Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Mr. Shukla comes to library and asks registrar that he was looking for him in his office. Registrar says that he spends more time in library and tells him a new book. Mr. Shukla says that he has come for a job, Registrar says that he has grown really old and can’t get the job. Mr. Shukla says he is serious and is strong enough to do the job. He says that a good person is in his mind for the job, Registrar asks who. Chandar comes there and asks Mr. Shukla, he? Mr. Shukla asks if he can’t come here. Mr Shukla says it isnt only about book but also about a matter that needed to be solved. Registrar tells him that Mr. Shukla has suggested his name for Researcher’s post. Chandar says that he had never asked for any favours in life, why he suggested his name then. Registrar says that Mr. Shukla just wants that a non deserving person doesn’t get the post.
Chandar comes home, Bisurya watches him and is worried. He says he didn’t do anything. Chandar says he must also not do anything. Bisurya asks Chandar to go home. Chandar comes inside, Sudha was annoyed. Chandar asks won’t she talk to him. Sudha says she couldn’t go to Geesu’s brother’s mbirthday party because of him. Chandar asks why she didn’t go. Sudha says he wasn’t home. Chandar says she could have go by rickshaw. Sudha says Papa was also not there, they would have scolded her. Chandar asks why she didn’t tell him about it. Mai tells Chandar that Sudha has fever, Chandar gets worried and says she will have to take medicine and get to sleep. He has a surprise for her tomorrow. She asks what, he says she will know about it tomorrow.
The next morning, Chandar and Sudha sat in a boat together. Sudha was still angry. He asks if she is still angry. She asks why he brought her here this morning. Chandar says, to feed the birds. Sudha says birds are also there on her roof. Chandar says these birds are different, they come here for a season. This is nature, everyone has to leave. Sudha says she won’t leave, Chandar smiles that she will go, with her groom one day. She asks if he has brought the feed, and where are birds. The watch a flock of birds, Sudha stands cheering. Chandar calls the flock to themselves. They enjoy feeding them and their flight. Sudha looks at Chandar for a while and says he is really good. Chandar comes to Mr. Shukla if he called. Mr. Shukla says he has completed a writeup, he must take it to Pammi who will type it. He asks Chandar about his comments on a wedding. Chandar says it is good the wedding continues but our society doesn’t normally let us do it. Mr. Shukla asks if it is about society or the two people who want to live together. Chandar asks why he is asking this from him. Mr. Shukla says he was just trying to search his mind about the wedding. Mr. Shukla says that one must think well before getting married, anything done in urge isnt good.
Chandar comes to Pammi’s house, he knocks at the door. She asks who is there, Chandar comes in. Pammi is happy to see him, she comes to hold his hands. He get rids of his hands, she says no one comes here. Chandar asks where is Bodi is. She says he must be here somewhere, upset. Today, his rose thief also didn’t come. She tells him she daily steals his rose. He asks why? Pammi says so that he thinks his wife steals his rose, and he doesn’t get to know she has died. Bodi comes crying that someone took his rose, Pammi blames his wife saying she will break his leg. He says no, she will get hurt. Pammi asks what she must do to her then? He says she was really afraid of getting fat, this time she must tell her that she got fat. She will get upset. Pammi gets upset as Bodi goes out. Chandar asks where his wife is. Pammi says she ran away. Is he shocked, and must be thinking what would Bodi have thought. Pammi says she hates this love and marriage, it diables a person. She tells him that her brother loves his wife so much, she didn’t tell him she is no more. Her brother got mad after her, his wife loved roses so he planted a lot of flowers thinking she is still here. She wipes her tears and asks if she should do the work he has come here for. Chandar asks how she got to know about it. Pammi says she wouldn’t have come without any reason.
Chandar comes home, Pammi was there. Chandar asks Pammi how she came here. Mr. Shukla and Sudha say that there was a big accident and no one even told him. Mr. Shukla says there was such a big problem, she alone has been courageous and he must also be with her. Chandar asks where? Pammi tells him that in Kashmir people need them a lot. Army and Red cross are also there, but people still need help. Mr. Shukla says that it is time for him to serve his country, he must go.

PRECAP: Sudha hears to radio about war and destruction. Chandar and Pammi were walking in snow. A bomb blasts near them, they both roll on the floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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