Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla apologizes Kalpi and finds her body is warm. She asks Nettu if she changed Kalpi’s clothes last night? Who kapli? Says Nettu. My daughter, says Kamla. Nettu says didn’t you get her in best clothes today?
When Kamla is going to pick Nettu’s daughter she asks her to wash hands first.
I don’t have to change clothes because my daughter wears diapers.
Kamla apologizes for saying, ‘Paki’ in front of Guru ji. I will never call her with this name, says nettu.

Scene 2
Vitthal allows Pakiya to go and play with his friends but suggests him to play slowly. Vitthal remembers how happy Kamla was after seeing his stall and how police destroyed it.
Vitthal thanks Diviyah for taking care of Pakiya. She says i am his paternal

as well as maternal aunt. She asks why is he so disappointed? He says i was businessman till last night and now a jobless man.
I feel like Kamla is going away day by day from me, since she has startec working there in Sahil’s house. Diviyah says that you both are two different sides of the coin. You are the strength of Kamla. You take care of children when she goes to work and so does she.

Scene 3
Kamla asks MAmi ji if she can go? Mami ji allows her. Nettu says why didn’t you says anything to her about what happened? You are equally responsible. Yes i do everything wrong nobody sees how hard i work.
Sahil asks both of them to stop and warns Nettu to never do it again.

Scene 4
Vitthal offers Pakiya help in his homework he denies saying Mom has asked me to do my work by my own. Kamla comes in. She asks Pakiya is he well? He says yes i am studying. Vittha; realizes that Kalpana is having fever. Kamla says i will massage her she will be okay.
They are checking her body temperature its 99. Kamla says she is okay we don’t need to medicate her, says Kamla. But we can leave her at others houses, smears Vitthal.

Scene 5
Nettu calls Sahil and shows him some infection on the baby’s skin. She says my daughter must be suffering in that poor house. She calls the doctor but he’s not there.

Scene 6
Vitthal is saying m daughter has been stuck by a bad view. They are all laughing. Kamla says Kalpi your dad has gone mad. Vitthal says whats so funny?
Nettu there is also trying to get the bad view away from some Turkish method. Everybody there is finding it funny too.

Scene 7
Pakiya asks Kalpi will she play with him. Vitthal is taking Pakiya to school. Kamla gives him money to get his stall back. He says they are asking for 2000, leave it. Its not in my fate. Why not? Says Kamla. They are not God.

Scene 8
Sahil tells Nettu that he has called Doctor already.

Scene 9
Pakiya wonders where does money come from. He asks Vitthal. Vitthal says you are small you don’t have to think about it. Are you looking at this tree it gives leaves, fruits and flowers but it was once a plant a small one like you. You will grow old like him and will become a rich man.

Scene 10
Doctor is checking up Paki. He asks Nettu is she has changed her detergent ? Kamla comes in. Nettu asks her to stay away. Doctor says that this bracelet you are wearing is responsible for these rashes. This is not necessary that germs exists in the place where your maid lives.

Precap-Kamla asks Nettu for the pay but she is being ignorant. Sahil gets her in the way..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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