Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
NNettu is having a get together with her friends. She tells them all about Vitthal’s matter. They say why you didn’t tell us before this spicy gossip. They say how can you hire people like these as maid. Her husband has killed someone. She was maid of Prem’s school bus she was begging for work and you know that i am so generous i hired her.
Sahil comes in give fierce looks to Nettu. He calls someone and asks if lawyer has lawyer has been managed or not?
Nettu says to her friends that he has been busy with all these sine yesterday. Paki starts crying, one of the ladies says that this is the problem of maids =children get used to to them.

Scene 2
Kamla is collecting money and she seeks for God’s help. He prayed in front of you he

can’t be wrong. I know you will help.

Scene 3
Mahraj asks Nettu that these two feeders were present in the refrigerator. WHich milk os this. I placed them there. What’s the problem? give one to me now. Mami ji says this is too much of laziness. You have now started placing milk in fridge. Nettu leaves for her room.

Scene 4
Manda stops Pakiya out of the temple and says what God has said? He said that my dad will be released. Then why don’t you write this on your hand. Diviyah jumps in and says if i had a stick i would have hit you twice. Pakiya gets a sticvk and starts running after her. She is running from him. Kamla comes in and scolds at him. Diviyah says that Vitthal is not here thats why people like manda are even flying.
Has the lawyer come asks she? A lawyer comes. He says that i can’t manage a murder case. please save my Vitthal beg you, says she. She give him 700 rupees lets go with me all you have to do is to get him out. I have done a murder case before, says he. You have to tell this in front of court. A lady give 200 and says that this what we have collected for him. The lawyer says that i don’t wanna work here. Let me go says he and leaves.
Sahil comes and says that i have paid the bail of Vitthal. lets go and get him out. She gets down to his feet and says that i will be your servant for whole of my life. I will give my life for you, madam and Paki. Lets go now says he. He remembers what he said to nettu earlier that you wont have to wait for kamla now she will be your servant for whole of life.

Scene 5
They both go to the station where policeman tells him that you are free and gets him out. Kamla say look i told you that i will get you. I did nothing thats why i got you. He gets out and kisses Kalpana. He sees Sahil sitting in the police office. Yes Vitthal sign here. So you are saving me with his help. no vitthal i was hiring the lawyer but then sir came and says his lawyer has done all the work . I don’t want your help. I still have that ego. What will i get says Sahil? You have got all my work and my wife who is working in your house. I have taken this favor for my kids, i don’t want my children to be parted from their dad. And i don’t wanna face my children with someone’s favor.
Spector says your ego has won you can go. The cas has been ended. How? Asks Sahil. The most mortem reports says that his death was due to the heart attack. Sahil says that look i am free now. And yes sir i am leaving not on your favor.

Scene 6
Vitthal along with Kamla arrives at the chowl. Everyone is happy seeing him. No one will go to Singhanya’s death ceremony.

Precap: I wanna go to Singhanya’s funeral, says kamla. Don’t forget that these houses are his and i will says him thanks one last time

Update Credit to: Atiba

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