Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
A woman near buliding stops Kamla and asks whose baby is there in her hands? She says its my daughter.
Nettu is so worried she goes downstairs holding Kamla’s baby. Please save me God. How will i give this poor baby in Guru ji’s hand. She says Sahil can we discuss the name? He says no give the baby to Guru ji for Pooja first. She talks to the baby not to pee on guru ji. What do you want? Wanna give me this baby or not? Grunts guruji. She gives the baby to him. Guru ji is looking at the baby. Sahil tells Rajji that Guru ji tell the future of the baby.
This baby is born with so many qualities, utters Guru ji. Kamla comes in as well. Nettu gives her fierce looks. This baby is a queen, she is a miracle. She is special baby, she will rule the hearts. She will make her parents proud. Kamla is in tears. Nettu thinks that Guru ji is calling out my daughter’s fate for a mates’s girl.

Scene 2
Vitthal is angry there waiting for her.
The baby starts crying. Nettu grasps her and goes upstairs. She snatches her baby from Kamla’s hands in the bedroom and kisses her and so does Kamla. Kamla is crying.How dare you? To bring my daughter to your toilet like home? Grunts Nettu. I was so tensed, you gave me the baby. Nettu shouts why will i touch you dirty daughter you did it deliberately. I will give my daughter antiseptics don’t know at which dirty place you placed her. Because of you i gave this dirty daughter in Guru ji’s hands. Sahil overhears and asks what did she just say? She tells Sahil that she swapped the babies and i had to place her daughter in Guru ji’s laps. That means whatever Guru ji said was not for our baby? Says sahil. They will keep dreaming in there bathroom size house. Says nettu.

Scene 3
MAnta catches Vitthal and smears at his presence there out of Sahil’s house. I feel so bad seeing you out of the house of the who took your livelihood from you. Vitthal is so angry.

Scene 4
What kind of mother are you? You couldn’t recognize your daughter? I was so busy says nettu. Lets take her to hospital for check up.
mami jee and Rajji comes in and asjs why is she shouting? She tells mami ji that Kamla swapped the babies.Lets make some excuse to Guru ji.

Scene 5
Pakiya wakes up looking for his mom and dad but can’t find anyone. he finds Diviyah. She tells him to have the lunch. He nags that Kamla take sKalpi along with her. What she is she leaves kalpi there and bring sahil’s daughter here? Asks Diviyah. He says no i will not let her enter u house.

Scene 6
Vitthal comes in the house. Sahil sees him. Mahrah informs them that kamla’s husband is waiting. Kamla goes downstairs. Vitthal asks Sahil where is my daughter my day doesn’s start without seeing her. Kamla hands over him Kalpana

Precap-Guru ji tells the nature of nettu’s baby that she is arrogant and stubborn.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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