Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani tells Vasundra to wait until Sunanda returns, as she is helpless by then. She comes to Raaj and assures she would name the fortune after Vasundra as soon as Sunanda returns. Both smile victoriously as Rani winks towards Raaj. Rani asks Vasundra for the keys which she puts over Rani’s hand. Rani instructs the servants to take the trunk back to its place.
In the room, Vasundra was enraged and throws everything around on floor. She says Rani again turned into a hurdle of her way. Rani stood on her door and boasts she again saved the fortune from Vasundra and defeated her. If she thought about taking advantage of Raaj’s memory loss. She says until Sunanda returns she would decide about the fortune, but for now her dream has shattered. She hands Vasundra a paper and offers her to discuss any of her problems with her. She turns around and compliments her sweet halwa. Vasundra stops her and say Rani can never defeat her, she would get the fortune within next 24 hours.
In the evening, Raaj discuss with Rani and Doshi that they must wait for Vasundra to get entrapped and they can reach Sunanda. He sends Doshi to sleep as well. Doshi teases that he was thinking to sleep here, Raaj was offensive while Rani laughs. He tries to make Doshi up to leave the room and finally pushes him out of the door. Rani laughs as Raaj forwards towards her, she runs from hm. Both play until finally Raaj grabs Rani. He lay over her on the floor and kiss her.
Vasundra was rocking on her easy chair in the room. She says she knows well what Rani is capable of, but Rani can never judge what she has already done. She laughs victoriously.
There in the room, Rani tells Raaj she always want him to chase her like this, and Raaj holds her. Raaj assures once Vasundra is away their live would be a dream one.
Doshi was waiting for Vasundra to come outside her room. Rani and Raaj also followed her across the corridor. Rani and Raaj wonder why Vasundra didn’t go outside, they follow Vasundra towards the room with Raaj’s photo. Both wonder what is Vasundra doing near the photo. Vasundra turns the lights of the room off. Raaj gets a candle, they look inside but Vasundra was nowhere. They wonder where Vasundra can disappear. Rani wonders if there is some secret doorway. Doshi joins them and says he was thinking why Vasundra didn’t go out. Rani suggests Vasundra must have kept Sunanda inside the house. Raaj denies the idea. Vasundra watches them together, she wonders what Shera is doing with them. She decides to be more cautious and talk to Shera about it.
At the breakfast table Chitra and Anandi tell Rani to fast today and prepare food for Pandits. Raaj comes and say Rani doesn’t need to fast for him. Rani insists she would fast and prepare food for Brahmans as well.
Rani and family pray in the temple. There at the store room, Sunanda finds the broken glass pieces new the chair. She moves and fell down the floor with the chair. In the temple, Vasundra cheerfully thinks what Rani wants from God lies with her. Sunanda reaches a piece of broken glass and cut the rope of her hands. Rani brings Prasad for Vasundra. Sunanda had successfully cut the rope typing her hand. After everyone had left, Rani hears the blow of a wind.
There, Sunanda stands up in the secret room, freed.
Rani prays for a way to find Sunanda.
Sunanda had walked outside the secret room. She comes behind Rani who was busy in prayers and didn’t look behind. Sunanda was unable to speak and fell over the floor. Rani prays for strength for Sunanda to fight all the odds. Vasundra has reached from behind, she clutches Sunanda’s mouth and takes her aside. Rani senses someone present behind the curtains but when she reaches there, Vasundra had already taken Sunanda away.

PRECAP: Vasundra gets the papers signed by Sunanda to Rani to take hold of the royal fortune. Rani burns the papers in front of her and rubs its ashes over Vasundra’s face.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Thank you Lakshmi and Archana for your kind words…Topaz, you and I are in this thing together. Happy that you were spared too…where do you live here? Lakshmi, you were in something like this before so you know how frightening it is… Ladies, I think that the writers are doing this crazy script out of spite. I’m happy to see a few minutes of love between this couple, it’s been like a drought here…and….yes we will communicate after this serial…..

  2. Yes Naz ,You have hit the bullseye,the writers are doing this intentionally,you are one week behind us , still you felt it,here only 9 episodes are left,still they are dragging Vasundhara’s drama,not even a single romantic scene between the leads .Post his homecoming ,Raaj and Rani are behaving as if they have never been in love ,leave alone the passionate love of Rajbir Rana and Rani Gayatri…….but this spite of the writers is against whom,the viewers or the channel for not giving the extension ?It looks like the complete team of Etretr has become unprofessional.
    How is the situation there Naz?In India whenever there is a storm of this magnitude,there won’t be electricity and phone lines for a week,mobile networks get jammed,traffic disruptions,food shortage,in other words hell everywhere and Govt machinery will never be that fast and effective.People have to suffer,particularly those from the far-flung villages,they will effectively be cut off from the outside world.Indian Army always contributes a lot in the rescue and rehabilitation.Hope you are all doing fine there,better not to venture outside for a day or two till the fallen trees and electric polls are cleared.Take care Friend.

    1. It’s the same thing here in disaster time. Same as you mentioned but….the thing is, we’ve mostly 90% don’t get situations like these from tropical storms so the citizens have become too complacent and when something like this happens, it becomes panic mode for most!!! I’m a meticulous person and I think of things beforehand, I don’t like the element of surprise whether good or bad, I find it convenient to be prepared for most things in my life so far…its only death I’m not totally prepared for although it’s inevitable. I want to live a long BUT healthy life and then go to my Creator …sorry for rambling on…. Anyway…electricity is down in 50% of the country, food shelves were almost empty, although I think that’s an exaggeration! Citizens are marooned in their homes and villages, I’m sure market produce prices will skyrocket, most of the food grown here are done by East Indians like myself…the rivers and streams are clogged and overflowing because of citizens lack of social etiquette in polluting….the list goes on. In my neck of the woods, it’s OK, no floods by me, my house is on higher ground. Back to this serial…. I can’t stomach this vikramjeet, he even looks like a rapist and sadist!! Sorry for saying so, I know it’s the actors role!! And vadundhara….grrrrrrrrrrr………how soon do I have to wait for vikramjeet to be exposed??? I hope it’s soon…. Please tell…. Anyway……gotta run few errands….. Later…..

  3. Well good news in etretr..Rani is pregnant..But sunanda tries to make Rani fall but fails..I think it is vasundhara wearing sunanda’s mask..:)

  4. omg … how cute was Sarrtaj today …

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