Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Puranjan and Dhruv find Niranjan

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Bhima assures his mother they will find Ganga Didi somehow. She nods. No one should step out of the house though. Baba will find her. Meera asks Bhima to bring water for his mother. He goes. Meera asks Bhimbai what the truth is. I know you cannot ask Niranjan to lie. Bhimbai tells her that whatever is happening is a risky situation for both Ganga and Bhima. Bhima overhears them from outside and is taken aback.

Ganga’s hands and feet are tied. Dhansukhlal says your father must bend and break now to save you or we will have to sell you off.

Ram ji asks few people about Niranjan but no one has a clue about him. Ram ji thinks he has only one option – to find Ganga and Niranjan somehow. How will I do it though?

Kids are waiting impatiently in the courtyard while Ram ji is still inquiring about Niranjan. Ram ji comes back home late at night. Bhima asks him about Ganga Didi. Ganga’s husband blames Bhimbai for making her daughter flee from here. Ram ji looks at his wife and then quietly goes inside. Bhimbai follows him. What will we do now? He says I will say those words in front of the entire village. We will save our daughter that way. We will see what we will do about our son next. We will try to make our son a big man one day but there are many who don’t want it to happen. The one who wins will win! It is ok if we have to save Ganga’s life by putting Bhima’s education on stake. He will say the same thing when he will find out. Not everyone who went to school turned out to be smart. Maybe Bhima will gain knowledge by studying at home. As a father, my daughter’s freedom is important than Bhima’s studies. Bhimbai says we should leave this town. If we have to live alone even after fighting then the place does not matter. He reasons that this is a never ending battle. Bhimbai says you tell us that this fight is for our community and we have no idea till when it will continue. Your wife and your kids have become a warrior too. We will fight together. Meera tells Ram ji she is also with him in this battle. Ram ji says I am proud of my family. Our unity pulls us out of all the problems. We win every fight. Bhimbai says we are together as we are honest. We win because our fight is against lies and hypocrisy.

Dhruv asks Bhima what happened. Bhima tells him everything. Dhruv shares that Niranjan Kaka is missing since last night. No one has seen him. Bhima says we must find out how he is behind Didi’s disappearance. Dhruv suggests asking his parents but Bhima understands that there must be something which prompted them to lie. Dhruv asks them what they should do now. Bhima suggests meeting Guru ji. Meera has been calling out to Bhima. Dhruv tells her that Bhima is with him.

Ram ji tells Ganga’s husband to have food. Ganga will be back soon. She used to go to a distant relative whenever she was upset over anything. Bhimbai and Meera second him. Ganga’s husband tells them to talk sense to her when she is back. We wont do this every day. Ram ji asks about Bhima. Meera shares that he is at Bhima’s place. Bhimbai tells them to let him stay there for some time.

Dhruv and Bhima tell Guru ji everything. Guru ji recalls seeing Niranjan with Dhansukhlal and Mangesh the other day. He tells them about the incident. Dhruv wonders if Kaka lied upon his father’s askance. Bhima wonders why it would be the case. Dhruv says I know my father well. He must be behind Didi’s abduction. Bhima nods. Dhansukhlal would have kidnapped her when Bala would have left from the station. Dhruv is furious but Bhima calms him down. Only I can help her gain freedom. I will have to give up studies for that and I will! He walks away sadly. Guru ji looks at the kids in shock as they leave.

Ram ji asks Bhimbai about Dhruv and Bhima. Where would they be at this hour? Bhima comes there just then. I am feeling very bad today. I feel as if I am a very bad and foolish son. Bhimbai asks him why he is saying this. Bhima says Aayi used to lie sometimes for my sake but Baba never lied before. Am I not smart enough to choose between my education and my Didi? Is this how you have raised me? Will I be selfish even after knowing that my parents are in problem? Bhima wont be happy without education but he will die without his Didi. Bhimbai asks him if he knows that this is what they thought of when they were discussing this matter. Tomorrow morning, we will announce it in front of the entire village that you wont study any further. We will see what we have to do in future. Bhima says you should have come to me first. Ram ji admits his mistake. I thought that you might go to argue with Seth ji after knowing the truth. Now is not the time as she has been kidnapped by Seth ji. Anand and Bala look at each other. Bhima tells his Baba to do as Seth ji has told him to. Once Didi is back I will tell him that I don’t have to study in school as my Baba has opened a school for me at home. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh overhear everything. Mangesh congratulates Dhansukhlal on their victory. Dhansukhlal tells him to gather everyone in the morning. I will at peace once Ram ji announces this in front of everyone.

Next morning, everyone is gathered under a tree. Dhansukhlal asks Ram ji what he wants to say. Ram ji says I have realised my mistake. I thought I and family are wrong. I mess up with you and trouble you for no reason but I understand it that you are doing the right thing. I will follow your rules from today onwards. You all don’t want my son to go to school then he wont. His family is heartbroken while Ram ji continues. My son wont study anymore. I promise you! Bhima cuts him mid sentence. Look in that direction before making any promise. Everyone follows his gaze. They see Dhruv and Puranjan coming there with Niranjan. Puranjan is hitting Niranjan. Everyone looks at them in shock.

Niranjan requests his brother to forgive him. Puranjan tells him to admit the truth. Who forced you to do this? Niranjan looks at Ram ji.

Precap: Bhima asks his Baba to question Niranjan about Ganga Didi’s whereabouts. Ram ji challenges Dhansukhlal of a lawsuit. Dhansukhlal tells them to do whatever they want to. Ram ji leaves. A few villagers compliment Dhansukhlal on what he has done. Why did you leave her alive though? Dhansukhlal says even I feel that way. Someone comes to the godown where Ganga is kept.

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