Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi stops Janki from leaving

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Janki to be careful. Janki/Rani says she is holding the wheel chair tightly. Premlatha pretends to faint and fell down. Rivaaj asks Janki to see her. Rani comes to Premlatha. Rivaaj hits ball on Raghav and makes him fall down the wheel chair. Premlatha tells Janki that she fell unconscious. Dadi sees Raghav on ground and gets worried. Rani shouts in janki’s voice. Premlatha smirks and accuses Nurse Janki. Rivaaj says I will handle my brother. Janki says I will check if he has any internal injuries. Premlatha says I will not let you touch my son. Dadi asks do you have any medical knowledge. Janki checks Raghav. Premlatha accuses Janki. Tashi says Raghav fell down mistakenly. Premlatha and Rivaaj blame Janki. Premlatha says I have a doubt that she is not

a nurse. Dadi asks Janki to pack her bags and go, and says I will lower your sister’s favour some other way, but will not tolerate any mistake. Rani gets up and is about to go, when Raghav holds her hand shocking everyone and blinks his eyes. Rani says Raghav held my hand and reacted. She asks Dadi if she saw and says she is emotionally connected with patient. Dadi says yes and says he left your hand. Rani says it is improvement. She says I am sorry for whatever happened outside, and says I will pack my bags and leave. Premlatha says I will take care of our son. Rani says I will leave Dadi. Dadi stops janki and asks Premlatha to give 500 Rs to Janki. Premlatha says I don’t have money right now. Dadi asks Rivaaj to give money to premlatha and asks her to give money to Janki. She tells Premlatha that you was sending Raghav to mental asylum and says Janki is making Raghav fine. She asks her to give money to Janki. Premlatha gives money in Janki/Rani’s hand angrily. Rani looks at her.

Dadi asks Servants to do as Janki says. Janki/Rani tells them that she knows that they are very old member of the family and loves Raghav very much. She says if Raghav needs clothing, medicine and food, then inform her and Dadi, and if anyone forcibly tries to go to Raghav’s room then inform Dadi. Rivaaj and Premlatha hear them. Dadi calls Shivraj and asks him to stop lawyers for sometime. She says Raghav moved his hand and she is sure that he will stand on his feet. She says she will name everything on his name. She sees Rivaaj hearing her and getting angry. She fires at his leg. Rivaaj jumps and escapes. Dadi asks you was hiding and listening to my conversation. Premlatha also comes out from behind the pillar. Dadi says all rats came out hearing bullet sound. Janki laughs. Dadi says today Janki will punish them. Janki says how can I give punishment to them. Dadi asks do you want punishment. Janki says I can’t punish aunty, but will punish sir (Rivaaj). Dadi asks what? Rani laughs. She takes him to garden area and asks him to turn. He asks what she is doing? Dadi asks him to do as she said. Rani recalls Rivaaj troubling Raghav and says I will hit you now. She hits football on his back. Premlatha asks have you gone mad? Rani says I thought he is hard, but he is soft. Dadi asks her to hit him more. Snoopy comes there. Dadi goes with the dog. Premlatha holds Janki’s hand and says you punished my son.

Janki/Rani says I left you and didn’t give punishment thinking you to be oldie, but I know that you and your son hurt Raghav intentionally. Premlatha gets shocked. Janki says I know you are shocked. You tried to kill your son. She says barbie is my classmate and I asked your truth from her. She asks them not to take panga and goes to see Raghav. Rivaaj says she didn’t see our true face as we didn’t show, but we have to show it now. He asks for storeroom keys. Premlatha gives. Rani shows the flower to Raghav and says it is Durga Maa’s blessing for you. She keeps flower on his forehead and says you are not alone, Durga Maa is with you and I am glad that you are getting fine slowly. She asks him to be her friend forever and changes the saline bottle. She says I want you to get well fast and take revenge from Rivaaj himself. She says you are trapped with wrong people, and says she is with him. She hugs him. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays…

Precap: Rivaaj keeps the big box on the cupboard to make it fall on Janki. Janki/Rani sees her cupboard open and comes near it. Just then the box falls down. Rani shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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