Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj turns to leave. Rani says they are all correct, she doesn’t know anything about Raaj but it begins here. Their love story would begin after marriage. Raaj Mata says love doesn’t mean two people are alike, love happens when hearts are connected. Rani has proven that she and Raaj have been connected. Suminda takes everyone for dinner. Rani tells Raaj she wants to know about him, she would come and he must speak to him. A young man comes to Raaj appreciating his confidence. Raaj says Rani proposed him by herself, he may confirm Rani about it.
The young man in veil comes to a room and burns his mask, saying he would similarly burn Rani Chauhan and her family.
Rani comes to Raja at night. Raaj complains Rani can’t do a little for him. He leaves annoyed. Suminda comes with Prieti and another girl to get Rani ready. Rani was worried if she gets henna from Raaj Suminda would be annoyed, otherwise Raaj would be angry.
In the function, Rani looks around for Raaj. Raaj Mata comes to her calling her to Suminda. Rani asks if she mixed rose water in Haldi, its good for her skin. She goes to mix something in it. Raaj Mata shares this with Suminda, Suminda says Rani must be hiding something from them because she has no interest in fashion magazine.
Rani brings the bowl to Raaj and insists on him to put the Haldi, she has stolen it. Raaj says he didn’t want it hidden. Rani asks what he wants, Raaj says he wants a right over her in front of everyone. He complains she can’t fulfil a minor wish of his and leaves angrily.
Raaj Mata comes to Rani who stood worried. Rani asks if its only girl’s mistake, if boys only have the responsibility to make girls upset. She tells Raaj Mata about Raaj’s demand. Raaj Mata says she must make up Raaj, as both of them can’t stay angry with each other. She says Rani must try to keep her relations and handle them well. Sometimes a daughter has to bend her head down for the sake of husband. Rani was determined to make them both happy.
Suminda was worried where Rani has gone. She asks Raaj where Rani is. They spot Rani and Raaj Mata dancing together on loud music. Suminda comes to her. Rani picks the bowl and winks towards Raaj, she dances with it and moves towards Raaj. She then fills her fingers with Raaj and slips to hold his hand posing as if to faint. Raaj wakes up with his turmeric filled hands, Rani winks towards him. Anandi says only a mother puts the first Haldi to a girl. Rani interrupts that a mother has a right over her daughter. Today Raaj has proven she has been colored as Raaj today, she asks Suminda if she did something wrong. Suminda hugs Rani.
Rani was getting ready for her bachelor night. She says it’s the first time her friends have been preparing for a party for her, Preiti asks if she married before this. Suminda comes to the room, Rani and Preiti hide under the blanket and make up it’s for beauty sleep. Suminda tells them to wake up at 8 in the morning for Mehndi ritual. Rani leaves for party as soon as Suminda goes away. The masked man enters.

PRECAP: Rani tells Raja in the party that he only belongs to her and can’t get near to anyone. Raja kisses her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Yes Naz.you are right the love story of Raja and Rani would have been more beautiful had it continued in the same tone without those terrible tracksi in season2,but our writers thought otherwise.:,they killed Rsni,brought in Naina ,killed her also along with Raja and now once again their love story begins.But Raj and Rani are not the same and we can not expect them to be the same also as everything changes with time: different attitudes ,family backgrounds and obligations.Though they get back the memories of their past birth and love each other with the same passion,there is always that nagging feeling that they are no longer our Raja Baja and Chipkali.Naz ,those days are simply gone..These two are just the replicas of our lovely Raja and Rani.This Raj is very subdued ,always serious and almost an introvert and Rani is exactly the opposite…Anyway something is better than nothing and let us hope that this time the writers have thought out a solid storyline to make the upcoming episodes interesting.
    Yes Naz I do remember that gulal episode(you are just a week behind)very touching. Rani going all out to express her love for Raj ,and he ,trying not to reciprocate her feelings because of his own constraints,.But I do love to watch Sartaj and Eiisha as Raje and Rani, better than Kumkumbhagya .
    After watching tonight’s episode,I doubt that the maskedman is Iqbal khan..Infact why can’t it be Raj himself with some unknown motive ? Hope my intuition is wrong..And you are right Naz.it is really difficult to comment just by reading the updates.Watching the actual show is important to analyse the facts correctly.In today’s updates Sona writes that a young man is the masked man but I could n’t make out any clear figure even after watching the online video also.
    Naz ,as for the case,I will try to keep my emotions under control and try to do my best because she can not go to other attorneys as she is financially not independent,and I have spoken to her husband this evening for mutual consent ,but he doesn’t want to divorce her ,he is already getting difficult.Let me see how to handle him.

    1. Maybe its jeevan

  2. Archana, I’ve not been reading the updates at all, it’s doesn’t make sense to be reading one thing, seeing another and commenting, because then I’ll have to choose what to write . Nothing means much to me in the updates, we all used to read and then comment after watching the episode. You won’t believe that my zeal is gone from this serial and I come here to touch base with you all and that’s the honest truth. From your and Lakshmi’s comments, I know what’s happening and that’s good enough for me……

    1. OK.. Yes plain written updates are not that useful.. I watch webisodes and spoilers as I m not feeling like watching full episodes.. Raj-rani are not that great like raja Baja n Chipkali..

  3. ohhh … I hear my sweetheart is back … he can frighten the pants off of me anytime ????

  4. Well.. As per some viewers on YouTube.. The man in black cloak can be Raj too.. So out of curiosity I rewinded the scene and observed that voice sounded like iqbal but hands were like Raj.. Plus the clothes the guy seemed to be burning looked like raj’s engagement dress.. Well if it is Raj then I am really curious to know why he wants to destroy his eternal love rani…may be rani or her parents’ actions led to the death of his parents’.. Twist may be on such lines.. Well this twist entices me to watch full episode.. 🙂

  5. Looks like Raj has not revealed everything about his background.There seems to be some dark secret behind his brooding facade and i feel he is going to have major showdowns with Rani’s mother and Rani herself for his possessive attitude as Rani loves her freedom. Suminda’s fears that Rani knows nothing about Raj might come true with the disclosure of his relationship with someone or some secret motive like Raja had in season2 for taking his revenge against Gayatri.and thiis might be revealed just before the marriage .If it comes out after the marriage ,well!i really can’t wait to see.
    Friends,I don’t know if it has come to your notice that whenever the man man makes an appearance,either Rani is alone or with friends but never with Raj.Any guesses?

    1. U r absolutely right..rani is always alone when this man shows up.. Plus we know nothing about Raj except he has a younger brother who has some illness.. N past life flashes always occurred more to Rani.. If I am not mistaken the only time Raj had some memories from past life were when brm attacked the two of them… If this mystery man is Raj then firstly rani or rani’s mother knowingly or unknowingly have caused great loss to him like death of his parents etc and secondly internally Raj doesn’t believe or feel past life connection with rani.. Bcos like it happened in season 2 for some time his hatred overpowered his love for her.. So may be history is all set to repeat itself n sartaj is once again going to reveal Grey shades… Well this sounds intriguing..

  6. Line16 masked man………sorry for ty.error

  7. Well..Suspense revealed by SBS..the masked man is Raja only..Twist is similar to season 2 but this time tables have turned..In season 2, Rani’s property was snatched by Kaal and BRM after killing her parents..N in this birth Rani’s mom snatched all the property from Raja’s mom probably by killing her..So the actual heir of Rani Chauhan’s property is Raj Singh…Well twist was similar to what i expected…Anyways Raj-Rani get married and Raj’s true colors will be revealed post marriage it seems…:)

  8. Archana, it’s some good news to know that we are only about a week behind schedule. From what I’m seeing, it is depicted that Raj isn’t getting any flashbacks but it’s a more current occurrence with Rani. On Friday’s episode, Raj begs Rani to help his brother and he tells her of what lead him to do her kidnapping, Rani’s Bua also enters the palace. That’s it….. I’m not enjoying this rushed attempt to bring closure to this serial, time has been constrained so therefore the romance or lack thereof, has lost it’s spark, because of writers quest to make some sense out of their screwed up season 2…..they come across as being bored and just wanting to get over with this serial. How sad for these marvelous actors who probably had so much hopes just like us, to give us a memorable love story but writers have left us dissatisfied and angry. All things do come to an end and this we have to accept.

    1. I know.. Yesterday the masked man generated some intrigue for me even though I perfectly guessed the reason for raj’s supposed revenge.. But like always etretr rushes up tracks which require more details.. N masked man identity should have been revealed slowly n not openly let
      out by a program that gives spoiler alerts for all serials.. Well this track isn’t enticing me Anymore.. So basically I conclude
      SEASON 3=1/SEASON 2..I mean season 3 is a reciprocal of season 2..
      N throughout etretr raja had no work than
      to revenge rani every now n then for some or the other reason.. N rani will revenge as ghost.. N this is true love.. Indian serials totally reverse the definitions of true love and true relationships…
      N most importantly Raj is real heir of Rani’s property Bcos Bcos Bcos…………………………

    2. ? ?????for real……

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