Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 9th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla enters home and asks Pakiya haven’t you gone to find the work ? Pakiya says i have just taken a two days leave. Pakiya says its Kalpi’s birthday tomorrow. Kalpi says leave it dada its Paki’s birthday too Ai will have to go there too. Kamla says its my holiday tomorrow we will spend the day as kalpi likes it.

Scene 2
Next morning Kalpi wakes up and finds the whole house decorated with balloons and birthday buntings. Pakiya gives her a flower. Vitthal wishes her too and hugs her. She asks where is Ai ? Vitthal says she has gone but she will be back. Kalpi says she broke her promise again.
There Paki is not happy in her birthday party. Nettu is introducing her to different people but she is lacking interest.
Kamla pats at Kalpi’s head. Kamla says many happy returns of the day. Kalpi looks happy. She goes to take the bath. Kamla gets a call from Paki. Kamla thinks that she should not receive the call otherwise she will have the urge to meet but her on contrary she also thinks that she hasn’t even wished Paki. But she says I promised God that I will spend my whole time with Kalpi. I have prayed for Paki already. Paki is calling over and over again. Kamla receives the call. Paki asks where are you kamla maa? She says I am here at home I have a lot of work. Paki says you have not even wished me. Kalpi is listening to all this. Kamla says happy birthday may you have all the happiness. Paki says we are here celebrating my birthday. I am missing you. Paki says give the phone to kalpi. Kamla gives the phone to kalpi. Kalpi says you are the only person who can say same to you when I wish you birthday. I wish I was with you people i am really missing my kamla ma. Anyways enjoy. Kamla wishes that Paki doesn’t get to know the reality.

Scene 3
Prem gives a gift to Paki. She says I don’t want a gift now. PAki says I won’t talk to him and take a gift from him until he doesn’t apologize Kamla maa.
A helicopter arises at the party venue. Prem and Sahil aks who is this ? Nettu says I don’t know. Strong wing is blown all the way. Thr helicopter stops and a guys comes out of it in suit and sits in a black car. Paki says wow this is my birthday celebration someone came and blew the dust and went away.

Scene 4
Kamla tells Vitthal that I have made laddu for kalpi. Vitthal says I bought her cake. Kamla goes to but ghee.
Kalpi is temple praying to make her strong so she can fulfill the dreams of her parents. Everyone in the chowl wishes her. Kalpi says to her friends that she will give them the treat from her own money when she will earn. Her friends say our parents keep saying us be like kalpi. Kalpi enters the house. Looking at the decorations give her joy. Kamla’s phone is ringing. She takes the call its paki. Paki says that please kamla maa i am waiting for you, you promised me to spend time with me on my birthday. I am waiting for you. Kamla enters the house. Kalpi says Ai you promised paki that you will spend time with her. Why didn’t you go then ? Kamla says because Nettu doesn’t wanted me to. Kalpi says you can go. Kamla says but I God said I should spend my time with you.

Scene 5
Sahil says to nettu that she should have called kamla bai paki would be happy. Nettu says i asked kamla to make any excuse in front of paki. Paki listens all this and says why you did this Nettu. I don’t know why I expect good from you. Prem says talk to mom in manners. Paki says what then you will sned some gangsters after me too like you did to kalpi. i have told nettu so many times to stay away from mine and kamla maa’s relationship. Paki leaves in anger.
Kalpi sits on the stairs and says why this always happen to me. A call of paki tell me my standard. Pakiya asks her to come up everyone is waiting for her.

Scene 6
Everyone leaves the party.
Vitthal and Kalpi are decorating the cake. Kamla says to kalpi look baba have bought you a cake and I have made sweets for you.
Sahil is calling poki over and over again. Prem says Poki is becoming lout day by day. Sahil says why you did this Nettu. Its been so many years but this drama hasn’t ended. Everyone from the chowls comes up with gifts for kalpi. Sahil calls Kamla. He asks her is poki there ? Kamla says is everything all right. Sahil says please call her and ask her to come here back. She has left the party in anger. Kamla says yes i am calling her right now. Kalpi is really disappointed.

PRECAP- Paki says to kamla while driving that I am coming to you. You didn’t think about me. He car meets an accident and she is hanging on a stem. Raghav comes and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this script between kalpi and paki and kamla is becoming boring. why the writers stretching this script. so poor.

  2. and poor kamala maa always asking God what to do and ignoring your own daughter. Is that right? wake up lady.

    1. True yaar kamla is gon mad I think so poor kalpi ……..!!!!!! 🙁

  3. Hey its not kamla maa’s fault its the fault of the director. Sheonky does whar they aask her to do.If the writing is good, the acting will and ggood abd it will make kamla maa goo too.

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