Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everyone is having dinner. Latika tells them how they were saved because of mom. Everyone is impressed with Sharda. Suresh tells them all to sleep earlier so that they can wake up early morning tomorrow for they have to go to vote. Chirag is in a mood to sleep till late but Suresh asks him to be up on time too. You too are eligible to vote now so you too will come with us. Chirag agrees. Sharda suggests going for a picnic after voting. She wants this only for her kids in return of what she did for their company. She also tells them the location. Karan wants to rest and so does Latika but Sharda talks about going out for a change. Both the couples will go while Diya will stay back with her Nani. Suresh also supports her which surprises Sakshi. Sharda tells Sakshi to plan everything. Suresh wants Latika to make the plan as she is the best. Sharda wishes that they should let Karan Sakshi handle something as he too has to become the best one day. Sharda gets excited when Suresh agrees. She also tells Sakshi to click as many pics as possible.

Karan and Sakshi are making the arrangements for tomorrow’s picnic. She suggests booking a bigger car so that they all can go together. He nods. He looks at her as she packs the bags. He cannot help but recall how Aditya complimented her on her presentation. It is better to invite my friends than spending time with Sakshi. Karan invites Rohan and his other friends for the picnic. Sakshi too thinks of doing the same.

Sakshi is packing the stuff which she has to take with her. Karan tells her to hurry up. they bicker for calling up the car rentals. Latika and Pratik are waiting for Sakshi and Karan. They all come back after casting their votes. Sakshi and Karan go upstairs to get their bags. Latika is waiting for the car impatiently. Neither Karan nor Sakshi has called up for the taxi. They fight over who would have done it. Suresh leaves no stone unturned in pointing out that they should have let Latika handle everything. Latika calls someone and gets a taxi too. She also calls Aditya and asks him to join them. He feigns to be uninterested as it is their family picnic but readily agrees when he gets to know that Sakshi too is going. Latika doesn’t share it with anyone else.

On their way to the picnic, Latika and Karan fight over who is giving the right directions to the driver. They take a wrong turn as Karan has been insisting and Latika is all the more sure now that she should have sat in the front. Karan switches on the radio. Sakshi loves the old song which was playing but Karan switches it off. She requests him to play it but in vain. Their car runs out of fuel. Latika blames Karan for it as they were taking wrong turns since so long. Karan and Latika blame each other and continue to bicker. They were thinking of going to the petrol pump when Aditya’s car stops right in front of them. Latika is grateful to see him while Karan and Sakshi are not. They have no choice but to take his help. They shift all their stuff in his jeep but they only have space for 3 people other than the driver. Karan tells them to go while he will come in a taxi but Sakshi is not willing to go without him. She too wants to come with him in a taxi but neither Karan nor Latika agree for it. Even Pratik wants her to come along. Just then Karan spots a taxi. He gets inside and asks the driver to drive away. Sakshi was about to sit inside but the taxi speeds away. She tries to call out to Karan and runs after the taxi. She gets hit by another car in the process. Aditya, Latika and Pratik run to her. Aditya picks her up and they head for the nursing home as Sakshi is hurt.

Karan has reached the picnic spot and waits for everyone. His and Sakshi’s friends reach there right then. They wonder if the others are in some problem as they haven’t reached till now. Karan is unable to reach them. They all reach just then. Karan notices Latika and Aditya helping Sakshi in getting down. Sakshi realises that Aditya has his arm around her shoulder and pulls free. Karan has already noticed it though. Latika tells him about what happened and initially he scolds Sakshi for running after his taxi when he had already told her to come with others. Later on he takes over and helps Sakshi in walking. Aditya looks on.

Karan and Sakshi’s friends help her in sitting and then they head off to help Latika. Karan is concerned about Sakshi. She assures him she is feeling ok. Doctor has also given injection. He nods and thinks of helping others in setting up the things. Sakshi looks sad / emotional.

Aditya and Karan are setting up their tents individually. Sakshi notices this and gets up to help Karan. He tells her not to but she wants to help him. Aditya gets jealous seeing them. He knowingly challenges (indirectly though) them all that he can put the best tent all by himself. Latika announces this for all of them and they get ready for the challenge including Karan and Sakshi too.

Precap: Sakshi tells Sharda (on phone) that Latika didi has invited Aditya too for the picnic. He is trying his best to create tension between me and Karan. He is relating everything to win and loss which is irritating Karan. Sharda is surprised to hear this. She advises Sakshi to play games too if Aditya is doing that. You make him lose in his own game. Sakshi feels better and agrees with her.

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