Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st October 2013 Written Update

scene 1
Kamla says to kalpi that she is so prud of her. She says to vitthal that she proved to be my daughter today, actually paki.. Vitrthal stops her and says don’t make my princess another kalma. Don’t make her sacrifice. Just because of she is daughter of poor vitthal so she had to sacrifice. You could have taught paki too , yuo have made my daughter cry for paki. This is beyond my tolerance.

Scene 2
Nettu says to prem that you are always busy with the games. You have one sister too., Raghav gave his abacus to kalpi and now he has given his pen. He could have given it to paki. Prem says but me and paki don’t like each other.

Scene 3
Kamla says to vitthal that she consider kalpi her blood, she expect her to sacrifice. Vitthal says that what is her is hers. This will make her think that she has to sacrifice all the time. She has been sharing her biggest thing since forever. Kamla says that iu did wrong with kalpi. Vitthal says then you have to show her that you will make it right. Vitthal hugs her. Nettu asks him not to say like that.

Scene 4
Next morning kamla says to kalpi that she has made her favorite dish. And she will come to pick her from school. Kalpi says you don’t have to leave your work i know you love me. I didn’t want to give that pen because it was a gift and you taught me to take care of somneone’s gift. Kamla gives her a doll in gift and says that this is what my mom gifted me. Now i am giving this to you because i don’t play anymore. Never give this gift to anyone who asks for it. Vitthal says yes now you have three doll, kalpi, me and pakiya.

Scene 5
Kalpi and kamla are in nettu’s house. Kamla asks kalpi to go and play with her doll. Kamla goes to paki’s room. She is still holding the pen. Kamla takes it and she wakes up, she says good morning and asks her to says good morning too. Kamla is getting difficulty in it. Paki says that this pen i don’t know how she gave me i would not have gifted this to anyone if i got it first. Kamla realizes that it was her mistakes. Paki should not be so stubborn now.

Scene 6
Nettu asks kalpi to wash her cup. She does happily. Kamla shouts at her and says that this is not your work just pay attention on your studies. Nettu says that i would have asked even paki for this. You wash then. Kamla says don’t ever do this no matter who asks.

Scene 7
Manda tai finds people playing card and gambling. She gives mon ey to a boy to ask Pakiya to make him play. Pakiya comes a boy says that he should join too. Pakiya says no ai get angry. Vitthal comes and asks what was he doing there? He says i was just watching. Manda comes and saysa look your son has a lust of money. Vitthal says keep your suggestions to your self. Pakiya asks vitthal does he know hoe to play teen patti? Vitthal says ayes. pakiya asks why don’t you play? Are you sacred of ai? Vitthal asks do you know how to drink wine? Pakiya says eww thats a bad habit. Vitthal says so is gambling. so its better to be scared from ai.

Scene 8
Diviyah says to kamla that she has to go to function. She has a dress but she wants a slipper. kamla says take my new one? paki says which one? The one kalpi gave ? kamla says the one of my daughter. kamla ignores and calls kalpi to drop paki.
Paki asks kalpi to show her to her. Diviyah satrts saying that this is very nice slipper it matches with my suit. Paki says don’t you dare wearing my gift. She says to kamla that you said your daughter? Kamla says you are my daughter too. paki says but you should not give your gift to someone. Kamla says thats what i was trying to tell you that pen was kalpi’s and now you like her doll too. Paki says fine i will return her gift. She gives the pen back to kalpi. kalpi takes it. Paki says promise me kamla maa that you won’t give my slipper to anyone not even kalpi. Kalpi says i don’t like your slipper even. Pakis says what you mean ? Whats wrong with it? Kamla asks her not to fight. Kalpi says that take this pen i am giving you with all my heart. Pakis says you gifted kalpi but not me. Kamla says asks me what you want? Paki says a better doll than paki. She hugs kamla.

Precap – sahil gives 25 thousand to netti which is dahrminder’s salaryu. She places it in the closet. prem is looking at her from corner of the door.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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