Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Raaj comes outside the hut and thinks he can’t say what he wants to, and can also not do what he wish for. He can’t even hug Rani, what if she wakes up and share his truth with them. Suminda comes to him saying she can understand his condition, she cries that Rani has been really happy till yesterday; why are they being punished. Raja stares towards her thinking Suminda destroyed his family, now he would punish her and not God.
Someone announces Rani has woken up. They hurry towards her, Rani doesn’t recognize anyone there, she looks around confused and asks who they are. She denies recognizing them and even herself. Suminda was worried. The doctor says it feels she lost her memory, she is hurt deeply at head. She suggests them to take her home.
At home, Suminda and Anandi hold Rani while she looks around without recognizing the place around. She comes in, points towards Raaj and accuses him of pushing her from the cliff. He is a blo*dy murdered. Raaj hears Rani’s cry about not remembering anything and comes out of his daydreaming. Suminda takes her towards her wedding photos on the wall. She says this is her room, she must try to remember. Rani asks her to leave her alone for a while, she doesn’t understand what they have been saying. Raaj comes from behind and says it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t remember anything, she might take rest. He holds her shoulders but she pushes him away. Raaj asks why is she afraid of him, how can she forget him. He tries to remind Rani that they are married, they have been lovers for ages. Rani was confused and asks him to leave her alone. He brings her a glass of water but she denies. Raaj turns to watch the property papers then asks her signatures on the papers. Rani asks what these are. Raaj says these are insurance papers. Rani takes a pen to sign but says she can’t. She doesn’t remember the name and signatures of hers and holds her head. Raaj says alright, she may sign these papers when she recalls everything gradually. He leaves her alone in the room.
Rani cries recalling the events in morning. Rani says she remember each and everything, she will remember it always. Raaj never thought about her and forgot their love so easily, he called her mom as their biggest enemy. She will find out about the truth of his hatred. She cries thinking about each moment they had spent together in love. She says his love fell weak in front of his desire for revenge. She will bring the reality of her mother, if she is the culprit she must share her part of truth.
The next morning, Rani was about to put sindoor then places it back. She vows not to fill her hairline until she unveils the complete truth. She comes to breakfast table. Anandi says she prepared her favorite dishes, like the chocolate pastry. Rani denies anything else. Raaj comes to join them on table. Suminda offers him to sit together. Rani looks towards him, Raaj compliments if there is a feast. He then asks Suminda if she has taken her medicine. Rani chokes, he offers her a glass of water. Rani denies eating anything. Rani says she has been suffocating here, she wants to go out. Preiti offers to take her to her favorite spots, Anandi says she would go along them. Raaj says he would also go, Rani thinks she won’t be able to do what she wants to otherwise and says he can’t go. Anandi says he is her husband. Rani says she doesn’t feel a connection with him, she doesn’t even feel safer with him. She notices him and hands him a napkin to wipe his sweat. Suminda suggests she can cancel her meetings and come along. Rani qualifies they must not disturb their routines for her, she needs to be normal soon.
On the way, Rani asks Anandi to turn towards the cliff she had her accident, she wants to go there so that she might remember something there about her accident. She hopes to get what she wants. On the way, there comes Raaj’s parent’s house. Rani thinks she would be able to unveil Raaj soon.

PRECAP: Raaj was shocked to see his sister on Rani’s bed. Shalini comes to hug Raaj out of excitement.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Way to go rani!!!..dont forgive this beast (aka raju) so easily..n even if u do viewers won’t…don’t let that raju even touch u..he just needs an opportunity to get property papers signed from u..he is still faking his love…after seeing all this i feel apt ending for this serial will be raju realising his mistakes and dying for u…even if rani n raja unite in the end the union is meaningless now..

  2. I know his was written with a deeply flawed character and he is heading for redemption but i think when he tried to kill Rani it kinda went to far, that is an unforgivable act and i hope Rani doesn’t forgive this anytime soon..she needs her pound of flesh.

  3. I agree with both of you,After being so brutal and ruthless with Rani,now he reminisces about his love for Rani and how he has sacrificed it for his family.Atlast ,Raaj confesses to himself that he loves her and self confession can not be fake.Friends,still,this guy’s personality is very complex.Can anyone kill an innocent girl whom he loves ,that too for her mother’s faults? Even after Rani comes back ,except for that brief moment of self confession,there is no remorse at all for what he has done,he behaves as if memory loss is not a big deal .On top of it he is ready with the property papers for signatures.I say again ,this guy is not our Raja,,when a Don could be so generous and considerate ,why in this life ,is he so heartless?When there are other means of fulfilling his revenge ,why to target her daughter whom he claims to love?Poor girl,Rani still loves him,May be that is what love is .When Raja/Raju will
    understand this?

  4. Rani, please do justice to raju’s family, as apart from him all of them are good souls..n your mother should explain the extent and intent of her crime and be accordingly punished…n most important DO JUSTICE TO YOURSELF..along with property papers sign the DIVORCE papers too and THROW them on Raju’s face..he will have all his wealth back but at the cost of his priced posession which is you..he will live in the palace but without you he should feel like killing himself n burn in the fire of repentance…but u along with ur dadu go to a faraway place n establish ur identity as a strong woman who needs man especially raju to take care of her…

  5. Typo error in last sentence..needs NO man

  6. Yes ,if the writers are not advocates of male chauvinisim ,that is exactly what Rani should do to make Raaj’s life miserable.Even if she still has some feelings left for him,she should see to it that his life becomes a living hell for what he did to her both in the past life and the present.Mental agony is much more horrible than physical injuries and leaving him lonely in a big palace with money is the best punishment for him as we all know that he can not love any other girl other than Rani or her lookalike.But can the writers throw off the shackles of this male dominarted Indian society and write such a daring script?If they do so,I don’t mind another 3 months extension of ETRETR .

  7. Fifth sentence ,pl read ‘lonely’ as ‘alone’
    Sorry for ty.error

  8. Upcoming twist: Raja suspects rani has not lost her memory..so in order to unravel her truth he takes her on a date, showers her with flowers and love..but here comes the big twist..the beast pushes rani into the swimming pool just to check if she can swim..the animal knows that if she does then she has no memory loss..but our rani is smart..she shouts for help and raj eventually pulls her out and thus rani outsmarts raj..:)

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