Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
The lady for which Kamla is going to work says i don’y need you. I actually offered fro you. I will give you 3 thousand for 10 hours you have to do dusting, mopping, take care of me and my child. Kamla says my friend get 5 thousand for a whole day. She says whole day means 24 hours not 10. She says okay i will give you 10 thousand looking at your condition. You can start working from today, she says. Kamla says i didn’t inform my husband and son i will start working from tomorrow. She asks her to bring packets from the kitchen. Kamla feels weird. Sahil’s mom and sister also sit on the table. Sahil is continuously talking to someone on phone. When he is done, he asks where is Mahraj? She says he has gone. He is fierce saying you don’t let anyone stay here for long. He is angry, saying i have to eat this burger everyday. He says you don’t even know what is in the house or not. You don’t even know whats going on in this house. She becomes sad saying you are talking like i am not doing my responsibilities. He angrily leaves but Kaml stops him saying, i need five minutes i will make onion bread(Piyaaz kay parathy) I will make them for everyone. The man of the family should not leave the house without eating anything. Kamla heads toward kitchen.

Scene 2
There, Mithal is busy doing arrangements for ‘Goud Bharai’ of kamla. There are so many people working along him.

Scene 3
Kamla makes juice for the lady and says this is good for you and your child. She starts crying saying this time is so difficult and doctors casually says it happens. Some pregnancies are difficult. She asks where did she find the juice? Kamla says it found it in the fridge. Kamla says i will leave now madam. She asks why? Kamla says my husband and son must be waiting for me i didn’t inform them.

Scene 4
Pakiya comes to Mithal and says i will help you in decorating the house. They find out that Kamla is here. Kamla looks at the decorated house so happily. Mithal comes down saying i want to give you a lot of love and so do everyone. We want to do your ‘Goud Bharai’ so the coming days will be good and the coming dreams will be true, Kamla added. Her ‘ Goud Bharai’ starts. She looks happy. Everyone participate in the ritual with lots of love. everyone is so gleeful. Mithal and pakiya are standing in the balcony. They all paticiapte in the dance.
Some people shout in the ground, Mithal come running to them they say our mill has been sold. They ask him to go and do the protest. Mithal becomes angry on this saying i can’t spoil my own work place. They all leave when he looks up at kamla sadly.

Scene 5
Kamla is leaving in the morning and everyone asks Kamla where is she going? Kamla says i get bored sitting in the home so i have found a new work. One of them says woman have to do all this to run her family. They all go to bus stop where they say we don’t even get a holiday. Kamla says we are like clock, either good or abd time we have to keep moving.

Scece 6
When Kamla is moving towards the building She find her neighbor there. She tells her that i am working in Netu mam’s house. She says Mithal asked you not to work in a house, no? Kamla begs her not to tell anything to Mithal. She has told Mihal that She will just be taking care of mam. She says i am doing this all for my kids. I don’t want them to live the life we have lived.

Precap-There are some people protesting against Sahil outside their building. ehen watchman inform Meetu her condition worsens. she asks Kamla to take her to the hospital. When they both go downstaris they find Mihal standing there and protesting.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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