Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla says that i consider her my daughter and a momn scolds when her daughter makes mistakes. Nettu says you are no one who tell when my daughter makes mistakes. Kamla says that i won’t talk to you paki until you don’t understand your mistake. Paki starts crying and says please don’t leave me alone please stay. Kamla asks kalpi to bring her bag and go home. Paki is crying she asks nettu to leave her hand. Kamla leaves.

Scene 2
Dharminder has called Diviyah to a tea shpo. Diviyah says why have you called me here? Dharminder says that i couldn’t afford to take you to coffee shop, thats the fashion theses days. Diviyah says thats good i don’t even like coffee it makes my tummy go pain and i run all the day. Diviyah says oh i should not have said that. Dharminder says rich people get shy while saying these thing, they both laugh. Dharminder says can’t this watch stop for a while, just to listen the thing which is in heart of someone.

Scene 3
Vitthal’s friends ask him to drink wine. He says ni don’t drink. His friend says that’s the sign of manliness. Vitthal takes the glass but then he thinks that what is he doing? His wife works all day long and he is drinking in here. Suddenly manda enters and says wow vitthal i am impressesed you don’t work and still enjoy all the time. Pakiya comes in and says hey don’t say anythin g to my dad. Your dad must be like this not mine. He insults manda and she leaves. Vitthal says to him that i didn’t drink. Pakiya syas i know baba i know you very well. He hugs pakiya.

Scene 4
Kamla is thnking all ehat happened in the day earler. Kalpana says Ai c
she can be okay when you talk to her. Pakiya shows ai the latest style he has made. Kamla without even looking at him says that it alright. Kalpi tells vitthal that ai is angry with paki and now she is missing her. Vitthal says to her have you punished that daughter or your ownself?

Scene 5
Sahil asks Paki to come on the table. She tells sahil that i was playing game. Nettu says because of Kamla the great teacher i hired left. She has made kamla her God, you are growing up poki you should stay away from servants. Sahil asks Paki whats wrong? was the teacher alright? She says the teacher was good , Nettu just need excuses to fight with kamla, she is jealous of her.

Scene 6
Kamla wakes up in mid of her sleep at night and comes down. Vitthal follows her wraps a sheet around her. She lays her head on his shoulders tears are slipping on her cheeks. Vitthal swipes her tears.

Scene 7
Nettu is talking to someone on phone. Mummy ji tells her that paki has waken up without someone asking her. Nettu says i told you she has grown up now she doesn’t need anyone. Mummy ji tells the same to kamla when she enters. Kamla goes to her room. She pretends that she is sleeping, kamla doesn’t wake her. She wakes by herself and says good morning kamla maa, kamla leaves without saying anything. Paki says that she has to talk to me. Kalpana says that i talked to her but she didn’t agrre everything is gonna be fine. Nettu enters and asks her that i have asked servant to make breakfast. PAki says to nettu that this is mine and kamla maa’s problem we will handle this don’t you intrude. Nettu says that you guys will make me mental.
Paki pretends that she is hurt on the table. Kamla says don’t act in front of me i won’t come to save you.

Nettu brings in two imported shirts for ragahav and prem. She syas i have brought it from us directly. Raghav leaves without saying anything.

Scene 8
Diviyah says why are you punishing her? Kamla says she is alright its just me who is being punished. Kamla is crying she syas that she never studies there must be something wrong in my bringing. I have made her like this. Otherwise she must have at least said a sorry to that tutor. She is still not studying she doesn’t care about anything. Diviyah says look at kalpi you have brought her up too she studies she is always first in her class. All kids are not same.

PRECAP – Nettu says to kamla finally you ahve realized that its all your fault. Now tell me one thing who will rectify all this? Who will teach her? You?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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