Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikita tells Aryan that everything is sorted out now and Malvika has called her for a business meeting. Aryan says he cannot do business with a woman who looks like Saachi. Nikita says she will deal with Malvika if he permits.

Nikita meets Malvika. Malvika says she called to inform her that she cannot think of doing business after all the incident. Malvika’s assistant tells her that investment amount 100 crores has been transferred from her US to Indian account. Nikita eyes widen in greed hearing. Malvika says she can go now.

Diwakar tells Sarita that Malvika is replica of Saachi and it was like talking to her. Sarita with her usual frowning face says Saachi is gone and there is no use of talking about her. Diwakar hopes Malvika sis Saachi. Neelima hears him and says even she hopes Malvika is Saachi. Sarita’s face swells more like football in anger.

Malvika scolds her assistant that she needs home stay and not a hotel, she wants to learn Indian culture. Nikita hears her conversation and her problem is solved, she can stay at her house. Nikita says she wants to learn Indian culture and does not want to stay in her home, especially after all the and her insane husband. Nikita says Aryan has realized that she is not Swati and will not disturb her. She boasts about Sethia family’s sanskars and convinces Malvika to stay with them.

Nikita informs Aryan who says she takes decisions without even consenting him and takes her own decisions. She says Malvika wants to invest 100 crores in India and she will get that order from Malvika, he just does not have to come in front of Malvika.

Sarita gets worried when Nikita does not return home at her usual time. Nikita enters and says she has brought even a guest. Malvika enters. Everyone are shocked to see her. Nikita says Malvika wants to learn Indian culture, so she thought their house is best to learn Indian Marwari culture. She asks Diwakar if she did right. Diwakar says everyone is taking decision without consenting each other, in that case, she must have done right. He asks to open guest house for Malvika.

Priyanka confronts Nikita and asks how can she bring Malvika home when she knows she is Saachi’s replica and Aryan will not forget Saachi. If Aryan starts searching Saachi in Malvika, Nikita will lose Aryan forever. Nikita says nothing of that sort will happen, Aryan is not interested in Saachi at all. Sarita says she knows she is doing this for business, but can get work from somewhere else, she will harm her future instead by getting back same face in her life. Nikita thanks them for their concern and says she knows what she is doing.

Aryan and Malvika walk busy on their mobiles and clash. They both stand looking each other’s face. They both then hug emotionally and shed tears.

Precap: Saachi tells Aryan that it is not time to miss each other, they will get together. From today onwards, Nikita’s reverse counting will start. Nikita comes and looks shocked seeing them together.

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  1. Hahaha…ma u r a sweetheart ?? she really is like a football only ????

    1. waise wo last wala Hug. lajawab…

    2. That was the only good thing in yesterday’s episode

  2. haha.. jaha sahe waha fek sakte he… last 1 mint was superb… eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode…

  3. Well saachi is back to her home

  4. Nice to see Sanchi in her home Nice for you Aryan

  5. Itni jaldi raaz khol denge

  6. JenniferAndrews

    could the last part be a dream

    1. No it isn’t

    2. JenniferAndrews

      yup, just the ideo

  7. Wowwwww , aryan and Sanchi together superb, dil kush hogayi
    Football maasa nice name na, i don’t know wat is her problem with saanchi, Marne k band b aisi reactions, u deserve to be in jail but just you and priyanka

    1. JenniferAndrews

      maasa pe to hopes nahi hai,but I want priyanka to realise her mistake.

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