Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav comes out of coma, but forgets Rani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani telling Dadi that the goon tried to steal the medicine, and she got power like Dadi and saved the medicine. Rivaaj smiles. Rani looks at Rivaaj. Rivaaj thinks medicine is changed. Dadi says if that thief is found then kill them with my pistol. Rukmani asks Janki what was the need to fight with them. She applies ointment to her hand. Rivaaj looks at her hand. Premlatha and Premraj talks about Rivaaj’s plan. Snoopy comes there. Medicine bottle is about to fall, but Rani holds it. She grinds the medicine with the blender and gives in Raghav’s glucose drip. Rivaaj thinks once this medicine goes inside him, he is dead. Dadi prays to God to make him fine. Rani also prays for Raghav and says this is the last hope. Rivaaj thinks this is your last night as you can’t

forget yourself after giving this to Raghav. Premraj tells Rivaaj that the medicine was dangerous. Rivaaj says once Janki goes, then they will handle Raghav.

Rani recalls seeing Anjali in the hospital and thinks where was she until now, and if Rivaaj knows about her. She prays to Durga maa and asks what is happening? She tells that Raghav shall be fine soon and the medicine shall affect him. She asks God not to break her last hope and lights the diya. Raghav starts shaking up and comes out of coma. He falls from the bed and gets attack. Snoopy is with Raghav and goes to call Rani. Rani comes there and thinks what is happening to Raghav. She pacifies him and makes him lie down on the bed again. She sees Raghav holding her hand and asks him to open his eyes. Raghav opens his eyes. Rani says you got fine and hugs him. She says my Raghav is back. Raghav doesn’t identify her and brushes off her hand. He asks who are you? She says I am your Rani, your best friend forever. Raghav is surprised. Rani asks did you forget me? Raghav asks what happened to me and where is my family? He calls Papa…Rani is shocked. Snoopy barks and comes to Dadi. Dadi says I am coming. Premlatha says if Raghav died. Rivaaj says that will not happen. Rani realizes she is not wearing her make up and runs out of room. Shivraj, Dadi and others come to Raghav’s room. Raghav sees Dadi, Shivraj, Rivaaj and others. Shivraj thanks God. Dadi is happy also. Rani goes to her room and cries badly.

Rivaaj thinks how did the medicine affected reversely, how did he gain consciousness. Dadi asks Rivaaj to meet Raghav. Rivaaj says I thought I lost you, but you have returned from death. Premraj says I will distribute lolly pop in the neighborhood. Raghav asks what happened to me? shivraj says we are with you and asks him to rest. Rani wipes her tears and says Raghav doesn’t recognize me. She applies make up. Dadi takes off evil sight from him. She asks do you want anything. Rani comes there indisguise of Janki. She says it this is dream that he got consciousness. Dadi gives credit to Janki for taking care of him. She tells Raghav that Janki has taken care of him day and night which even family member can’t do. Janki says just now patient got consciousness so I will be with him and asks them to call the doctor. Shivraj says I will call doctor. Premlatha and Premraj scold Rivaaj for failing their plan. Rivaaj threatens them. Premlatha says they will not get anything now. Rivaaj says this can’t happen.

Precap: Premlatha and Rivaaj ask Janki to come to their side and asks her to prove first.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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