Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sudha explains Chandar that this teacher is always jealous with girls as she couldn’t get married. She requests Chandar to save her, Chandar says that it is just for once.
Inside the room, teacher was hopeful that Mr. Shukla will help her. Chandar comes and asks Mr. Shukla to listen to him before her, she is thinking all wrong. The teacher asks who is he. Mr. Shukla says he is Chandar, is like their family member. The teacher asks why Chandar was saying that she doesn’t think well.
Outside, Sudha flattens the tyre of her teacher’s cycle.
Inside, Chandar says that whatever she is saying isnt true. The teacher hands Chandar a booklet and says she writes poems and has prepared a collection of poetry and wants him to publish this book. Mr. Shukla says that Chandar himself is a good writer and can suggest if this book is worth publishing or not. The teacher says she is hopeful about his help. Chandar says he will drop her out, but she says she will go by herself. The teacher appreciates the view outside Mr. Shukla’s house. Chandar points that her tyre has gone flat. The teacher urges outside before can no longer be moved. Mai stood there and tells Chandar Sudha didn’t listen to her.
Chandar comes in Sudha’s room, Sudha was studying intendly. Chandar asks why she flattened her cycle’s tyre. Sudha asks Chandar what she had said. Chandar says she complained a lot about her. Sudha tells him to listen to all her chapters, if she doesn’t study how she can remember each and everything. Chandar says he doesn’t want to listen, Sudha takes the book in her hand and tells him about the chapter. Chandar takes the book and asks her about Ammonia’s description. Sudha gets it as Pneumonia. Sudha makes up that this wasn’t the last chapter she studied. She asks Chandar if he will keep on standing here or go and talk to Papa that he doesn’t scold her. Chandar calls Ramu, tells Sudha to sit and listen to all what he says from now, he will take care of all else. Sudha says she had already asked him to get her a library card, she will only study if she will have books. Chandar goes saying he will get it made.
Next morning, Sudha comes downstairs calling Mai. She wonders why everything so silent is. This means it is nothing to get tensed. She comes out to see Papa scolding the servants why they didn’t water plants for three days. He warns them to get responsible and tells them to leave. He turns to Mai and asks where Sudha is. Sudha goes to hide behind a pillar, she thinks it isn’t out of danger to come to Papa right now. She thinks about going to sit and study, this way she will get saved.
Mai comes inside to scold Ramukaka now. Sudha comes with her books, she stops Mai from shouting. She tells Mai that she has a head ache and asks her to send ginger tea in her room. Mai asks can’t she make it herself. Sudha heads towards her room upstairs saying she is going to study. Papa was coming down the stairs. He watches Sudha going from the other stairscase and asks where she is going. Sudha says she is going to roof with books. Papa says to Sudha that she always wanders with books, if she ever studies. Sudha comes down saying she knows it all and begins to revise everything in front of him. Sudha tells her Papa not to concentrate on her teacher’s words. Her Papa says that her teacher has made a very good collection of poems, he will publish it for sure. Sudha wonders about the poetry collection. Her papa says this is the reason she came here, didn’t Chandar tell her. Sudha remembers what Chandar had told her and is curt at him. Papa calls Mai to make tea for him as well and leaves. Sudha murmurs that she won’t leave Chandar.
A veiled lady comes to Sudha’s home calling Sudha. Sudha comes downstairs. Geesu asks why she called her here. Sudha says she wants to go to university, Geesu asks doesn’t she want to go to college, and what is in university. Geesu asks whom is she going to scold. Sudha says Chandar, who else can it be. She tells Chandar what he did to her. Geesu teases Sudha, Sudha runs behind Geesu. Both laugh together.
In the library, a girl comes across Chandar and drops his books. Chandar collects them and heads to leave. The girl stops him and tries to flirt with him. She tries to flirt with Chandar, Thakkur comes to save Chandar. Chandar tells Thakur he had to take some books for Sudha. Geesu and Sudha sit on the tonga, they tell him to take them to university. Geesu was getting emotional, Sudha says this is all because she has come after meeting her husband. Geesu says she is also being emotional and all her emotions are linked to Chandar. Sudha tells her to shut up.
Thakkur asks Chandar if that girl is the same who came for sandal repair, she comes to drop him or he goes drop her. There is something going between them both. Chandar takes Thakkur by collar. Everyone turns to look at them.

PRECAP: Chandar was in garden and turns to look at a modern girl. The girl sat with Chandar and tells him she isnt strict at all. Chandar says Pammi is a very nice girl. Sudha is excited to meet Pammi. Pammi kisses the hands of Chandar. Chandar tells Sudha she touched him here. Sudha asks how. Chandar says with her lips. Sudha dislikes.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I wish I could slap this pammi…hw disgusting character. .hw shameless ..chandar ko apne jaal me fasana chati he…aur chandar aakhe kholo aur apne pyar sudha ko pehechano

    1. I truly agree with u.?His real love is Sudha

  2. Oh ….why did pammi entered to their life.
    Because of her Sudha’s life is gonna to be hel.Pammi=Chudal…
    ?feeling sad for sudha
    and sorry if I have said any thing wronh

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