Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Alcohol must be put to an end.

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The worker considered Bhim Rao, and women protest nonsense. The women warned him.

Maharaj asked for an explanation from Sethji regarding hi concerns to stop Bhim Rao. Sethji replied it being a conspiracy act by Bhim Rao against the upper cast, that’s why he manipulated females of the upper caste as well. Maharaj slapped Sethji, questioned him for keep his investment in the alcohol making a secret from him. Sethji didn’t consider it etiquettes enough to inform Maharaj about the alcohol business. Maharaj wanted to talk to Sethji alone, he asked everyone to leave. Mahesh knew Maharaj would ask for some share in the business. Everyone left. Maharaj agreed to save the alcohol business only if gives him a share in the business, not from today, but from the day he started this business. Sethji was given no time to think. Sethji agreed. Maharaj called his two workers inside. Sethji said that there were a lot of women along with Bhim Rao, these two me can not do anything. Maharaj said to fight with intellect.

The men went to the sight, they were ordered By Maharaj to hit Ramji on the head and then hit a Anand an Bhim Rao would gather around him meanwhile they must hit a woman. It would conclude the entire drama. The men did the same and ran away. Ramji and the woman bleed. Jijabai, Mangesh and Mahesh arrived at the scene. The took Ramji, the women called for Bhim Rao’s help, but he didn’t respond. Guruji called Bhim Rao. He asked Bhim Rao not to leave their supports helpless, the women came here to help him. such acts would give rise to questions regarding his intentions. Bhim Rao thanked him for teaching him this lesson.

Bhim Rao apologized to the women, assuring them for fighting for the ultimate cause. He asked them to take the wounded woman to Vaidji. A man came asking Bhim Rao to leave as well. He said that Bhim Rao was not the one to decide on the matter, it’s a court matter to decide upon the closure or opening of anything sold in market. Bhim Rao asked for whom such decisions were made. Guruji replied, the republic. The women said to be the republic who wanted closure of this business. The man gave them a half day notice to empty the place, but the women sat there for a strike. Bhim Rao said to the man that women in his house, especially his mother was very stubborn with their decisions. He not only wanted this business to end but all the others in Satara. The man said that Bhim Rao’s action can call an investigation on him. The female demanded action against the men who attacked them. No one can harm Bhim Rao in their presence, Bhim Rao said the same.

Bhim Rao was keen to close this alcohol business, the protested along with the females.

Ramji was medicated, he woke up. Meera inquired his health. Ramji got panicked to see everyone beside him, he asked why they all were here and not with Bhim Rao. He wanted to go, Jijabai stopped him, being her wife, she was reluctant to let him go outside wounded. Ramji was worried for Bhim Rao, Puranjan and Mangesh said to go to Bhim Rao. Guruji asked Ramji to let Bhim Rao fight this war himself, it would enable him to learn a lot more as a worrier. Ramji said that he was fighting against a strong force. Guruji replied that he had support of the upper caste, besides, Ramji and the rest won’t be there to help him forever. Ramji agreed, he asked Puranjan and Mangesh to go to Bhim Rao but maintain their distance. Anand appeared with the medicines Vaidji prescribed. Guruji left. Jijabai was glad, he wanted Bhim Rao to fight alone.

Guruji said that according to an English saying, “One Man Army” Bhim Rao would soon become an influencing force.

Sethji informed Maharaj about how his idea flopped, now Bhim Rao wants to close all alcohol businesses in Satara. The attacker pleaded Maharaj to save them, police was after them. Maharaj asked the men to remain under his protection. Sethji questioned. Maharaj advised him to manipulate the husbands to take their wives home. Sethji agreed.

Bhim Rao and the females protested. The officer returned with police and a notice against them creating nuisance. A female spoke that the alcohol business has ruined their families but still if the protest was disturbing their peace, they were ready to b jailed. Mahesh threw a stone at Bhim Rao to grab his attention, Bhim Rao went to him. Mahesh told him something. Bhim Rao came back to the females, he knew where the attackers were and wanted to find them himself. The officer stopped him, he said that they were present to perform their duty. Bhim Rao defying saying that the police do not to approach where the attackers were hidden.

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