Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Madhvi to be punished for studying

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All villagers gather outside Madhvi’s house to demand an answer. Mangesh and another guy ask Madhvi’s family to come outside. Madhvi’s father asks them why they are here.

Dhansukhlal shares that they heard that Madhvi is trying to study. A widow should lead a simple life. Mangesh adds that this is black magic. You saw how it affected Bhima. He argues with us and your daughter will also be affected sooner or later. She will stop following our customs. This will affect our society in the future. People, especially women and girls, will start opposing our traditions. Who will pay for this? Madhvi’s mother says I burnt it. Madhvi wont study again. That same lady steps forward. They are lying. You should check the house. Madhvi’s father finds it offensive but Pundit ji insists that this is important. One guy checks the house inside out. Madhvi and her mother are tensed. He finally finds it when he throws a piece of cloth on the floor angrily. Madhvi picks it up. I wont give it! He takes it from her and goes outside. She hid it inside. Dhansukhlal questions Madhvi. How did you get it? Madhvi lies that she had it already. Mangesh says someone would have brought it for her. I have never seen your father buying a book till date. It is Bhima’s doing. Madhvi declines. She asks her mother to tell them. She supports Madhvi. She used to read it sometimes. Her husband slaps her.

Dhansukhlal shows one page to everyone. Bhima’s name is written on the top. We were right that he is the one who gave it to her and they lied to our face. They decide to punish her. Madhvi’s father reasons that they should punish Bhima in this case. Pundit ji says she will slowly be attracted to books and entertainment which is a sin for her. She will be punished for it. Dhansukhlal says she will be punished in front of Bhima. He should know the consequence of keeping a relation with someone from our community. Mangesh seconds him. we should bring him here right away. Another guy says he will be in school right now. Dhansukhlal says I know from where he comes. Mangesh says a few of us should go to pick him up and the rest can stay here. Madhvi shouts after them to stop. Bhima hasn’t done anything. Don’t do anything to him.

Guru ji asks Anand if he liked the school. Anand nods. I just dint want the world to say that the brother of the one who lectures everyone about studies chose to be an illiterate. Guru ji smiles. He gets tensed as he notices Mangesh coming there with a few other guys. What’s the point of blocking our way? Mangesh says we came to take Bhima with us. Guru ji says you can do no such thing till the time I am here. they try to attack them but Guru ji snatches the stick out of one guy’s hand and stands between them as Bhima’s shield. You think a Guru can only teach a kid? He can also protect them if need be. Villagers back off. You are great. Madhvi will bear the consequence of what Bhima did. He gave her a book and now she will be punished for it. Bhima and Anand get tensed. The guy says you call her Didi right. See what we will do to her now. Bhima stops them. Will you still hurt Didi if I come along? Guru ji tells him to understand that they are trying to take him with them by talking about emotions. Bhima says I must go and help my sister. He leaves with the villagers. Anand rushes to inform at home. Guru ji follows Bhima and other villagers.

Bhima reaches Madhvi’s home and stops outside. Please leave Didi. Guru ji reaches there as well. Pundit ji says she forgot her loss after reading the book you gave to her. She will be punished for it. Bhima says I am responsible for it as I gave that book to her. Punish me. Please let her go. Dhansukhlal says both of you will be punished. You will learn that you don’t have to meddle in our affairs ever again and the world can know the consequence too! Bhima says Didi forgot her pain for a little while by reading the book that I gave to her. what’s wrong in it? How did it go against your traditions? Pundit ji says widows cannot study. She was laughing after reading the book that you gave to her. it is a sin! A widow can neither study nor laugh. She should never forget her pain and should always be in pain. This is her punishment as a widow. It is her dharma. This is also written in our scriptures. Bhima says you always talk about scriptures yet the same books stop a widow from studying. How it is adharma? Pundit ji says you wont understand. those scriptures aren’t to be read by someone from your community. You have to be from a specific community to study or touch it. No one from a lower community and no widow can read it!

Guru ji says you are afraid of anyone who chooses to study. A well read person will surely question you regarding your books and traditions. Your sham will be called off and you will lose your stand. You don’t want someone else to read it as that person will try to amend things! Madhvi says I wont question anyone after studying. People can work after studying. I will also do something. I don’t want to be a burden on my parents. Pundit ji says it is a punishment which should be followed diligently. You cannot change fate. Don’t even think about changing it as it is a sin! Bhima says I may not be able to read it but there will be a way through which I can know what’s written in it. Give them to Guru ji. He will read it out for us. Guru ji likes the idea. Bhima says this will clear our doubts. We wont ever doubt it that you are making stuff on your own. Madhvi seconds him. even I want to know if I really have to bear this pain my entire life. Pundit ji and Dhansukhlal exchange glances.

Pundit ji says these 2 kids are questioning our traditions. Did you forget what we used to do to the people from lower community if they even so much as overheard anything from our scriptures? You must answer them this time. Mangesh says we should punish them so no one questions our traditions in future. Other villagers support him.

Sakpal family comes there. Pundit ji thinks they fail in doing any harm to Bhima whenever his family is around. Madhvi should be punished so Bhima can understand where he stands. He targets Madhvi. This widow is questioning us. We should keep burning coal on her tongue. Madhvi’s mother and Sakpal family are stunned whereas the other people support Pundit ji. Pundit ji says this should happen in front of Bhima. He should know that his Didi is going through this because of him and he shouldn’t try to oppose us ever again! Dhansukhlal and other villagers echo his thoughts. Bhima tries to oppose them but in vain. Ram ji folds his hands and requests them to forgive madhvi. Bhima wont meet her ever again. Bhima agrees. Pundit ji says she must do penitence though. Mangesh goes to bring coal. Ram ji asks Madhvi’s father to say something. He looks away helplessly.

Mangesh comes back with hot coal.


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