Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Client gives order and advance to Raghav, and Raghav thanks him. Fruity says all is well that ends well. Abhiman who is watching from a distance thinks he wants Raghav to be happy and will do whatever he can. Client says Raghav that he should prepare same kinda tasty food for 100 people and deliver it to his address. Raghav agrees.

Anjali forces Deepu to go and attend her interview. Raghav also says she should go as it will be late till he comes back. Deepu says she wants to help him, sisters say they will handle everything and asks her to leave. Deepu agrees. Raghav shows his first cheque to Soniya’s wind chime happily. Anjali says him that he should thank Abhiman for helping them on time. Raghav says he does not outsider’s help.

Abhiman on the other side sadly tells dada that Raghav still considers him an outsider. Dada says he helped Abhiman and Deepu today and won the battle. Deepu comes there and hears their end conversation and thinks it was all Abhiman’s plan and dhaba owner and client are his men, she thinks he even told lie to Dada and is taking his help, she will not forgive him. Abhiman says Dada that he wants to help Raghav and his saalis, but he is afraid Deepu may misunderstand him. Daada asks him not to worry, Deepu will soon realize his love. Deepu thinks she would have told Dada about Abiman’s lies, but she does not want to.

A matrimonial agent comes to Raghav’s and introduces herself as one who helps make relationship. Raghav says god makes relationship. She says he is right, but she is just a means. He asks why did she come here. She says she came with alliance as she came to know about him and his saalis. Khushi comes there and asks him to help open her box. He helps. Agent says she should think about alliance. He thinks she is talking about saalis and says they are very small. She says children grow very fast. He thinks he can get Rathi married. Agent asks if he has any elder to talk about alliance. He says he will. She says she means elder person. He says he will call them tomorrow. She says she will come tomorrow then and leaves.

Raghav discusses with sisters about marriage Rathi’s alliance. Rathi says she does not want to marry. He says let us stay like this then, helping each other, asks them all to sleep while he finishes his work. He goes and speaks to Soniya’s wind chime that her sisters are egoistic like her and continues talking to wind chime.

Sisters ask Raghav to go and bring vegetables from wholesale market and give him money. He is about to leave with Fruity when matrimonial agent comes with a girl and her parents. Raghav thinks she has come for Rathi’s alliance and introduces lady and her clients and introduces himself. Client says he knows him well, he left his wealth for his saalis. Agent says when he can take care of his saalis so well, he will take care of their daughter more than that. Raghav asks what does she mean. She says she came with alliance for him. He and sisters are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Rival dhaba owner badmouths about Raghav and Soniya’s sisters. Deepu asks Raghav not to bother about dogs barking. Dhaba owner asks if he is dog and they are good people. Ratna comes with Abhiman for Raghav’s rescue.

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