Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal says you must have felt insult Pakiya? Your dad went to jail last night. He says no dad Ai said that Gandhi jee went to jail as well but i doesn’t make him a crimial. Kamla says i’ll go on work earlier to come back, smile please. He does. She says Hey Kalpi your dad is my Shahrukh Khan and my SRK smiles.

Scene 2
Nettu says to Mami ji that you watched this show yesterday give remote to me. I must have given a nod for the kitty party. Mami ji says you should not leave her alone. Sahil says that my friend is coming over for a dinner. I can’t arrange all that alone. Kamla comes in. Mami ji asks why she didn’t she bring Kalpana ? Nettu says because she can later make an excuse o go home earlier. Kamla says no i left her with Vitthal. Nettu

vows to her self that she won’t let Kamla go home sooner.

Scene 3
Vitthal is playing with Kalpana. He says to her that you are the wish of both of us. Your dad couldn’t do anything but you will. People will pint at me and say look Kalpana’s dad. Je is reading a rhyme for her.

Scene 4
Nettu is giving orders over orders to Kamla. I am going to Kitty party. Mami ji asks her is she going ? Nettu says that yes but just for a moment. kamla is worried that how Kalpana must be crying. Nettu gives another order to Kamla. She says to her if she is not willing to do the work then she will call Sahil and will ask him to cancel the dinner. Kamla says no.

Scene 5
Pakiya is feeding milk with feeder to Kapana and is really happy. Pakiya says that he should have the diner. I will complain ai. Vitthal says i will but only with Kamla. Kalpana is crying hard. Why is she crying asks Pakiya? He says because this is the first time she is living alone.

Scene 6
Kamla asks Nettu can i go now? Nettu says who will serve the guests ? I will be handling Paki. Kamla is disappointed she says Kalpana is alone first time she must be crying. Nettu says i will drop you by car. Do you want Shail ji to be insulted ? Kamla says no. Nettu says then you should stay to serve the guests. Make a milk bottle for Kalpana and Dharminder will drop it your home. Kamla is worried about the idea this will make Vitthal angry.

Scene 7
Kalpana is crying and Vitthal and Pakiya are trying to make her happy. Vitthal is trying o make her happy by telling her a story. She is not stopping. Door knocks. Pakiya says its Ai. But Dharminder comes in. He says do you recognize me ? Vitthal says yes you are Kapoor’s drivers. Dharminder says Kamla must be late tonight so she has sent this milk bottle. Vitthal says wow amazing. This was left. She used to bottle her milk for Madam’s daughter now for her own daughter. Pakiya asks why will ai come late? Vitthal says i don’t know its her problem and if you ask another question i’ll slap you.

Scene 8
The guests meet Prem then they asks about their daughter. Whats her name ? Sahil says Paki while Nettu says Poki. Then Nettu says her name is Poki. Kamla brings paki. The guest asks how old is she ? 2 months, nettu responds. 2 months and 3 days, Kamla intrudes.

Scene 9
Pakiya says gives my Kalpi i will handle her like Ai. Vitthal says i’m sorry Kalpi only your mom can make you happy i know. Vitthal says handle her i’ll be back in a moment.

Scene 10
Paki starts crying. Sahil asks Kamla to bring the baby to room. She stops crying in her lap. The guest says your maid is like a mom to your baby, you are lucky. Sahil says yes this is true, what would have haappened to us if Kamla was not our maid. Nettu give Kamla fierce looks.

Kamla goes runnign to her house. She finds Vitthal wearing a saari like her and Kalpana sleeping on him

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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