Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (A Fistful of Sky) Season 2-Episode 2

Scene 1

Location: At chowl

It starts with Vitthal telling, “Kamla what will you tell to Kalpi when she comes?” “There is no need for that Baba.” They all turn back and smile. It is Kalpi. Kamla, “Kalpi…… Gauri tai welcome” Kalpi and Gauri come in. Vitthal asks, “Kalpi where is Raghav?” Kalpi smiles and tells, “Sorry baba he couldn’t come.” Kamla, “I wish I could see him now. It’s okay. You have come. I’m happy.” Suddenly someone closes Kamla’s eyes. Kamla, “Who is this?” She touches the person’s hand and tells, “Raghav Baba………….” Raghav takes hand. Raghav tells, “After my Kamla has called me, how will I not come?” Kamla smiles at him. Ragna takes Kamla and Vitthal’s blessings. Vitthal wipes his tears and tell, “See I said you na my princess has back with her prince.” Kamla tells, “Hhhha Vitthal she has back as our Kalpi (Guys it is Rachana Parulkar)” Rajendran tells, “So let’s start the engagement.”

“Wait a minute….” All turn back. Its Kamla who said it. Vitthal, “What? Thats what your daughter has come right?” Kamla smiles and then tell, “Vitthal only one of my daughters has come….” Kalpi looks on.

Scene 2

Location: Sammy’s Car

Neetu, “Paki I m telling you again. You are voluntarily going to get insulted. There is no need for you to attend Pakiya’s engagement. There no one will be wishing you to come.” Paki smiles back to Neetu and says, “Neetu I don’t how many of them will be excepting my arrival but I know that there is one soul who wants me to come. And I am not going there as an uninvited guest. I am going there as Sammy’s would be wife. And Sammy is invited for the function by Raghav…..”

Scene 3

Location: At chowl

Kamla smiles and tells, “I am telling that Suhana and Aryan have not arrived yet.” They all smile. Kalpi says, “But Ai one more daughter of yours also needs to come….” All look at her with a puzzle. Kalpi tells, “Pakhi Kapoor….” All get shocked….. Just then a car arrives. Its Sammy’s car. Sammy, his parents, Pakhi, Neetu and Mummy ji gets down from the car. Vitthal looks angrily at Kalpi. Raghav says that, “Welcome Sammy.” He greets his parents, Neetu and Mummy ji. Pakhi smiles seeing Kamla. Kamla turns her face……..

Precap: Pakiya and Riya’s engagement….. Pakhi is crying badly….. she hugs Neetu and says, “I want to do penance for all my bad deeds”

Sorry everyone for the late update… finished my exams yesterday only…. Will try posting atleast 5 times a week… bcoz I need to write Beintehaa….. Tomorrow Beintehaa will be posted…. Thanks for reading my fan fictions….. pls do give your valuable comments to correct and improve my way of writing…..

Credit to: wellwisher (ww)

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      Sorry Godvi for making u wait so long…. will try to be regular…… and thank u so much for having patience for my ff……… ur comment really matters to me…..

  3. WW…..it was awsmm…..happy to see paki turning positivr…..


      Thank u di….. actually since many hated pakhi i wanted to show the true character of her….. bcoz i still like the character though she separated my ragna…… yet i pitty her….. dont ask me why alone….. i feel it strange…..

  4. Awesome episode. .. I could visualize all the scenes … Great job.. And if u can pls upload the URL of the previous episodes… It would be useful 🙂

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