Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandesh leaves Satara.

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Sandesh and Bala were in fit to kill each other, Bala was about to stab him when Rani stopped Bala. Bala asked her to let go but she didn’t want him to be a murderer. Bala wanted to kill Sandesh and end the biggest hurdle between him and Rani. Rani stopped him from doing do because Sandesh was her husband, and she cannot see him die In front of her or Bala killing him. Bala was shocked from hearing that, he beats her everyday and whom she despises to live with. Rani refused to have his husband dead. Bala wanted to know why Sandesh mattered to him anyways, she loves Bala. She replied that she was still her wife, she and Bala didn’t get married. She cannot afford having her lover kill her husband. She has been widowed once, she requested Bala not to do that again. She was willing to put Bala’s life on stake to save her husband. Bala questioned Rani and her love for him, she was a heartbreaker. Bhim Rao asked Bala not to say foul. Bala shouted. He didn’t want to be lectured, whatever his family wanted was happening to him. Bala was leaving, Rani tried to stop him. he pointed the knife at her asking her to back off. Bala left. Rani cried fir being misunderstood, she didn’t want Bala to be a criminal. Jijabai comforted her. Sandesh realized his mistake, he asked for forgiveness. He was wrong for beating and insulting her. He cried, begging for forgiveness.

Bala slipped on the ground, he started stabbing the floor. recalling Rani’s words, he condemned his love for him. For her happiness and love he fought his family, but she didn’t do the same. In order to make Rani realize her mistake Bala intended to cut his wrist. Ramji stopped him. he asked him to understand that Rani was a married woman. Bala refused to listen. Ramji said that no one was his enemy. They all wanted best for him. Bala left saying that he wanted Peace, he would not suicide.

Sandesh promised to never beat Rani again, he repeatedly negged for forgiveness. Rani was leaving, Bhim Rao stopped him. he said that incase she was going after Bala than she must not because her husband was apologizing. If he has realized his mistake Rani must give this relationship another chance rather than finding happiness by creating a new one.

Sethji informed Maharaj about the recent update of reconciliation between Rani and Sandesh. Pandit praised Ramji for proving to be a good father. Maharaj agreed. Mahesh said to do something wrong. Maharaj questioned. He said that no body had the audacity to guard Mangesh except Bhim Rao and his family, he will not rest until he hurts them the same, he hurt him. Maharaj permitted him to do so, he will have their support.

Rani cried on Meera’s shoulders. Meera said that men never apologize, they even never realize their mistake no one knows it better than her. She asked Rani to forgive her husband. Bhim Rao asked Rani why she was silent, no one will understand her until she tells them. Jijabai asked her to talk. Sandesh came and said that she stopped loving her the day they got married, she was right to say that he became a man rather than staying a husband. Sandesh was ashamed of what he did and because of that he was leaving Satara. Bala and Rani love each other, they must live together happily. He apologized to Ramji for despising his family and the lower caste, due to hidden reasons he never said anything. Sandesh left.

Bala recalled Rani’s confessions and what happened today. Mahesh appeared behind him. he came with two bottle of wines. Mahesh sat beside him. he said that though he despises him and his family, yet they can be friends as being partners of lost love. He offered him wine; it will help him forget.

Bhim Rao was worried about Bala.

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