Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani and Raghav team up with Anjali to expose Rivaaj

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani telling Raghav that whatever she told is truth and Rivaaj is not the same like he appears. She says Ravan had ten avatars, but don’t know how many avatars of Rivaaj has. She tells that everyone is happy seeing your recovery, except Rivaaj. She asks why he was spying outside our room and why he wants to throw me out of the house. She tells that he gave you wrong medicine. Raghav doesn’t believe her and tells that he is my brother. Rani says you don’t trust me, then wait a min. She shows the medicine which was given to him and also his medicine and reports file. Raghav checks the reports and says this can’t be possible. Rivaaj calls Raghav. Raghav tells Rani about his call and picks the call. He hears him and says ok. Raghav goes to meet Rivaaj. Rivaaj says it is good that you came, Rukmani was sleeping so I didn’t wake her up. Snoopy ji barks. Rivaaj says it loves you and barks at you. Raghav asks Snoopy to relax. Rivaaj says I had churan as you came and takes out something from his pocket and applies to Raghav’s neck, then wishes him for the special night and thanks him for coming. Raghav says its ok and asks Snoopy to come.

Rani is in her room and thinks of Raghav’s words. Raghav comes to the room. Rani asks all ok. Raghav says yes, all ok. Rani thinks strange, Rivaaj called him so late at night. Raghav asks her to sleep on bed and he will sleep on sofa. Rani says no. He asks her not to irritate him. Rani says you didn’t know that storm or happiness came in your life. Raghav says you are saying as if I am doing this intentionally. Suddenly he feels pain and is about to faint on her. Rani holds him and makes him sit. She asks what happened and finds poisonous insect on his neck. She takes off his shirt and sprinkles water on his face asking him to be awake. She makes him drink water and cries saying I can’t stay without you and can’t lose you again. Raghav says I am ok. Rani asks how did this poisonous insect came on you and asks him to say. She says you met Rivaaj just now. Raghav realizes Rivaaj putting something on his neck. He says I trust you…Rivaaj has done wrong and asks her to come with him. He says we will go to confront him. Rani says Rivaaj will not confess his mistake and says we have one way to prove him guilty, that is to get proofs against him. Raghav asks how?

Rani and Raghav come to meet Anjali at the Ashram. Rani tells Anjali that she has to return as Janki with good intention and says we can understand that you have your own reasons to hide the truth. Anjali says I can’t go through the same dangerous situation again. She says never, I have no strength. Raghav says we understand your situation and asks did you remember me as you was about to marry Rivaaj. He tells that you might have noticed change in me and tells that Rani is very courageous and snatched me out from death. He asks her to show some courage also. He asks what she wants that the criminal who brought her in this situation shall not be punished and if he shall walk freely. He asks her to trust them and tell what had happened with her. Anjali says I will tell. She says that day…and tells everything, how Rivaaj hanged her on to the tree and then threw her in the river. Raghav and Rani are shocked. Rani says don’t get scared, we are with you. Raghav says Rivaaj will be jailed for his crimes. Rani tells Anjali that they need her support to make Rivaaj confess. Anjali says I don’t have much strength.

Rivaaj is doing exercising near some temple and recalls Raghav and Rani’s warning to him. Bhanu comes there and asks Rivaaj if he shall call Rani as bhabhi and says she is your bhabhi also. Pappu says saali is half wife and bhabhi is like a mother. Rivaaj gets angry and asks Pappu to bring protein shake and hits Bhanu. They go. Rivaaj continues to exercise. Just then light start flickering. He feels the anklet sound and asks who is here? Anjali calls his name in a mysterious way. She calls him and comes infront of him wearing white saree and free hairs. Rivaaj tries to look at her. Anjali turns to him. Rivaaj gets shocked seeing her and falls down. He runs away from there. Anjali goes. Rivaaj comes to the jeep and tells Bhanu and Pappu that he saw Anjali. Bhanu laughs and says he is drunk.

They come back to the place, but couldn’t see anyone. Pappu says you brain is puzzled and asks him to rest. Rivaaj looks at the place and leave. Rani, Raghav and Anjali come out. Rani says Rivaaj is shocked as he did wrong and says he deserves this fear and will confess to his crime, then nobody will save her from his punishment. Rivaaj is driving the jeep and stops as his car stops. He hears the anklet sound and sees Anjali walking towards him. She calls him and laughs. Rivaaj gets scared and asks who are you. Anjali asks what happened? Did you forget me? Rivaaj says Anjali and hide his face to read hanuman chalisa, but forgets it. He runs away. Rani and Raghav are hiding. Raghav says we are proud of you. Anjali says I thought he will kill me. Rani says you have shown the courage and made him scared. Raghav says we have to continue this. Rani asks her to come home. Anjali says home?

Precap: Rivaaj brings his jeep home. Raghav says if you want to ride it then would have learnt how to repair it. He asks for the keys and asks Rani to start the car. Raghav takes out the cloth and it starts. Rani hugs Raghav calling him cute husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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