Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is leaving with kalpi. Paki is begging. She throws Nettu’s hand away and leaves. Nettu says first mom and now daughter is creating problems they don’t know Nettu Kapoor.
Kamla and Kalpana are in auto heading towards their home. Kamla recalls all what nettu said, says to kalpi not to cry its all my fault. I asked you to teach paki forgive me please. Kalpana says i am fine here words didn’t hurt me. I know she is like that, thats why her daughter calls her with name. Now stop crying Pakiya will be so angry he will tease madam like manda tai. Kamla says thank you daughter and hugs her.

Scene 2
Manda is getting ready, suddenly her door open and power cuts. someone is entering in her house. She is shouting who is this, don’t come in. Someone pats at her shoulder when she turns back she finds a ghost like thing, she goes running outside. When she tells some men standing there they say she must have seen her own face in the mirror. The boy takes the mask off it’s Pakiya. Manda whispers his name under her lips.

Scene 3
Kalpana says to kamla ai i will help you in cooking. Kamla says no you should rest. Pakiya says to kamla that i want an apple, kalpana says wash your hands first. Pakiya says you have started talking like nettu you are his follower. Kalpana gets angry. He says okay you are no follower you are nettu herself. She gets bugged off. He mood is off. Pakiya says okay you are no nettu you are my sweet sister.
Vitthal comes in and sits along with her and asks why is she cross? Did the result was not good? Kalpi says that i am first in whole class. Kamla tells all what happened to Vitthal. He says i told you to make some boundaries. Your job is just to take care of paki don’t interfere in her other matters. And keep kalpi away from them as much as possible. Its all happenening because of me i can’t even pay fees of my son. Kamla gives her money to pakiya and says this is your typing class fee. You7 just have to study and become a big man. Both kalpana and kalpi hug him, and so does kamla.

Scene 4
Mummy ji says to nettu that you were so loud, you should have controlled yourself. Sahil says you should control yourself. Nettu says that daughter a maid was teaching my daughter how was it possible. She studies in a government school how can she imagine teaching my daughter. Mummy ji says she was just helping your daughter. Nettu says i don’t need her help. I will appoint the best teacher in city for my daughter. I will hire someone who is foreign trained. Sahi says okay then i will take my princess to Switzerland if she gets good grades.

Scene 5
Pakiya asks Kalpana to close her eyes. She places a rubber lizard on her hand. Kalpana starts screaming. He says its just a rubber lizard throw it on nettu when she shouts at you.

Scene 6
Sahil says that whats wrong with you boys you are playing with phones and laptops all the time. Its healthy to be active. He gives his club card to raghav. Prem says give it to me dad, i am your son after all. He says no you just focus on your studies. This is for raghav. When sahil leaves he tears the card. Prem says don’t show this attitude. You are not temporary guest you are a permanent one that sticks like a beggar.

Scene 7
Nettu says to kamla where is your tail today? I mean you daughter. Kamla says she has gone to the government school for studies. Nettu says in her mind that her attitude has not still ended.

Scene 8
Nettu has invited a teacher over. She is dealing with him. When kamla comes along with then nettu says you just go to work its rweally hard to handle these servants thet are never willing to work. She shows her the room. When nhe sits he finds the chair wet. kamla cleans it. They starts studying. Paki is not listening to him she is playing with her toys. When nettu checks she starts studying. Kamla sees her and scolds her that you can’t insult your teacher. Nettu comes in and says you are a servant Kamla and stay that. How dare you to scold at my daughter she doesn’t says anything that doesn’t mean you ule her over.will r

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