Ek Naya Safar! Ek Nayi Ishqbaazi!! (An IB-DBO FF by Manya) Part-14

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Here goes the next part.

Anika pleads Gauri and Saumya to let her do some work both of them refuse.
A: (Fake crying) ?You showed your reality you both are not my sisters. Chutki I loved you so much and Somu you were my right hand but you showed your true faces you are like hunters.
G: No di no I can understand your pain?…
A: Chutki I knew you will understand my problem you are my true sister.
G: I understood you are trying to blackmail us emotionally no?

A: You put this blame on me? Chutki you broke my trust.
N: But we didn’t.
A: Papa!! You both are here? (She runs and hugs him.)
An: Calm down and don’t run like this you are going to become mother now it is not as easy as you think. You don’t have to do any work no stress and if someone make you work tell me.
A: I thought you will save me from these two on guard hunters. But you too are telling me the same thing common maa I can’t get bored like this.

N: See what we got for you your favorite story books you can read these when you feel bored.
A: Thank you Papa, thanks maa you thought of me otherwise these hunters would have killed me in boredom.
RiSaum: Really Di?
A: Papa not only this they are not even letting me have a walk around the house and many things are there which I have to hide.
RiSaum: Common now we are not so bad.
They start arguing.
D: Stop it! Now not a single word from anyone of you. Come downstairs.
Everyone reach downstairs,

D: As we all know in what circumstances Gauri and Om married so I am thinking to complete their marriage by proper rituals.
O: But dadi it is not needed we are married now.
G: Om dadi is right the circumstances were not good and even I don’t believe in this way of marriage.
J: Mummyji is right Om what is the problem in this and we have decided date too which is of after 8 months.

O: Fine as you wish.
8 months leap.
It was celebration day for everyone; a lady comes and asks servants to arrange the things properly. A man comes to her and makes her sit down,
Man: How many times I have to tell you don’t do work it is not time to work.
Woman: Common Shivaay it is my Godh Bharai and my sister’s engagement I can’t sit down calmly.
S: Anika you can’t understand a single thing it is not matter of not doing work but you have responsibility of yourself and your baby and this is peak time you should not work take rest…
A: But…
S: No means no.

Anika makes fake expression of getting sad. Shivaay laughs seeing her.
P: No means no Shaktiji I won’t listens to you. You always tell not to wear this to wear that.
Sh: Pinkyji you should listen to me now it is not your age to wear sleeveless salwar suits.
P: Jab meri age thi tab to aapne pehenne nahi diya now you are tellings me all this. (When my mage was to wear at that time you didn’t allowed not you are telling me all this.)
Sh: Fine wear what you want but I am telling you, you will look very bad in this dress.
P: Wait I will come after wearing this then tell how it is.
Sh: Fine go now.
Pinky comes out wearing the dress Shakti get surprised then starts laughing.
P: What is there to laughs?
Sh: Pinkyji you are totally funny you look cartoon in this dress.

P: Haww you mean I am cartoon?
Sh: No I don’t mean that listen to me. (Pinky leaves angrily.)
In Tejhanvi’s room, Jhanvi comes out wearing a beautiful saree,
T: Jhanvi 35 years passed to our marriage but you look still the same young Jhanvi who made me flat once in my college days.
J: Stop buttering Tej I know I am growing older day by day.
T: No really you look very beautiful. (Tej holds Jhanvi.) You are still the same I wish we could go away for some days. I have planned we will go to world tour after Om’s marriage.
J: (Smiles.) It is not our marriage but of our son at least now think about it. We are not of that age to go for world tour.
T: …
R: Ahem-Ahem. If your romance is over can I come inside?
T: You are already inside Rudra.
R: Dadi is calling all the “ladies” to start Godh Bharai ceremony if your romance is over.
Tejhanvi: Shut up Rudra!

R: (Thinks.) None knows to say something other than shut up.
Anika’s Godh Bharai starts, all the ladies present there blesses her and her child. Psycho Daksh enters there with the drum players.
Da: (Thinks.) I won’t leave Shivaay. Anika left me for Shivaay and now both are going to have a child I know everything I won’t leave Shivaay and his child. (He takes out expired medicine which he brought with himself he silently goes towards Anika and mixes it in her juice.)
When Anika was about to drink the juice Sahil with Rudra running behind him come there and bounce accidently drops the juice,

P: Oh my mata! Anika don’t worry I will get another glass of juice and Sahil and Rudra go and play out you are not allowed here.

Precap: Gaurika’s engagement; Ishana returns.

Hello everyone I am back with next part of m y ff hope you all like it and yes Ishana is back and soon a love triangle if going to start in my ff hope you all like it the new twist. And yes thanks for encouraging me by commenting on my previous ff.

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  1. Khushilovesroumya

    I liked it.who is opposite omkara?

    1. ManyaPV5

      You will get to know after sometime. And thanks for liking my episode.

  2. Superrr ishana return i am happy i love ishkara not goukara

    1. ManyaPV5

      You will get to know what will actually happen. 🙂

  3. Hey manya this is pallavi silent reader of Ur ff….The new twist is interesting but i want gauri and omkaras as a couple and i hate ishaana

    1. ManyaPV5

      Hello Pallavi nice to know you read my ff and who will be couple you will know it after reading next part.

  4. awesome

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Anaya :).

  5. Awesome

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Lilly.

  6. Hope end game will be omri?

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome epi Manya! Shinky scene is funny…. Precap!! Ishana is return!??? But who is opposite to Om?? Eagerly waiting for next part…..

    1. ManyaPV5

      You will get to know who is opposite Om.

  8. Haridhra

    Its superb yaar ..

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Haridhra. 😀

  9. I want a couple om nd gauri not ishaana

    1. ManyaPV5

      😀 I will try to update as soon as possible to end this suspense.

  10. Lo dal diya bhayanakr twist????????? now decide who will going to be lead iskara aur gourika . waiting for next part.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Arpita can’t we bring twist if Gul Mata gives dangerous twist :D. I have posted one part for review it will upload soon.

  11. It is awesome dear… Bs shivika child ko daksh se safe rakna… And eargly waiting for the next update to see the love triangle..

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks nikita. And don’t worry nothing will happen. 🙂

  12. Shivikaanshi

    Phail gaya raita….ishana bhi aagayi…plzz dont make ishana to create differences between om n gauri

    1. ManyaPV5

      Nothing such will happen.


    I like ishkara more than gaurika.please don’t make ishana a vilan.

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Uf and Ishana won’t be a villain but there is another twist awaiting.

  14. Superb dr I jus hope Anika nd her child ll not be affected by Daksh….. Do post soon

    1. ManyaPV5

      Thanks Arthi and i can say their child won’t be affected.

  15. It’s was an awesome episode dear. I’m waiting for ishana s entry. update soon……….

    1. ManyaPV5

      THanks Ahsana and I will update soon. 🙂

  16. Alekhika20

    Superb part

  17. Hey, Many a
    I am a silent reader but I luv your ff!
    I am so excited for the new twist and lemme tell ya, I like how u write.Will u pls give some scenes of Anika’s pregnancy? Like u know cravings and all that?
    Btw, FRIENDS?
    Update ASAP!

  18. Superbb one dear…….

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