Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meeta’s workers ask for sarees and everyone is shocked. Sharda’s workers think what Sharda will say, all their sarees got burned. Shanaya is happy. Sharda takes Meeta’s workers inside and all are confused. Sharda opens the drawer under a God’s idol and takes the sarees out. Shanaya is shocked while everyone else is happy. Sakshi asks Sharda how those sarees came there. Sharda says since childhood, whenever she does something new, she brings it to the God for blessings. All pray and Sharda says it’s only because of God, her and everyone else proved their ‘pehchan’.

Pallavi’s doctor friend comes to meet her. He informs her that her bone-cancer is on last stage. She’s shocked. She asks how much time she has? 2 months? 4 months? The doctor says

may be less than that and suggests her to tell everything to her family members. Pallavi says she will when time is right.

Sharda and Sakshi are talking about Shanaya. Sakshi says she was surprised to see Shanaya taking her side. Sharda says she’s good, she’s just lost. Sakshi says yes, but they had to suffer so much loss. Chirag hears it and gets mad. He leaves from there without seeing anyone. Sharda wonders whether Meeta liked their sarees. Meeta comes there and they ask her. She shocks them saying she didn’t like them. But then says, she liked them a LOT and that is why she brought flowers for her. Sakshi and Sharda get happy. Meeta gives a blank cheque to Sharda saying she’s really impressed, they had very less time and faced so much problems, but they still finished everything. and tells her to get ready, she is soon going to be famous. She leaves. Sakshi is overjoyed. She hugs Sharda and says she did it.

Chirag storms into Shanaya’s room. She asks him how he came without knocking and asks him to get out. They argue about fire in factory. Shanaya says Sharda said herself that it was because of a candle, and asks him to prove if he can when he says he knows the truth. He tells her she’s such a big liar. She asks him to go and scream somewhere else. Dadi comes there and tries to stop them. Chirag tells Shanaya, the house that her and her mother overtook is still Sharda’s and he’s his eyes on her now. If he loses his mind, then he will throw them out like that. He leaves. Dadi is still there. Shanaya asks her what she’s doing there and asks her to go with Chirag as well. No one cares about her or her mother. Dadi leaves. Shanaya goes to Sharda’s photo and says she knows what’s her strategy behind saving her life. She can fool the whole world, but not her. She wants to win everyone’s heart and come to take Pallavi’s place in this house, but she will never let that happen.

Pallavi is recalling the doctor’s words and tears come in her eyes. Dadi comes there and lectures her that she stayed quiet all this time, but today she just crossed all limits. Pallavi says she tried to stop Shanaya from going to Sharda’s factory. Dadi says that’s all? Isn’t it her responsibility to teach what’s right. She then says Shanaya is not at fault, a child will do what they see their parents doing. Pallavi tells her, it’s her son who is at fault and whatever she is doing is for her children. Her son didn’t leave any chance to destroy them, so she better tell her son whatever she wants. Dadi agrees that Suresh is at fault, but Pallavi is also no less. Her parvarish is wrong. She asks whether Sharda’s kids misbehaved with her any time? Pallavi has no answer. She leaves from there.

Sakshi tells everything to Karan and both are happy and excited for their future. Karan says they will be a famous business in 2-3 years if everything goes like this. Dadi, Chirag, Latika come there. All greet them and Sharda shows them the blank cheque. Dadi tells her that she did it. Sharda says it’s all because of her blessings. And she didn’t do it alone, Karan and Sakshi also helped her a lot and the workers worked hard too. Latika asks her what she thought about the offers. Sharda says business is not her thing, she doesn’t want to do business. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Pallavi has tears in her eyes and is looking at Sharda’s photo. She says, you’ll do what I couldn’t do. You’ll never understand why I did what I did to you. But today, you really made your own identity.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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