Ek Nayi Pehchan 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda says Sakshi and Karan that she knows Suresh is not happy about her going to London. Karan and Sakshi encourage her to be self-confident and asks her to prove herself. Sharda says they are telling truth, she has to believe herself before someone believes her and says she wants to see the world with her eyes.

Sharda tells about the food menu she will prepare for lunch. Daadi asks her why is she preparing so much foood. Sharda says she wants her kids to have food together today.

Sakshi gets a call from Sharda’s teacher and asks her about Sharda’s decision about the conference. Sakshi says she agreed to attend the conference. Teacher gets happy and asks her to send passport, etc., of Sharda and to prepare her well for the conference. Sakshi informs Sharda what teacher told and asks her to give her passport. Sharda says she does not have passport. Sakshi says she will do something. Sakshi says she will prepare sweet today. Sharda says knows Karan likes sweet, so she wants to prepare it. Sakshi gets shy and goes from there.

Aditya and Lathika discuss how they hacked Karan’s laptop and stole his presentation. Karan hears them and gets sad that his own sister betrayed him for success.

Sakshi gets an SMS about Mother’s day and she remembers preparing mother’s day card for her mother in her childhood. She then calls her mother and says she is missing her. Her mother says it is mother’s day tomorrow. Sakshi says she had forgotten about it. Mother says she can understand that she is between new people. She then asks if she fought with Karan. Sakshi says she did not fight with him but is missing her a lot today. She says she will call her tomorrow and cuts the call.

Sharda serves food for her children. Lathika asks about Karan. Karan just comes then and says he is happy that he is not like her. Sharda asks Sakshi to have food with her children as she is like her child. Karan starts provoking Lathika. Lathika asks him to speak up what he has in his mind. Karan says he heard her talking with Adiitya that she stole his presentation. Lathika says he would have kept his laptop safely and says her presentation was better than his. Karan says he fought with Sakshi and doubted him because of her. Lathika gets angry and goes from there. Even Karan goes from there. Sharda gets sad seeing her children fighting. Sakshi tries to console Sharda and says it is common between siblings. Sharda says she cannot see her kids fighting and thinks she has not brought up her children properly.

Sakshi says Karan it was not her mistake, but he scolded her. Karan apologizes her. Sakshi says she forgives people easily and does not like being angry. He asks if she needs anything. She says she wants something for someone and informs him about her Mother’s day plan for Sharda. Karan agrees. Lathika calls Sakshi and asks her to explain Karan. Sakshi asks her to solve her issue herself. She asks a favour from Lathika and tells her Mother’s day plan to her. Lathika happily agrees to help.

Sakshi goes to Suresh/Sharda’s room. She asks Suresh how is he now. Suresh says he is fine, but Sharda wants him to rest. She says she wants to tell him something but stops telling further after seeing Sharda there. Sakshi says Sharda that daadi is calling her. Sharda goes out. Sakshi informs about her plan to Suresh who hears her in surprise. Sharda asks daadi if she called him. Daadi says she did not but Sakshi signals her to say she called. Daadi says she needed Ramayan. Sharda goes out to bring Ramayan. Sakshi informs about her plan to ddadi. Daadi agrees. Daadi gives her jewellery box to Sakshi. Sakshi gets happy and thanks daadi.

Precap: Sakshi selects saree for Sharda and says they are going out at 7 p.m. today.

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