Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram rescues Mayura when Rivaaj attacks her

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayura coming inside the secret room after Rivaaj falls unconscious bearing the electric shock. She asks how was the experience and says you are habitual to give shock to others, says every day there will be a new shock for you. She makes him sit on the chair and ties his hands and legs with rope and then ties the chain. She picks the small blade from the floor and smiles. Ram is watching everything and says so this was her plan. Mayura comes out of the secret room and cries badly recalling Raghav’s death. Ram thinks why she is crying and feels bad for her. Mayura goes away from there. Ram gets an idea and calls media. He gives a breaking news about Rivaaj and says it shall be published tomorrow. Next morning, Premlatha gets a call and the caller asks her about Rivaaj’s engagement. Premlatha asks what nonsense? Roop asks Tashi to see her brother’s doing and shows the newspaper. Kesha gets angry and throws the newspaper. Ram watches news on his mobile that Kesha and Rivaaj’s Jodi was good, but Kesha was knocked out. Kesha hears news that Rivaaj and her Jodi is best and Rivaaj and Mayura’s Jodi is bad. Ram watches the news. Mayura thinks if Rukmani comes to know then she will hate me more. Mayura comes to Ram and hearing him talking to someone and saying that he loves Mayura. Mayura pushes him and asks why did you do this, when I said that engagement will be low key and a family affair. Ram smiles. Mayura says I shouldn’t have trusted you. Ram puts water on her and says he did this to calm her down. He says I don’t trust you and says you went to give electric shock to Rivaaj. He says he knows everything. He says if you don’t stick to your words then even I will not.

Mayura gets angry and puts flower pot water on his head. She says this is for putting water on my head. She asks him not to do anything without asking her else he don’t know what she can do. Ram stops her from leaving and says I want to tell you why I spread the news. He gives her towel and asks her to wipe. He says you are looking dangerous, I am scared. Mayura says you shall be. Ram says he wants people to make fun of Rivaaj and says he has hurt many girls’ heart and you will be the first one to dump him in public view. He gets emotional and says I was not having even food there and here Rivaaj was living a luxurious life. He says people used to run after Rivaaj to get his autograph and there people used to run after me to …He then asks her not to interfere in his work and says even he wants to take revenge from Rivaaj. Mayura nods her hand and returns his towel.

Roop tells Kesha that he has threatened Tashi to leave the house, but..Kesha asks him to do something and take her back home and ends the call. Roop sees Tashi coming there and pretends to talk to Kesha and asking her not to commit suicide. He tells her that if anything happens to his sister then their relationship will end. Mayura comes inside the secret room and thinks Rivaaj might have woken up by now for my next plan. She comes to the inside room and finds him unconscious. She thinks if the shock was much and thinks if he is tied properly. She sits down to check the rope, but Rivaaj is actually awake and pretending to be unconscious. He says Mayura and holds her neck. Mayura tries to free herself. Rivaaj says you tried to play my band, I will kill you. Ram comes there and sprays on his eyes. He says you did a big mistake by attacking Mayura and says he will break his hands. Rivaaj says I will send you to such a place that you can’t return. Ram takes her out. Mayura thanks him for saving her. Ram says why did you go without any planning and says I shouldn’t have let you go. Mayura asks who are you, be in your limits. Ram sees injury on her hand while she is walking out.

Tashi is about to fall down, but Roop comes and holds her. He says sorry and says I shouted at you much. Tashi says I know Kesha is your sister and our family, but Bhai don’t want to hear. Roop asks her to sit and asks her to ask his sister as a gift from him. Tashi says but. Roop says I gave you an idea and you know how to do it.

Mayura recalls Rivaaj attacking her and thinks how did I let him overpower me and says where was my strength then? She is about to hit his hand on the table, but Ram comes there and holds her hand. He asks her to show her hand and cleans her injury, blows on it. Main Tenu Samjhawa ki…plays…Mayura and Ram look at each other. She gets up and says sorry for her behavior. She says you helped me so much, I didn’t expect it. Ram says no problem, take care of yourself. Mayura says I know I did wrong by going there without any planning. Rivaaj laughs in the captivity and looks at the hair pin. He recalls taking it out from her hairs.

Precap: Ram comes to the secret room and goes inside. Premlatha thinks he went to read fan mails and thinks to go inside and check herself what he does inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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