Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th January 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Suresh telling Sakshi that we can mould things when they are in their budding age. The similar way we can make someone learn at a tender age, not later. He goes to Sharda. You know the difference between you and Diya, right? To learn how to read and right suits Diya’s age not yours. Things should suit people’s age. You think you would be able to study at this age? You realise what I am saying? Sharda nods sadly. He leaves for office. Sharda goes back to the kitchen with Sakshi following her.

Sakshi tells Sharda not to give up. We would again try to make papa understand. Sharda tells her not to think of this. It wouldn’t happen ever. Sakshi gives her the example of sun rise. If someone turns their face away from the rising sun then it doesn’t mean that the sun wont rise. Whether someone agrees or not, you will study….we wont tell anyone. Sharda declines. sakshi stays put. They are doign wrong to you. You follow ma Saraswati then why are you offending her. To stay illiterate is an insult to Ma Saraswati only. Sharda still denies. I wouldn’t be able to decide upon such a thing. sakshi tells her that someone else will take a decision on her behalf.

She brings Sharda to the temple. He (Kanha) will give you all the answers. When you were troubled at the time of marriage regarding me then it was He who helped you right. Ask Him and then you wouldn’t need to ask anyone else. Sharda folds her hands. You have always guided me. Show me the right path today as well. Gurur Vishnu chant plays in the background as they pray diligently. The peacock feather flutters and falls on the puja thaal. Sakshi witnesses this with amazement. She has tears in her eyes as she looks at Sharda and asks her to open her eyes to see it. Sharda is also surprised. Sakshi tells her that Kanha ji said yes. She picks up the feather. Kanha ji has taken a decision for you. Now you will study, right? Sharda looks at the feather and agrees. She takes the feather from Sakshi. What if I am not able to study? Would I have to study by lying to my whole family and my husband? No, I cannot hurt them / him and moreover I cannot hurt you. You have so many expectations from me. What if I am not able to live up to your expectations….your trust would break! The wind blows the holy book of Ramayan and it stops at a page where there is a chant which says, one shouldn’t think of the results but continue doing your work diligently. Do your duty forgetting all your worries. Shri Krishna says this to Arjun. Sharda explains it beautifully. Sakshi points out that she isn’t hurting anyone in any way. Kanha ji has showed this path to you. Follow it. You must study. Sharda is still doubtful but Sakshi says we always have doubts and questions in our mind when we start something new. But to clear away all those questions we start our work by taking God’s name. We will start your journey by writing God’s name too. She holds Sharda’s right hand. Flashes of their first meeting when Sharda had offered her hand to Sakshi at the station appears while title song plays. Sakshi helps her in writing ‘Jai Shri Krishna’. Sharda smiles broadly as she finishes writing it.

Sakshi brings Sharda to E.C.C. Coaching Centre. This is where you will begin your studies. She holds her hand tightly and leads her inside. Title song plays in the background. Sharda is feeling uncomfortable. Sakshi replies whether its a mom taking her kid to the school for the first time or vice versa whoever goes to school for the first time is always saying that we should go back. She goes to get admission form while she tells Sharda to wait for her there only. Sakshi appreciates the place as they teach basic education here. She translates it for Sharda. This place is for people who either couldn’t study or those who couldn’t continue their studies for some reason. They start with the basics first and then begin with particular subjects. They go to submit the duly filled form now. Sharda looks at the crown hesitantly. Sakshi moves ahead without realising Sharda is not with her. Sharda stands at one place and calls out for Sakshi but she cannot hear her. sakshi notices that Sharda is missing and goes back to where they were. They are both equally relieved to see each other. Sakshi says, that day I made a new beginning by holding your hand. Today I want to give you a new beginning by holding your hand. I trusted you right? She holds out her hand for Sharda who recalls how she had held her hand for Sakshi asking her to board the train. Sharda takes Sakshi’s hand. They both again get into the line to submit the form.

Sharda’s admission is done. Sakshi gives her the first lesson asking her her name. Sharda misses out on is so Sakshi corrects her and also helps her with the pronunciation. Sakshi is happy that she has been so good in her first attempt. They go off to celebrate it with golgappe. Sharda is still scared. I don’t even go on the terrace without telling Dadi then how would I come here every day. I think I should tell her. sakshi agrees but to surprise them on the right time. How papa would be surprised if you will talk to his guests in English! Sharda tells her it isn’t that tough while Sakshi points out everyone’s schedule of the afternoon. I will handle everything. We have to hide this for a few days only. Once you are confident about it then I myself will tell papa everything. They enjoy their golgappe.

Sharda is still scared if she would be able to do it or not. Sakshi wisely replies that the first step is always tough but we have taken that step now. The rest of the journey will go like this. She asks Sharda to smile and she obliges. They both are happy to have found each other (as a MIL and DIL). They dint expect that they would be so good and sweet to each other and also appreciate each other as they enjoy their golgappe. Sakshi notices Karan and his friends standing nearby. She pays the vendor and they both move to a hiding place.

Karan doesn’t want to go to places his friends are suggesting. He is upset that now Sakshi is stuck to him. sakshi and Sharda overhear their convo. Karan’s friends tell him that Sakshi loves him but he counters. I want to go home and sleep but cannot. Now I have a wife who is after me day and night. She wants to send me to office. Sharda stops Sakshi from going there and giving a reply to Karan. Rohan suggests going to his place to enjoy games and pizza. Karan agrees. You are lucky that you are still a bachelor. All four of them leave. Sakshi and Sharda turn the other way round as they pass by.

Sakshi imitates Karan. I am after him? sharda has a hearty laugh. Sakshi gets upset. You will anyways support your son. Sharda makes her understand that they both are her kids. But yes, you both people’s screws (a few) are loose. Sakshi feels bad when papa tells anything to Karan but he doesn’t feel anything. Sharda understands. When a husband is hurt then an ideal wife will surely feel bad. Sakshi denies (lying). I promised papa that I will send him to office so that’s why. Help me ma. Sharda is amused to see this side of Sakshi. For the world there is a problem in a path but for my DIL there is a path in every problem. My DIL wont give up that easily. She will find a way out for sure and send Karan to office. Sakshi is happy now and more confident. Epi ends on her thinking of something.

Precap: Everyone is seating at the dining table for breakfast when Karan comes down wearing an office suit. Sakshi is relieved while Suresh and Latika are shocked. Sharda is proud of Karan as he tells his dad he will go to office with him today. No one can believe their eyes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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