Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Varchand plots an attack on the British officer.

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In this episode Barrister asked Bhim Rao to be ready as he was headed to court. He was warried about his future. Barrister left to court. Bhim Rao was sure that college would reopen, but he was concerned about something else.

British officer found Barrister on his way. The officer told Barrister that government had took notice to keep the college close for 4 months. Barrister showed him the papers Bhim Rao gave, said that he took responsibility he was asked. The officer questioned. Barrister said that Bhim Rao was an intelligent student, he must be left alone. The officer refused, he asked Barrister to present the papers in court. He would close the college for life. Barrister asked him to let go, he refused.

Ramji complained said that Bhim Rao should have informed him. Rama wasn’t sure about the decision. Bhim Rao said that they must be conscious, Joshi and Varchand would do something.

The officer informed Varchand and Joshi about it. In order to create trouble, he ordered few men to beat college children.

Ramji suspected that they would beat students. Bhim Rao denied.

Varchand told Joshi that in order to create a scene not students, but the officer must he beaten.

Bhim Rao suspected what Joshi and Varchand conspired. Bala asked for a solution. Ramji shared an idea.

Joshi ordered his men to be prepared for an early morning beating oof British officer.

Bhim Rao asked everyone at his home to stay near British officer, he would be attacked near college. Jijabai heard the plan, went to inform Varchand.

Ramji called Jijabai for dinner. Ramji asked Bala about his wife bangles size, it was custom to gift daughter in law with bangles. Rama and Lakshmi would perfume the custom. Meera wished to go with them as well. Ramji called Jijabai. Lakshmi volunteered to serve dinner. Ramji wondered where Jijabai went.

On her way Jijabai found Ramji. She said that she came out to get fresh air. Ramji pointed that the path leads to Varchand’s house. Ramji had brought her food, wished to feed it to her himself. He dragged her near a corner, fed her the food. He asked how the vegetable was, told Lakshmi made it. She put the salt in it, it was said that one must respect the salt, but she had never done that. He pointed that hating someone won’t get her anything. Jijabai stopped Ramji, said that his words would not change the hatred she holds for Bhim Rao. She took the plate and started eating herself. Bhim Rao and Rao noticed from a far.

Next morning, both Jijabai and Ramji woke up wear they were sitting last night. Jijabai asked Ramji’s permission to go home. Ramji warned her not to conspire against his children again or he would bound her like this. He opened her hands, asked her to leave.

The officer was ready to leave, he sent both his side officers for some work. He left alone. Joshi prepared his men.

The men chased the officer. Bala found them on their way, went behind them. The men were about to attack. Ramji and Bala went after them.

Varchand stopped Rama, she had milk in her hand. He questioned her for having stature to buy milk. Rama said that happy occasion was about to arrive, she would make kheer with it. Varchand mocked her and Bhim Rao. He praised his intelligence, said that Bhim Rao wont be able to repone the college. Rama told that nothing would happen to the British officer. Varchand must worry about the officer finding the man who plotted the attack on him.

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