Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharda asks Karan if he has any problem in doing his work. He shakes his head. You have already made it clear that you are saying all this as the CEO of this company and not a mom. He leaves from there. Suresh asks Sharda if she really thinks that Karan and Latika can work together. Don’t you know his market sense is really bad? He could never do what he was supposed to do. She has full faith in her kids’ capability. If both of them work together then we wont need any funds from outside. He does not agree with her. It will be good if you focus only on designing the sarees and not on the brother-sister’s relation. Sakshi overhears everything. Sharda tries to say something but he tells her to focus only on what’s necessary. Sharda talks to herself as he leaves. I am mother first and the CEO later. How can I let Karan and Sakshi go away from me? I had questioned my daughter (Sakshi) that time but I know she can never do this. Sakshi wonders when their relations got so complicated that they dint even get to know. Karan calls out for Sakshi and she replies that she is coming. Sharda gets up as she notices her standing near the stairs. Sakshi wants to hear it from her that she isn’t her DIL but her daughter. Sharda is thinking in her mind. I know you are upset with me as I have questioned our relation. Sakshi thinks that fights happen in every house but you should be intelligent enough to sort them and not let the relations break. Sharda doesn’t want to avoid all the possible questions too or they can hurt them in the future. Sakshi wants to start afresh. Karan comes there and sends her in their room. I want to talk to the CEO of our company.

Karan asks his mom if she wants number from the ladies who are three months pregnant or different ladies going through different pregnancy stages. She wants them all by today as then only will she start working on her designs. I have to give them to Singhania tomorrow. I don’t want him to say no to our company for any reason. He nods.

Sakshi is thinking about her Ma in her room. I dint do the right thing. you are doing everything to keep this family together. But hope you can understand that I am helpless. Shanaya is trying to ruin our family since she has come here. I should keep a watch on her movements. She might be helpless because of her hands and legs but she is a real devil from her mind. Karan and Latika Di will be in study room right now. I should go and check on Shanaya.

Shanaya is laughing as everything is going as per her plan. Sharda had given a fake promise to my dying mother but I too had promised myself that I will ruin her completely. She snatched my happiness from me and now its her turn. She is shocked to see Sakshi standing at the door and acts all innocent. Sakshi tells her that she has heard everything. I had heard everything in the morning but I still dint get one answer. How do you know that I had come here? Shanaya replies that she was awake at that time. Sakshi turns to go but stops. Don’t know why but whenever I look at you I get this feeling that you are up to something. If it is true then it will be good if you tell this to everyone. Someday I will get to know and that wont be good for you. I am going from here but you will be under my watch always. Shanaya tells her to not study detective novels in this condition. You should rest and watch some cartoons. This way you both will be happy. sakshi goes from there.

Sharda prays to be extra careful this time. I wont let them be out of my sight for even a second (designs). Please help me Lord. These designs are not just for my identity but for my family. Please help me save my family.

Sharda is making designs yet again. shanaya is worried in her room as she knows that Sharda’s words have a magical impact on almost everyone. I had ruined her designs very badly but still the client agreed to give her one more chance. I have to stop her. She calls out for Sharda who decides to take the designs with her to Shanaya’s room.

Shanaya is feeling cold so Sharda covers her with duvet. She goes out afterwards saying that she has to make some designs. Shanaya is irked as Sharda is all serious for her work. I cannot let her win this time. She again calls out for Sharda and acts to be crying. Sharda leaves her designs outside this time. Shanaya feigns a headache. I am sorry as I am disturbing your work. Sharda agrees that work is important but children are of utmost importance to her mother. She sits down to massage Shanaya’s head. Once she notices that Shanaya has closed her eyes she gets up to go but Shanaya stops her. I feel good when you press my head. I am feeling pain where I got hurt because of Karan. Sharda is in a fix but stays back with Shanaya. Shanaya says I am missing mom. If she was here then she would have sat beside me for the whole night. Maybe this is the difference between your own mother and other people. However much I try I will never get a mother’s love. I have seen many people and everyone is very selfish but you are not like them. I see my mother in you. Sharda talks nicely to her. I am your mom too. A mother never leaves her kids alone. Shanaya asks her about her drawings and is glad to know that Sharda has not been able to draw anything so far. Sharda knows that she has to go through another exam of life but she is ready to live through it. shanaya holds her hand as she sleeps. Sharda too sleeps besides her.

It is 4 am. Sakshi comes downstairs and notices that the designs are incomplete. She recalls Sharda’s words that she has hope from her kids. She also recalls her previous designs and sits down to make them.

In the morning, Sharda is trying to make some designs but she is not getting any good idea. Shanaya wakes up and wonders if she sat there for the whole night. Sharda asks about her health. Shanaya agrees and apologizes for causing her problem. Hope you have completed your designs by now. Sharda declines. Suresh asks Sharda if she isn’t ready yet and what about the presentation. He is upset to know that she is still working on it and scolds her. shanaya tells him that she was unwell yester night because of which Sharda ji sat with me for the whole night. Suresh is angry as someone else could have stayed with Shanaya in that case. Just then Sakshi comes there with a file of designs, ppt and Karan and Latika’s research files. Sharda is confused. I dint work on any designs. Sakshi thinks that maybe Karan has done it. he was working on something throughout the night. Maybe he knew that you were making something for pregnant woman. Sharda agrees that he knew it. Suresh is impressed with it. Sakshi tells them how Latika Di and Karan were working throughout the night and then left for office together only. Suresh and Sharda are surprised. Suresh cannot believe it that Karan can make such good designs. Sakshi credits the ideas to Sharda. Sharda is happy and double sure they will get the contract this time. I will give all the answers to SInghania ji. Once we get this contract all our troubles will go away. suresh gives her ten minutes to get ready as they have to leave for office. They both leave from the room.

Sakshi notices Shanaya’s dejected face and smirks. Is the kid upset? Shanaya lies that she isn’t feeling good. Sakshi knows that she wont feel good as her plain failed. You dint let Ma work for the whole night as of course you were not well but I cannot understand one thing. why do you always fall ill when Ma has to do some really important work? Yester night it was very important for Ma to make those designs but you fell ill. How strange! Shanaya asks her if she doubts her. sakshi is sure that she has done it intentionally. Shanaya calls it her confidence. Docs have told me to rest so you should leave from my room. Sakshi leaves after telling her to take rest. Epi ends on Shanaya’s angry face.

Precap: Shanaya is really angry at how she kept Sharda busy for the whole night yet she made the whole presentation along with taking care of her. she removes her blanket and puts her feet down. Dad’s company has got this contract because of her. I failed in breaking Sharda and her family yet again. Now Sharda and her family will live together under this room, never! Sakshi watches everything from outside and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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