Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna scolds Abhiman that because of his greed and revenge seeking behavior, her family is broken and says he wanted this house and property, so now he can keep it now. Abhiman holds her legs and tells he did not want to ruin her family and felt guilty after hearing daada’s words, so he went out panicked. Soniya saw a speeding car against him and met with an accident herself by rescuing, this guilt will be with him whole life. He says was strived of mother’s love for 22 years and now does not want to lose her anymore. He sleeps in her lap.

Raghav comes to Soniya’s parent’s home with Soniya’s sisters. Khan chacha emotionally hugs Raghav, cries and says emotional relationships are much bigger than blood relationships, he always considered him as son and he can take his help whenever he needs. He then hugs sisters and says though Soniya has left the house, their father/him is still alive and they can ask him whatever they like. Sisters thank him and walk into house with Raghav.

They all look at dining table standing at the door and reminisce having food with Soniya and she being around them. Each sister reminisces her special moment with Soniya and even Raghav looks at Soniya’s pic. They all start crying vigorously. Raghav keeps Soniya’s ashes and photoframe and takes them all in. Fruity starts crying hugging teddy, Rathi Soniya’s photoframe, Anjali dining table, Khushi books. Raghav consoles them all. After freshening up, Fruity forgets about Soniya’s death and calls Soniya to serve her food. She then remembers about her death and gets sad. Raghav tries to cheer her up and Ratna asks she will order what she needs. Raghav carries her and jokes that she is heavy. Fruity smiles.

Rathi sees Raghav preparing food and says food is not prepared for 3 days if someone dies at home. Raghav says who died, Soniya is in every sister’s character and will be with us always, she would not like if her family is hungry, she had always given importance to relationships, so he is also doing the same. Rathi cries hugging her and says didi has not gone anywhere.

Rathi feeds Fruity and Deepu says if she finishes food soon, she will tell her a new story. Raghav takes out Sonia’s wind chime and reminisces she returning it to him. He hungs it near window. He tells that she left him by breaking her promise and asks her not to worry as he will keep his promise and take care of her sisters and will not let them get sad.

Precap: Raghav wakes up from sleep and sees smoke all around house. He asks sisters how did smoke come in. Anjali says something is burning in kitchen. He asks to open windows.

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