Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Bheema vows to earn respect to make his community proud

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A thought needs to be spread just like a plant needs water. They both will wither otherwise.

Bheema asks his Baba what his caste is. Entire family is taken aback by his question. A barber cut a buffalo’s hair and refused to cut my hair. He told me to ask you this. He asks all the elders. Ram ji shakes his head at his family members. He tells Bheema that the barber would have said that for no reason. He made a fuss of community as he must have gotten paid a lot for cutting that buffalo’s hair. We will get your hair cut from somewhere else. Bheema insists. His father says there is nothing like caste but his wife says it does exist. Ram ji tries to stop her but she tells him to explain it to Bheema for once and for all. He reasons that Bheema is a kid. What would he understand? she is sure he will understand. Her SIL tells her to drop it but Bheema’s mother insists upon it. She decides to explain it herself. She takes Bheema outside.

Bheema is asked to stand quietly. Pay heed to every word that I say. Ram ji tries to stop her but in vain. She is positive Bheema will understand. She marks a circle (society) around him and divides it into two halves. This line has divided the society into two parts. He stands in one half while the other one is empty. She shares that the empty half considers themselves as rich. Your school, barber and even the tea shop falls in this category. We stand in the other half where you are standing. The rich look down upon us! They hate us. They don’t even consider as human beings. They wont drink water that we will offer. They don’t sit with us and even run away from our shadows. I don’t know who etched this line for the first time but this is the truth. Do you understand our caste now? You will be fine if you will accept this truth and stay in your side. She cups his face sadly. Understand it well. She heads inside. Bua, Bala and Anand follow her quietly.

Ram ji kneels down next to Bheema. Bheema says this is the reason why I have been asked to sit outside the classroom; why we have to sit in a separate corner; why we aren’t getting water in school. I wont go to school as it creates problems for others. Why should I bother others? Ram ji tells him not to say so. You will go to school. Let people think whatever they want to, they might even run away from you but you have to become a big man one day. Everyone should want to be near you and feel proud. Everyone can stay in their side their entire life but the world respects those who go beyond that. You will study to gain knowledge. Bheema smiles.

Bheema’s Bua asks her SIL why she told all those things to Bheema. You should have let Bhaiya do it. Don’t worry about all these things. Bheema’s mother replies that this is their truth. How can we hide it from Bheema? I told him (her husband) to tell Bheema but he was reluctant. Bheema had to know it one day. I want my kids to know the facts and live. Bheema tells his mother they cannot change their caste but I will do something which will make everyone proud. Baba told me to do something because of which every barber would want to cut our hair. I will do just that and earn respect. She kisses him on his forehead. I bless you. You will succeed. His Bua hugs him. Ram ji tells him to eat something. I will get you a haircut then. Tulsa offers to do it. I cut Didi’s hair too. Her sister affirms. Bala tells Bheema not to trust her. She might cut your ear. Tulsa says I am not dumb. I can differentiate well between hair and ear. Bheema goes with her. Everyone peeks outside as Tulsa cuts Bheema’s hair. She tells him to look in the mirror but he sweetly replies that it might be good as she has cut it. He runs his fingers through his hair and notices blood. Bala asks Tulsa why she wasn’t careful. Ram ji signals his wife. Bala scolds Tulsa again. Tulsa says Bheema should have said something. Bheema replies that he dint feel anything. This wound is nothing in front of what that barber had said. Ram ji compliments Tulsa on her work. He gives some coins to Bheema to give to Tulsa. She makes him promise that he will always get his hair cut from her only. You will also teach us what you learn us in school. Bheema happily agrees. Ram ji decides to save this money for her wedding expense.

Ram ji notices his wife crying in a corner. She asks him till when will this continue. He says I don’t know in reply. They both stand there feeling helpless.

Everyone is eating dinner. Ram ji compliments the kheer made by Manjula. Tulsa says there is a contribution from me also. Manjula nods sweetly. Adding wood in the fire is also a work! Everyone smiles. Bala tells his father that he wants to learn something instead of going to school. No one speaks nicely to us. This is what the kids of our community also do. I will be able to help you in a few months. Anand seconds him. No other kid from our community anyways comes to school. Bala Bhaiya is right. Bheema makes a sad face. Their mother asks them what they are saying but Ram ji tells her to let him handle this. He asks his kids what they will do. Bala says we will play drums. I have already spoken to a few people. Anand says I will open a tea shop opposite to the tea stall outside. Bala asks him if he thinks people will come to drink tea from his shop. Barber refused to cut Bheema’s hair and you think this will happen? My idea is better. Ram ji asks Bheema which idea is better according to him.

Precap: The parents of rich kids question the presence of Bheema in the class. How could you think that our kids will study with such a lowly kid? Bheema challenges him to pick any book from his classroom. You can ask me 5 questions. We will leave the scool right away if I give even one wrong answer. Anand informs his father about the incident. Ram ji runs towards the school. One of the parents ask Bheema a question.

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