Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chandar takes Thakkur’s collar and warns him not to ruin the reputation of the girl, not every relation is named as the same. Thakkur looks around, tells people to do their work. He tells Chandar to leave his collar, smoke always comes from the place of fire and asks Chandar to look behind. Sudha stood behind. Thakkur leaves, Chandar goes out towards Sudha and opens the library door. He asks what she is doing here. Sudha stammers first, then says she came to get her library card made. Chandar asks her to come inside, this way she atleast came to library else she doesn’t like study. Sudha doesn’t lower her voice in the library, Chandar warns her to stay silent. The librarian comes there, Sudha hides behind Chandar. Chandar tells him they want a card, he points at his back but when he turns, Sudha wasn’t there. She had already taken a seat. Chandar brings Sudha and introduces her as Mr. Shukla’s daughter. The librarian asks Sudha her name, Sudha whispers. He couldn’t listen, Sudha speaks aloud saying he told her not to speak aloud. He asks for a photo, Sudha says she didn’t bring a photo and recalls it is there inside Chandar’s book. The librarian mocks at this. He tells Sudha to send a photo, Chandar will stick it. Then she must not worry, and come straight to library and take her books. Sudha asks Chandar to remind her take her books. Librarian laughs at it. The leave.
In the evening, Sudha was reading when Chandar cycles towards her home. Chandar takes her inside and asks why she didn’t ask him and what the need of asking Papa was. Sudha says she asked him, he didn’t reply so she was only left with one option. She asks him to tell what the essence of love is. Chandar asks what kind of question is this. Sudha says this is the most important question of Hindi literature. Chandar says it is like Dia or Baati… Sudha asks like flower and fragrance. Chandar asks if she is learning or teaching. SUdha says someone can take away anything from flower except its fragrance. Chandar asks why she is eating up her mind when she knows it all. Sudha says because she doesn’t get marks if she only writes this. She says she will speak to Papa about it because he couldn’t find an answer. Chandar stops her and says he will find one. Chandar calls Bisarya. Bisarya was telling romantic poetry to a group of young men. He says that in the times to come, may be this poetry is used in films but where he would be. Chandar comes looking for Bisarya. The boys warn Bisarya that Chandar is coming, he runs saying he hasn’t done anything. Chandar holds him, he says that he has done nothing, but today he has to teach someone. Bisraya agrees saying he will take 12 rupees. Chandar is shocked, Bisarya says he can reduce 20 paisas. Chandar accepts to pay 12 rupees. Bisarya asks where to go, Chandar says Mr. Shukla’s home. Bisarya expects Mr. Shukla’s daughter to be intelligent, Chandar says not much in studies but she is intelligent in many other things.
The next morning, Chandar wakes Sudha up throwing water, tells her it is nine in morning. Her tutor has come home named Bisarya. Sudha says she wants to sleep. Chandar says if she sleeps now, she will kept sleeping always. Sudha sleeps again.
Downstairs, Mr. Shukla asks Chandar who is there in the drawing room. Chandar says it is Sudha’s new tutor. Mr. Shukla asks if he is trusted then apologizes saying he always takes Sudha as someone at home.
Chandar and Bisarya were reading separately, Sudha comes there and whispers Chandar’s name. he calls Sudha inside, she goes and hides behind Chandar. Chandar tells her to take a seat. Sudha takes a seat near him her face turned away. Chandar introduces them both, Chandar says he must begin to teach and he will be back soom. Sudha was nervous, she goes behind Chandar and asks him to sit with them. She says she feels shy like this. Chandar insists that her teacher is waiting, Mr. Shukla comes there. Sudha asks Mr. Shukla to ask Chandar sit with her, else she won’t study. Chandar says he won’t sit, he says Sudha won’t be able to study, he must put her to stiching or embroidery. Sudha says she will study and goes inside. She comes to sit in the study room and asks Bisarya to begin.
The postman brings a letter to Chandar. He read it somewhat worried when Mr. Shukla comes. Mr Shukla asks if it is his mother’s letter, if she was asking about marriage. Chandar says she wants him to marry so that he gets closer to her again. Mr. Shukla takes Chandar inside, he asks why Chandar’s mood is off. Chandar says he hasn’t thought about marrying, but his mother. Mr. Shukla says he must begin to think then, a few things must take place in time. Mr. Shukla asks Chandar to hand a letter to his old student Pammi and gives her address to him.

PRECAP: Chandar reaches the address when Pammi arrives running in short clothes outside. He is lost. Sudha is excited to meet Pammi saying Chandar is never tired talking about her. Pammi wandered around Chandar in little clothes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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