Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suresh is massaging the new entrant’s neck and shoulders. She thanks him for she is feeling much better now. They both talk sweetly to each other and also profess their love to each other. She too is a business woman which he appreciates though she dislikes it as it keeps her away from him. Suresh enjoys it as this pulls him all the more closer to her. She wishes that they are together forever and afterwards. He wants the same thing. He gets the call and excuses himself for a minute. His employee tells him that the amount that he wants to transfer in some Mahesh Ajmera is too high and he needs to sign some papers. I have sent them at your home. Suresh gets angry as the papers were not to be sent home. He agrees to sign them and send them tomorrow as he has no other option. The call ends. Suresh is worried thinking what if Sharda gives those papers to Karan. He will never try to ask me anything but if Latika finds them then she would definitely raise a question. I will have to go home right now to get them or there can be a problem. He lies to that lady that an urgent meeting has come up for which he needs to go. She is sad as he had promised to spend the day with her. We were not able to spend any time together in Jamshedpur. I came to Mumbai to attend a meeting thinking that we might be able to spend some time together here atleast but its all the same. He promises to be back early morning. He very sweetly takes her permission and they both say I love you to each other.

Everyone is gathered at Modi House. Latika talks about how she found the fast to be very tough. This Chirag was also eating all my favourite things in front of me just to tease me. Pratik teases Karan. Dadi asks Sakshi if she had any problem in keeping this fast. Sakshi found it tough too but then followed her MIL. Dadi praises Sharda who was sitting all lost till now. She is also upset with Suresh that he wasn’t here today only. Work is not more important than your wife. The restaurant incident flashes before Sharda’s eyes and she is all distracted. Sharda fumbles when Dadi or Sakshi ask her something. Just then Suresh enters shocking Sharda and surprising everyone else. Dadi asks him about his early return. He lies that the meeting got over so he came. Dadi teases him that he came back for Sharda. I know he was worried about you and our family which is why he has returned early. Suresh nods unhappily. Sakshi tells him how much ma was missing you. She takes his bag and he tells Sharda that he had dinner already. He leaves for his room. Sharda sits there rooted to her place which confuses Sakshi all the more. What has happened to Ma? She dint even come to take papa’s luggage like always!

Sakshi comes inside her room and looks for Karan who is hiding behind the door. He surprises her and gives her a gift. He has brought a stole for her. She knows it very well that he loves to pamper her which makes him happy. She shares her observations about Sharda Ma. She dint take papa’s luggage and dint even look at him. Karan feels that she might be upset with him as he was unavailable today on her fast. Don’t worry I know mom very well she knows how to make up herself. He also remembers what she had said about becoming a grandmother and they get romantic. Saiyaan re plays.

Sharda comes to her room and finds Suresh looking at some files. She asks him if he is looking for something. He angrily asks for the papers sent by the manager. She gives it to him. Sharda questions Suresh as to how he came back early. He is irked with her questions and her interest in his meeting. He also mocks her for her gaining that particular order. He is not at all interested in answering any of her questions and tells her thus. She in turn tells him that she saw him in Sagar Resort which stops him in his tracks. Karan and Sakshi took me there. He lies again that his meeting finished early so he came back and then went there to attend a sudden meeting which had turned up. She directly asks him about that lady who he was publically hugging in the resort. He lashes at her for doubting him. It is our work culture. We meet anyone and everyone like that only. You have definitely come in the city to live but your mindset is still narrow. You have started studying somewhat so atleast mend your ways a little. All this, your going out with your kids to enjoy outside for dinner etc, is because of my hard work and when I come back tired from work then don’t ask me all these idiotic questions. She nods sadly. He wants to have some time alone and tells her to go from there.

Pallavi (the new lady) is not in a mood to eat alone so decides to call Suresh. Suresh’s phone rings and Pallavi’s picture is on display too. He is not around so Sharda decides to pick the phone. As she is about to pick it Suresh takes the phone. He receives the call and moves a little aside to attend her call. Sharda wonders about the call and his reaction. Diya comes calling for her Nani as it is her turn to tell her a story tonight. Suresh keeps quiet till Sharda leaves but then talks to Pallavi. He promises to come to meet her early tomorrow morning. She gets happy.

Next morning, Sakshi wakes up a little late. She is worried that Ma would be doing all the work by herself. She wonders about Karan and he comes holding a tray with burnt toasts and tea for her. he tells her that all the work in the kitchen is done. Now you will have to eat this breakfast unless you are scared to eat them. she finds it very romantic though. She appreciates the food and tea but he finds it horrible. They share some sweet moments.

Sharda is feeding the pigeons though her mind is still stuck in what she had seen at the resort. Sakshi comes looking for her. she thanks Sharda for letting Karan cook breakfast for her. But you will have to teach him how to make tea. Anyways, when are you going to start working on that saree? Sharda is not in a mood now. Sakshi asks her if she is ok. Sharda nods. She asks Sakshi about the hug between co-workers and they were actually talking about business. Is this the way it happens? Sakshi calls it normal. Sharda is relieved. I hurt him by asking stupid questions.

Precap: Suresh brings Pallavi to a mall to shop. He is conscious of being seen with her though. She asks him if he feels like a thief by taking her out for shopping. He is sure he is extremely smart and wont get caught in case he does something wrong. Sharda has come to the same mall.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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