Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman and Raghav save Fruity and Rathi from rival dhaba owner. Dhaba owner yells at Raghav that he is misusing his saalis for his benefit. Deepu says their jiju is world’s best chef and much better than him. A passerby hears their conversation and says he has a marriage catering order for them and whoever prepares best food among them will win.

Raghav comes and fumes that Saalis/soniya’s sisters. He says he does not need their help and will take care of his catering business alone. Sisters say they are Soniya’s sisters and if he does not need their help,, they will also not accept his help. Raghav says they cannot do that. Khushi gets SMS’s from college. Raghav sees it is her college notice to pay fees and asks her why did not she inform him. She says she knows he does not have money, so she did not inform him. He says he is their Diju and would have arranged money somehow and says they are right he needs their help whole life. Deepu says they will have to accept passerby’s catering order to pay Khushi’s fees.

Raghav says they should not use nonveg food as client is pure veg and tells them strategies to follow. Anjali sends Fruity to spy on rival dhaba owner. She goes to his shop. Owner asks if she is hungry smelling his dhaba food and says it is much better than his jiju’s food. Fruity says her jiju is world’s best chef and knows much better than him. She tells a few dish names. Cook says he is hearing these names for the first time and says dhaba owner to shift his dhaba. Owner slaps cook and asks him to mind his business. He gives him nonveg pack and asks to mix it, else he will kick him out of job.

Client comes to check both Raghav and dhaba owner’s food samples. Dhaba owner praises his own food. Client likes Raghav’s presentation. Dhaba owner says only presentation is not enough, quality also matters. Raghav says he believes in both quality and presentation. Client checks Raghav’s food and then dhaba owner’s and says both food are tasty, but Raghav’s food is different, so he wants to give this order to him. Abhiman silently watches from his car. Dhaba owner says Raghav is cheat and has mixed nonveg food. Raghav says he is rubbishing and says if he proves, he will get the order and what if he loses. Owner says he should be punished like a thief. Owner takes out soya chunks box and says it has nonveg. Raghav says it is soya chunks. Owner asks how can it be. Anjali asks if his servant did not change it and says we should thank Abhiman. Deepu gets irked hearing that and asks why is she praising Abhiman. Anjali tells her how Abhiman saw servant changing soya chunks with nonveg and Abhiman changing it back.

Precap: A lady gets marriage proposal for Raghav. Raghav and Soniya’s sisters are shocked.

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  1. this serial is getting boring after sonia’s death & what a marriage proposal for raghav disgusting.is that khushi studying in college she is so small & she puts two plats like school girls & she always overacts & uses the word technically.

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