Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shanaya comes home drunk. She is talking to someone loudly on phone about the party. Karan tells her to speak in lower tones or everyone will wake up. She instead tells him to be quiet or her mom will wake up. She tries to walk on her on but falters. He takes her to her room. What are you doing? Your mom is so ill and here you are enjoying late night parties? She wonders who teaches him all these lines and realises it must be his mom. She thinks that she has the responsibility of the whole world. He talks about respect. She is our mom. She tells him to shut up. She is your mom. You all don’t know what I am going through. He tells her that everyone understands it but she is not ready to listen. My mom is dying and your mom wants me to accept your family as my own. I very well know that she is doing all this to get my mom’s property. You all should be ashamed that you are cheating a woman who is dying. He tells her to sleep. You yourself don’t know what you are talking about. She falls on the bed. Sharda comes inside. She has heard everything. She tells him to go and she will handle Shanaya. Don’t tell anyone about Shanaya’s condition. He nods.

Sharda removes Shanaya’s sandals and covers her with duvet. Shanaya holds her hand as she caresses her head. She kisses it thinking to be her mom. Sharda can feel her pain. Give her strength to go through this phase.

Next morning, Sharda is making kaadha for Shanaya. Karan agrees that she will feel better after drinking it. You should tell Pallavi ji about it. She should know everything about her daughter. She doesn’t want Pallavi to worry for her. I will make Shanaya understand things with time. He doubts that words only cannot calm down Shanaya’s anger. Anyways, keep trying.

Latika is happy to see her mom making laddoos. It happens on every Rakshabandhan. Dadi and Sharda stop her from taking it as they need to be put in puja first. Karan too praises them. latika warns him not to give any stupid gift to her like last year (play station). Diya plays with it. I want a nice and expensive gift which I can use. He cutely asks her to keep his best wishes then. Nothing else can be better than it. sharda supports Latika. it is your right and you should rightfully ask him anything that you want. Latika smiles and takes him aside to tell about the gift.

Servant gives kaadha to Shanaya. He lies that Pallavi madam has sent it for her. dadi asks her about Aarav’s gift. Shanaya is not interested and tells her thus. Sharda notices the sadness on Sakshi’s face. I miss having a brother on Rakshabandhan. My friends used to show me gifts that they used to get on Rakshabandhan and I used to feel jealous. My cousins live too far so we never get a chance to celebrate it. Sharda replies that she will get the chance this time. You will get your brothers and gifts as well from Chirag and Aarav. Sakshi isn’t too sure about Aarav and she and Chirag dint share much of an equation from the beginning itself. Sharda knows that Chirag has grown up. Just then he comes to ask for her suggestion. Which dress will suit Latika Di? She is sad but helps him. He tells her that Karan is finding the dress that will look good on her. The gift will be from my side. karan bhaiya will only go to pick it up. Sakshi gets happy / emotional. I don’t trust Karan bhaiya’s choice so I have bought it from a shop from where you can exchange it for something else if you don’t like it. they both hi-five each other. Sakshi shares her happiness with her Ma.

Aarav and Shanaya have been called by Pallavi. She wants them to celebrate this occasion with Sharda’s kids which don’t go down well with Shanaya. Pallavi tries to make her understand that she is doing it all for them only. Why do you have to be against them in everything? Shanaya is not ready to understand. She walks out of the room saying that she doesn’t understand a thing. Aarav is willing to do it the way she wants. She is sad that she is unable to make Shanaya understand it as well. Sharda has got a gift. She gives it to Aarav so that he can give it to Shanaya. He thanks her. I want to get something for Latika Di and Sakshi Di as well. Karan takes him with him to select some more gifts. Pallavi cannot thank Sharda enough. Sharda goes to get things ready. I will call you when everything is ready. Pallavi knows that Shanaya dint agree.

Sharda comes to Shanaya’s room who is doing some gardening stuff. Shanaya is not happy to see her there. Sharda picks the plant and keeps it near the window. Sharda gets her talking about the plant. Shanaya has brought it especially for her mom as she loves black roses. Don’t know why it isn’t growing. Sharda tells her that maybe it needs some sunlight. Shanaya agrees with her. Sharda adds that the way sunlight gives life to plants, similarly kids get a better life / future under their mother’s care. A mother’s smile and tears depends on her kids only. If the kids are not happy then she cannot be at peace. Shanaya doesn’t want her lecture. My mom is going to die. Sharda stops her. this is what I am trying to say. Your mom has very less time. If she sees you upset like this then she wont be able to die peacefully. She has done whatever she could do for you two. She has given me your responsibility now. I promise you that I will never break my promise. Sharda leaves from there while Shanaya gets thinking.

Everyone has gathered for celebrating the festival. Pallavi wonders about Shanaya who surprises her as she comes there. Her mom is surprised to see her in traditional attire and so is everyone else. She wants to tie it first as she is the youngest of them all. I will tie it on Karan bhaiya’s wrist first. Everyone get emotional. While tying the Rakhi Shanaya tells him not to be too happy about it. I can also pretend like you guys. But whatever I do is for my mom’s happiness. He is happy that she called him bhaiya even for the sake of it. sounds lovely! Palalvi gestures Shanaya that she is happy. suresh comes there and looks on.

Pallavi is sure about the kids gelling with each other now. Suresh’s smile disappears as he looks at Pallavi. He leaves from there. She has to do something about him now. Sharda puts it on destiny. some things are written this way that maybe even God cannot change it. Pallavi gifts Sharda (as a sister) a gift on Rakhi. It is a pair of beautiful bangles. Sharda gets emotional as she takes it. She goes inside to bring sweets for the kids.

All the brothers give gifts to their sisters. Latika wishes Karan luck so that he can buy her type of expensive dress to her next year. They all share a good time. Shanaya calls him Karan and he corrects her. She calls him Karan bhaiya then as her mom is watching. They all head towards the dining table.

Dadi talks about Sharda- Suresh’s incomplete wedding. Sharda is living a relation which was neither her own nor can it be hers ever. The fourth phera was incomplete due to a fire in their land.

Precap: Suresh accepts to SHarda that he has made some mistakes but he has been punished for it. only write on this letter that I am your husband. She reminds him how he had accepted in front of their family that he doesn’t consider her to be his wife. How can I agree for it then? Pallavi is ready to help Suresh but on a condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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