Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani wakes up to find Raja asleep beside her bed, her hands in his. She recalls about last night, how Raja denied being in love with her. Raja wakes up at once shouting he won’t let anything happen to Dev, he withdraws his hand from Rani’s and turns to leave. Rani asks how he would find out about his brother. Raaj says he has thought about it, but doesn’t know if the plan would work or not. Rani offers to speak to Kundan about it. Raja forbids her, as those very close to you are the ones who betray. Rani was upset that Raaj doesn’t consider her a friend who can be of some use. Rani comes outside, Suminda inform Anandi she is going to office. Rani questions if she is really going to office. Suminda says Rani married herself, why should she celebrate about it. Preiti tells Rani that Suminda is really upset about her decision. Rani hopes Raaj takes Dev away soon.
Anandi gets a call, she is informed that they have lost Dev who has run away. Raja comes to her, he recalls recording the call and planned to follow Anandi when she goes looking for Dev. Raja follows Anandi but Kundan gets him across the corridor. Raja wasn’t ready to fight him but to get him away he has to beat Kundan. Anandi comes to find Dev still there, Raja appears from behind. Anandi tells the goons to kill Raaj, Raaj fights back but Anandi holds Dev at gun point. She decides to first kill Dev, later Raja. Someone shots at Anandi’s hand from behind, it was Rani. Raja fights the goons while Rani holds Anandi at gun point. Anandi reminds Rani to be her aunt, Rani says the one who hurt her mother can be killed by her a thousand times. Anandi pleads Rani and requests her not to kill her. Rani watches Raja hug Dev.
Outside, Suminda asks Anandi why she did this, she had shared any amount with Anandi. Anandi says after killing her brother she thought she would receive all the property, but she still had to beg Suminda. Preiti feels disgusted about being Anandi’s daughter and disowns her. Vikram takes Anandi.
Rani tells Suminda about how she ran with Raaj, Anandi had called Raaj to kill her but he didn’t; she has been helping Raaj in saving Dev. Rani tells Suminda about the reality of not married to Raja. Suminda asks about the dress. Rani says it was only a trial for bridal costume. Raaj apologizes Suminda for betraying them but he did this all only to treat Dev. He studied, did a job but couldn’t get anything. He then thought about doing such work. Rani changed his life all together. Rani tells Raaj he can now leave, as the drama has ended. Suminda tells Raja she would bear the expense of his brother’s treatment. Raja takes Dev aside.
Kundan comes to Rani and was happy that she didn’t betray him. Suminda tells Rani that one needs a partner in life, Kundan was upset when she was kidnapped and she can’t get a better partner in life. Rani thinks about Raaj’s care for her. She announces she is ready to marry Kundan.

PRECAP: Rani thanks Raja for making her eligible to reach this place. She tells Raja he would stay here and will watch her marry Kundan.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hello everyone ??. Good news for all ek tha raja ek thi rani fans. So Lakshmi ,Naz, Archana, Sree, Topaz ,Jess time to party !! Our show gets an extension till june . Saw a video online on the news of our show getting an extension . Will anyways wait for official confirmation from an aunthentic news portal ?
    Well coming to todays episode , i should say that it was a roller coaster ride . All revelations and confessions happened quickly , but in an acceptable pace . I liked
    it . Glad that buaji is out of the picture for
    now . Her dialogues were starting to annoy me lol. I hope that mundan gets ousted from raj n ranis lives asap . I wish to see that happen tomorrow itself ??. Hoping to watch rajaranilicious episodes from thursday to the episodes to follow henceforth.

    1. Dear Sandy, if this is true, I wanna hug the messenger and that’s you, hope it’s true…. Muahhhhhhhhhhhh……

    2. Trust me Naz, i was really really elated too on hearing this piece of news??. You can hug me once this is confirmed for sure by any authentic news channel ??

  2. Bugging episode… Tomorrow’s episode haldi.. Day after tomorrow kundan exposed… Friday either Raj – rani remembering past life n singing and next week their tryst with brm.. The last two events could be vice – versa too.. Couldn’t make out exact sequence from spoilers..

  3. Hope news is true Sandy.. N if it is indeed true writers should be ready with a solid story.. I don’t want to see 2 more months of crap.. N they should properly close all lose ends… 🙂

    1. True. I agree. I wish to see more of raja and rani hereafter with a logical storyline . Anyways, let us hope for the best ??. I guess we ll get to see both haldi and mehndi rituals tomorrow. You are right about the spoilers , the sequence is confusing , but i guess that raj and rani would spend some time singing and enjoying each others company once they get to know about their previous birth . Once raj and rani set out to avenge the evil witch(brm) , raj gets stabbed on his chest by a long spear . So i feel , that the former will happen first followed by the latter .

  4. What a a great new u gave us Sandy! I was hear broken.I loved this show a lot especially efter getting our Rani back. I hope the writer will lets us know who was Naina & y she got Rani face.

  5. I’m thinking out loud here….. It would be so great if zeetv could show 1hr episodes for us the viewers on this side of the planet, so that we can be up to date with the updates on a daily basis as with our friends in India and anywhere else on the east. It’s so unfair to be able to comment on updates only and so far behind on actual telecasts. I’ve recorded all episodes while I was away on vacation, so when I watched 1st episode on season 3, I got to understand through the subtitles that Rani didn’t know Raj before and when she met him in the dance club, she learnt then and there that he was assigned as a bodyguard to her for her safety and seeing their fingers touching and their being unaware of the significance of that simple act, meant something to me…that tiny detail spoke volumes to me. So, now that I know of this, I’m looking forward to seeing a good happy ending with Raja and Rani and their intended coming back together as fate will dictate for them.

    1. Yes Naz..u r right.. Show seems to have got an extension.. But I have mixed feelings about it.. Bcos writers don’t know to write properly.. They know to extend stories in only two ways.. Put old wine in new bottle or write illogical plots.. Brm is still there n I don’t want any more spirits coming back.. Anyways Buaji is equivalent of kunwar rani/rageshwari as she is not as evil as brm till now.. N kundan=Jeeves.. One equivalent of bindu will definitely come if show is extended.. But afterwards? How these characters will play with each other? They will keep playing old game only as writers cannot think of something new.. N I’m pretty sure lose ends will most likely remain where they are… N sartaj-eisha chemistry no longer that enticing.. I don’t know If other viewers feel the same.. So writers build a good story n if crap is what is going to be showcased u are free to end it this month… 🙂

  6. Dear Sandy ,.thank you friend for giving such a lovely news.I have really been depressed for the last two weeks .None of us wants the show to go off air so soon..I think the makers have taken this decision on popular demand,and why not ,when a stupid serial like Kumkumbhagya can drag on for eternity,ETRETR can continue for some more time particularly ,as the unpopular tracks are already done with.But ,Sandy ,before partying let us wait for confirmation.

    1. So right you are Lakshmi…. I also said to myself that if a serial like KKB could go on for so long like a lost puppy, then ETRETR should extend for a little while longer just to give some answers we all are looking for but it should not an end in vain and there must be proper closure. I also was feeling depressed since season 2 because I longed for the good old days of Raja and Rani and it was so frustrating to see the nonsense that those bunch of writers were wasting their time on and my precious time as well, so if 2mths is what it takes to give us some answers, then this is good news for us. However, nothing inane should align itself within this crucial time frame ,just plain love between these two and nothing more.How have you been my friend? Hope all is great as usual with your husband and two exceptional sons, hope that they call often and chat with you both. This is how life is, we bring up our kids to adulthood and then by design,they leave the nest one day to carve a niche for themselves. All is well on my side, I want both my kids to marry and give me grandkids to play with before my time is up, loneliness is sad, spend precious time with your husband because he’s your strength now that your
      sons have built their homes on other parts of this world. Keep doing what you like doing and enjoy life as you are entitled to…..and let’s hope for a super duper season 3 with an ending all of us are happy with ……

  7. Hello friends!! I found an article too confirming the news on the extension. Heres the link
    Do give it a read . ?

  8. Dear Naz,our friend Sandy has given such a delightful news this morning that I really feel elated.After watching last night’s episode,I felt so depressed that I could n’t sleep till2a.m.The opening scene reminded me of that emotional scene where a tired Raja sleeps holding the hand of an unconscious Rani after she is poisoned.This scene is almost similar,how cute they looked together.
    Naz ,we were not entirely unjustified for disliking Raja and Naina’s track. In one of his interviews ,Sartaj himself has confirmed that he himself was not comfortable with that storyline of the lead actor Rani’s exit ,he becoming a Don and her look alike’ Naina’s entry.He says that Raja always missed his beloved Rani in all those 10 years after Rani’s death and even after his marriage to Naina .He also added that now it is a nostalgic moment for Raja because finally he is with his Rani, for whose love ,he struggled his entire life.Well! When the actor himself has indirectly hinted that it was a disastrous track,we ,the viewers were entirely right in protesting.But now in season 3 ,when we were all expecting a reasonable story line for Raja Rani’s union ,they are hurrying up with everything as if a ghost is at their back.
    Sartaj and Eisha will definitely get equally better projects in future.They might even work together also. But i am certain that it won’t be the same for them,,the characters of Raja and Rani are tailor made for them only and that type of characters happen only once in a life time.Naz ,like you I am a huge fan of that royal couple ‘ Jodha Akbar ‘and felt devastated when it was pulled off air abruptly with their son Salim’s entry.Now after 2 years ,Rajat Tokas is acting in Chandra nandini which is not that impressive but at the same time there is nothing wrong with his acting.As for Paridhi Sharma(the classic beauty who acted as Jodha),she has not acted in any noticeable role after that and gone into oblivion.So let us hope that Sartaj and Eisha will be seen as Raja and Rani for some more time.

  9. Heres another article from india forums . It is an authentic online news portal as far as i know ?.

  10. @sandy . I luv u ??☺️. I too was not happy with the abrupt ending of the show .now I got a smile on my face . But yes as all said I hope they give a proper story line with Raja and Rani…

    1. ? Yes Ssree i wish for a sensible storyline that focuses more on raja rani and their love this time with no unwanted villains like iqbal and bizarre witchcraft n voodoo!! I hope to see brm defeated asap and the track isnt stretched for too long !!

    2. Hey again in sbs as per today’s spoilers, brm is killed finally by rani n rajmata.. N narrator is talking about happy ending… Still cloud over its extension..!!!!

    3. Hi Archana . Yes i did watch todays spoiler on SBB. As far as i know , these channels shoot n cover their news the previous day before airing it . So , todays segment would ve been shot by yesterday afternoon and the news on the extension came out onky by yesterday night , around 8 pm . I ve already shared 2 articles that speak on the extension given to our show , and these news portals are quite reliable, especially india forums. So , i m 90% sure on the extension . These news channels like sbb, sbas , sbs etc..will themselves report on this particular news on the extension very soon . Will wait n watch ??

  11. Naz ,I am fine and having a much needed break and my husband ,as usual,is busy with his students and their projects.Next month ,my younger son is coming to Bangalore to see my future daughter-in-law (most probably).They have been talking to each other on Skype for the last six months.If everything goes alright ,then wedding bells.As for my elder son in USA..he wants to concentrate on his career for one more year before tying the knot.But ,just like you ,my friend ,I am very eager to see my grand children :Afterall I will be turning 52 on June 7th.But these days ,we can only give advise to our children,to take it or not is their wish..Our times were different.though mine was a love marriage ,we waited for more than a year for my father’s consent.Now we leave everything to the children,but they keep dilly dallying.
    I know you must bre very tired after such a hectic travel and need atleast a week to rejuvenate ,but I must say ,sis,that while coming back,you have brought good fortune for all us.It is almost confirmed that ETRETR has been extended till June. Otherwise ,after watching last night’sepisode ,I could not stop myself from crying,my husband had to remind me constantly that Raja and Rani are only fictious characters,.But he knows that 30 years back we were also like Raja and Rani waiting for the consent of our parents.
    .Naz ,no one knows what is in store for us in future,so let us get the best out of what we have.Your children are your greatest assets ,friend.and I know you will be a great grandmom to their kids.So cheer up ,my sister,our ETRETR also got a new lease of life and we all can have a great time together.

    1. I also tell myself not to get too emotional since its fictional but I can’t help it Lakshmi I love Sartaj Gill to bits…he shaped and defined Raja’s character like a pro….. I would like to think that it’s because we saw him and Rani grow up from childhood, we are so deeply in love with their characters. That’s why ALL of us who bonded with them, had a hard time accepting Naina….. You see, some people on this forum just didn’t understand why were were so against Raja with anyone else but Rani… It’s the characters Sartaj and Eisha portrayed by breathing life into, so that we demand that they unite in the end. …..those who accepted Naina wholeheartedly, don’t really know the value of life in a character. Also, I read a day or two ago where one viewer was smitten with the comments and analyses in this forum, I want to say to her… Thanks….for the compliment, we here pride ourselves in the contents of our comments, our views are educational, levelheaded, and informative. On some of the other forums, comments are somewhat of a social circle where not much emphasis is placed on serial content but on social interactions…..too lazy to check but I think her name is zainab….if I’m wrong, my apologies… I love reading your above comment, so insightful and now I got your birth date, so I took a note of it….. ?? ……and hey, a lot of comments came back too…. Lol…..not only me……..

  12. Hey you guys!! I haven’t commented in a loooong time lol. In yesterday’s episode when Rani shot Anandi’s hand, I thought they’ll do some shit and bring her back. But yay, no bullshit ‘Aap bhale toh jag bhala’!! Also though the latest marriage drama is same as Jeeves Rani, I actually don’t mind. ALlso, did you guys notice the dress Raja was wearing in the precap. Don’t know why his dressing seemed like the Original Raja. I know he’s the incarnation and all but I must say it’s a nice change from that bodyguard uniform. So far the this season hasn’t given me anything crazy and also I just read the spoilers on this website. It says some havan to vanquish BRM after Raja-Rani remember their past. Hope it happens soon and they give us a many episodes of the days in life of Raja-Rani, happy ones I mean 🙂

  13. How I wish that ZEETV can feel sorry for us on this side of the globe and speed up what we see here so that all of us can see same episodes together…we will be able to smile, cry with nostalgia, cheer Raja Rani together and weep when it’s all over…collectively….. Sigh!!!!

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