Raghav signing at their photo frames. Dadi says they are Rani and Raghav.

Mayura says Raghav is dead, but Rani is alive and remove the garland from her pic. She makes her remember that she wants to get them married, but Rivaaj burnt them alive. Dadi cries hearing this. Mayura also cries. Ram also cries. Mayura says I was yearning for your love and found you with much difficulty. Dadi cries and calls her Rani. Rani /Mayura says we will stay together in our house. She says we shall wait for Ruku di and asks Dadi to rest.

She thanks the God for making her meet her family and says now I can make a new beginning. Ram thanks her for becoming life guard to him. Mayura thanks him for making her meet her family. Ram asks what is your decision, do you want to become my family. Mayura recalls his moments with her….Saathiya song plays……She says she needs sometime, wounds are deep and needs time to heal. Ram says its ok, I can understand that you might remember all the past bad things seeing my face. He says its ok and is leaving. Mayura stops him and says you accept defeat so soon. She says I have no problem with your face and says good character is big than face. She says we got the destination because of each other and says we shall make the beginning of new tomorrow. Ram says you will not get a better friend than me and shakes hand with her. Mayura smiles.

The Show ended on a happy note.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So glad this ridiculous show has ended! ? ? I can never stand to watch since raghav and old rani got burnt. Post this leap was garbage. Typical of writers to have to drag the heroine to move forward instantaneously, why couldn’t she have got revenge without having to remarry. Why is it okay for her to marry her
    first husband’s half brother, Ram? I hate that they tend to let the heroine get pass around, like aren’t there prospective spouses outside of your husband’s family. I hate the fate of Raghav’s character! And I despise Mayura’s character post leap 🙁 she contradicted everything the original Rani stood for!

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